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KMFDM schedules First Ave. show, Mono schedules Triple Rock show; both on October 5th

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Why, oh why, am I being asked to choose between the Japanese post-rockers in Mono and industrial music’s pioneers in KMFDM? Sure, the bands obviously share more differences than similarities, but I can’t be the only one who jumped for joy a little bit the moment that I saw the announcement of each of these shows, can I?

.. that is, until I realized that they are both scheduled on the same night across town from each other, that is.

Sometimes this city does that to you though (just like I was forced to decide between the Acid Mother’s Temple show at the Entry and the FMTM/Torche/Dredg show at Varsity earlier in the year), and I guess I should just be glad that area booking agents are at least giving me 4 solid months to debate the positives and negatives of attending either gig.

Right now, I’m leaning towards attending the KMFDM gig purely because I’ve never had the chance to see these legends at work. While industrial music’s definitely not my forte, I’ve got a special place in my heart for the noise rock and underground electronic scenes in New York, Germany, and other niches throughout the world which birthed KMFDM and their contemporaries during the early 1980s.  The abrasive electronic sounds that were spearheaded by KFMDM and a few others have seemed to eventually seep into the DNA of pretty much every band I enjoy, and though I don’t know much of their output, I’m pretty sure I’d still be fascinated to see a band that has indirectly had so much influence on my musical taste. Really though, I just want to see THE band who former La Crosse, WI vagabond Pete Missing continuously mentioned when we’d stop by his art gallery some years ago..

First Avenue
Oct. 5, 2009 | 7 PM

$20 ADV | $20 DOS | 18+

However, post-rock shows are my favorite kind of concerts to attend, and (with very few exceptions) nobody executes better than Mono. Seeing these dedicated musicians playing their soul-stirring psychedelic epics live at top volume is typically a can’t miss event for me, and this time they’ll be playing with Maserati. Considering that they also only visit the U.S. every few years, that I’ll have many more friends in the crowd with me here, and that Mono’s new album Hymn to the Immortal Wind is one of my favorites from the year, I feel like I’d be especially stupid for for missing this one, as well.

Triple Rock Social Club
Oct. 5, 2009 | 8 PM

$12 ADV | $15 DOS | 21+

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Sunday Metal Minute: Fear Factory, “Self Bias Resistor (live at Brisbane in 1997)”

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Anyone who’s followed Dino Cazares in the press in his post-Fear Factory days knows how much he loved to talk shit about his former bandmates. In the interviews he’s given for Divine Heresy, he’s taken pretty much every opportunity possible to deride Burton C. Bell and company for tarnishing the name of the influential industrial death/groove metal band that his riffs had played such a fundamental role in establishing – which is why it was so unbelievable to read that Dino and Bell and reunited in a new music group this week. Though the pair’s new band has yet to announce their name, they have revealed that they will be joined by current Fear Factory bassist Byron Stroud and legendary drummer Gene Hoglan (Dethklok, Strapping Young Lad, Dark Angel, Death, Testament) for a number of shows this summer as well as on the recording of a studio album. Either way, I’m very happy to see these two have made up; the feud always seemed juvenile and pointless to me, and Fear Factory’s landmark albums contained some of the best melodic metal songs of the 1990s. For now, I leave you with this AWESOME live video with from the band’s earliest years, long before their feud; the pro-shot song is “Self Bias Resistor”, taken from the band’s third album, Demanufacture.

VIDEO: Fear Factory, “Self Bias Resistor (live at Brisbane, AUS in 1997)