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Jon Stewart and The Daily Show eat Jim Cramer/CNBC alive

Posted in Culture with tags , , , , , on Friday, March 13, 2009 by Ryan Buege

In an appearance that just begs getting talked about on the “interscape”, The Daily Show‘s Jon Stewart invited CNBC Mad Money host Jim Cramer to his show for a one-on-one to air their differences in front of the camera for a full episode last night. Though the lead-in intro was noticeably lighthearted, mocking the nature of their recent “feud”, the interview was one of the hardest hitting and most rewarding that I’ve seen Stewart ever give. The interview opened with a few softball questions, but while it proceeds, Stewart grows more resolute as he realizes Cramer is ducking his questions and giving him answers he can’t stand behind. With an arsenal of stock interview footage at his back, Stewart goes in for the kill. So far, this is the most satisfying commentary on the media that I’ve seen during the financial crisis. Stewart is taking on some great opponents, and he’s taking them to the cleaners.

Jim Cramer unedited interview with The Daily Show, Part 1WATCH: Part 1

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