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Joe Budden, “No Comment” & “Clothes on a Mannequin”

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Joey’s Escape Route dropped today and thanks to 2DopeBoyz we have two more leaks off of the album. We heard “No Comment” in an earlier post, but that was only radio rip quality, and “Clothes on a Mannequin” is one that we haven’t heard yet. J. Cardim produced both of the tracks, and as usual you can expect Budden to be spitting his heart out. If you haven’t you can cop Escape Route over at Amalgam Digital.

Download: Joe Budden, “No Comment” (Prod. By J. Cardim)

Download: Joe Budden, “Clothes on a Mannequin” (Prod. By J. Cardim)

*Side Note: I know a lot of people have been hating on Budden a lot lately. Either way you look at the situation going on right now… Budden is a damn good lyricist.


Joe Budden Offers “No Comment”

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Joe Budden

Here is a new track from the straight jacket phenom, Joe Budden. If you didn’t peep the Padded Room review please make sure you do that, it’s a great album. This joint is called “No Comment”, and if you really listen to this track you can tell that it’s aimed at someone. Joey is one of those cats that spits some potent ass bars just about every time he manhandles the microphone. The only thing that this track makes me think, is that some serious shit might go down…

Download: Joe Budden, “No Comment” (Radio Rip)

Spotted @ 2DopeBoyz