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Sunday Metal Album: Poison the Well, The Tropic Rot

Posted in Sunday Metalhead Minute with tags , , , , , on Sunday, July 5, 2009 by Ryan Buege

As one of the most undeniably underrated bands in underground metal and hardcore during the last decade, Poison the Well has been consistently surpassing all expectations placed on  them through the thick and the thin. It’s honestly hard to believe that they held together long enough to record their last album Versions in 2007, a record that saw them step far outside the conventional confines of the metalcore sound which they had a huge part in originally pioneering; and it’s even harder to believe that their fanbase stuck with them through such mind-boggling changes. After all was said and done, the lucky ones who were still paying attention were left with one of the best progressive, post-hardcore albums in recent memory – a disc that is still growing on me to this day..

This week, Poision throws us for another loop with the release of their newly recorded opus The Tropic Rot. I’m still doubtful that this album will write Poison The Well the place in the metal/hardcore history books that they truly deserve, but that is no fault of their own… This is one vicious, thought-provoking release, and I hope that the critics don’t overlook the fine work of the dudes from PTW this time-around around. Mark my words: this is a strong album of the year contender. Listen in on their myspace for free today and see why…

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Poison the Well, “Bowie” posted online

Posted in Music News with tags on Thursday, January 22, 2009 by Ryan Buege

New music from Poison the Well’s latest release, the 7-inch vinyl II/III (available starting yesterday, January 20th) , has surfaced online in the form of “Bowie” at the band’s myspace page. You might have guessed from the title, but the album release is the second in a series of three 7-inch releases of unheard material from the Versions sessions in 2007. As you will hear, “Bowie” shows that the band definitely ventured even farther in their experimental path than final version of Versions might have indicated. It’s progressive, emotional, “heavy” stuff, but still I’m really hard-pressed to believe that this is the SAME band that brought us the intense metalcore classic The Opposite of December… oh, soooooo long ago. Either way, no one else has taken the path that PTW has, and that alone is something to be admired. With the next LP release on the horizon, I’m looking forward to see if the decide to push the new sound of Versions and the 7-inch series even farther or abandon it completely for another experiment. They’ve still got me watching. Check “Bowie” out here.