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Album Review: Bushwood, Bushwood

Posted in Music Reviews, Reviews with tags , , , , , , , , , , on Monday, February 13, 2012 by Eric Gilardi

First off, my favorite part of Bushwood’s self-titled debut album is the cover art featured above. Now, that doesn’t mean that I did not like what I heard. Bushwood mixes their reggae together with a mellow, chilled out rock sound for the beach of your choice. Whether that be one with an oceanview, a riverview or a beach that you have to travel to when you shut your eyes(this is recommended only if you aren’t driving). For a rock reggae album Bushwood does a great job of not focusing too much on just reggae elements or just rock elements but carefully blends them together to give you that perfect balance.

Bushwood’s debut album is mellow enough for a relaxing listen but it will satisfy the likes of listeners looking for more of a jam band sound. Steven Ross Voronkov is a masterful guitarist and shows us this with how he finishes the track “Summertime” and throughout the instumental jam “Flomanja.” These songs let you know that these guys just aren’t your everyday mellow beach band. Another aspect of “Summertime” that I really enjoy is how it seemlessly rolls right into the next track “Paradise.” These two tracks blend into one another making it seem like the summertime turned into paradise. Which is something a lot of folks can relate to; their summertime is their paradise.

If you enjoy listening to a band like the Long Beach Dub All-Stars then I suggest you check out Bushwood. The rock reggae trio from Fort Lauderdale, Florida is not going to blow your mind with their sound but that is not their goal. Perfectly blending a jam band sound with reggae roots seems to be their goal and they have ultimately accomplished just that with their self-titled debut album.

Album Release Date: April 20, 2011


Finch makes self-titled EP available for free download

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To the satisfaction of many and ire of few, Finch regrouped last year and released a self titled EP to followup on their 2005 opus Say Hello to the Sunshine. If you missed the release the Cali-based post-hardcore-rock-prog-punk-psychedelic-whatever quintet has now made the album available for free download via their newly relaunched official website. Those who are interested, head over here to download one of the four file formats for the enire 2008 EP for free (including a few “goodies”, as well).

DOWNLOAD: Finch, Finch EP