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Album Premiere: moe., What Happened to the La Las

Posted in Album Premiere, Music News with tags , , , on Wednesday, January 18, 2012 by Eric Gilardi

For all of you who are jam band fans out there, moe. will be premiering their new album What Happened to the La Las on Jam On (Channel #29), on Sirius XM, January 19 at 6pm ET. This gives fans an opportunity to hear the album 4 days before the January 24 release date. The broadcast will feature commentary from the band while they go through the new album in its entirety.

There will be rebroadcasts of the event on Jam On aired on Friday, January 20 at 9am ET; Saturday, January 21 at 2pm ET; and Sunday, January 22 at midnight ET. If you would like to discover more about the band moe. head over to their site.


Erik Arbores: 14-year-old Dutch Phenom

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While tuning into ElectricArea, on Sirius XM, on my ride home last night I heard an EDM track that made me take the radio volume up a couple of notches. The song titled “Bliss” was by a Dutch DJ named Erik Arbores. Once the track was over I was in pure astonishment. Erik Arbores was only 14 years old.

After checking out his write-up over at Armada Music I became even more impressed. Not only is this kid a musical savant he is also an educational giant. Erik started crafting his musical talent, at the age of 4, when he started to learn how to play the piano. At the age of 11, he took his piano skills and combined them with electronic music that he mixed on the computer program Fruity Loops. This is where he started to get his love for creating EDM tracks. His big break happened when he showed one of his tracks to Armin van Buuren on the Dutch TV show “De Wereld Draait Door.” Soon after that, at the age of 14, he decided to sign to van Buuren’s label Armada Music where he released his very impressive “Take It” E.P. Oh yeah, he started to take courses at the University of Delft in that same year too.

Get the complete story over at Armada Music and check out a young phenom that is breaking into the EDM industry.

Grammys: Excited or Disappointed?

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With this year’s Grammy Awards coming up in less than a month I am unsure if indie rock and electronic music fans should be excited or disappointed in the recent popularity gains in the past few years. Just last year Arcade Fire won Album of the Year for The Suburbs. This was one of the first signs that other forms of music were gaining a mass popularity.

Now this year, you have Skrillex breaking through with the music genre and in your face sound of dubstep. The electronic artist is up for 5 Grammy’s this year, an unprecedented number for any artist in the electronic music industry. Bon Iver  the popular indie rock group fronted by Eau Claire, Wisconsin’s own Justin Vernon is up for Record of the Year, Song of the Year, and Best New Artist to name a few. The Grammy community must think that he is a new artist because they just discovered his music or his music has gained enough popularity that we will now acknowledge you. Bon Iver’s music has been making sweet love to my ears since 2008 so it really isn’t new to me or anyone else who has had their ears violated by Bon Iver’s music. The song “Holocene” is one of my favorites from 2011 so I can see why it has elevated them to Grammy status.

What are the contributing factors to why these artists are gaining popularity? In my opinion, technology happened. As many people leave their normal avenues to discover new music this trend is going to continue. The addition of Sirius XM into many people’s homes, workplaces and automobiles has helped spread new musical knowledge. Also, music sites such as Pandora,, Spotify and Rdio(just to name a few) have also helped in the discovery of these artists and bands. The only thing I can see good out of all this is that I might actually tune in on February 12. Will you be watching?