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Wild Style Wednesday Review: CunninLynguists, Southernunderground

Posted in Wildstyle Wednesdays with tags , , , , , , on Wednesday, May 13, 2009 by Tim Althaus

southernunderground Before hearing this album, my view of Southern Hip-Hop was grossly grim(except for Little Brother). I had been hearing the same shit over and over again with Three Six Mafia and Lil’ Jon all the time, and frankly I was getting sick of it. Kno, Deacon & SOS are what you would call a boisterous breath of fresh air for the lungs of southern Hip-Hop. One of my best friends had been telling me about these guys for a long time, and my attitude towards Southern Hip-Hop stopped me from listening to them for awhile. After I started listening to this album I couldn’t believe what I had been overly oblivious to for so long, these guys are incredible. Continue reading