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Saturday Single: The Prodigy – “Warrior’s Dance”

Posted in Audio, Downloads, Saturday Single with tags , , , , , on Saturday, June 13, 2009 by Erik Burg

Oh boy does it feel good to be featuring The Prodigy on Mind Inversion. The creators of fine techno music since the ’80s and the founders of hardcore prog-techno or whatever you want to call their genre, The Prodigy continue to put out great music. And one of the better tracks off their 2009 Invaders Must Die album is “Warrior’s Dance”, which recently got the remix and single go around. Let’s discuss.

The Prodigy – “Warrior’s Dance”  Buy it: iTunes / Vinyl

warriors dance

“Warrior’s Dance” does a lot of what made The Prodigy famous, it’s in line with the amazing “Smack My Bitch Up” or some of their earlier material in that it just blasts pure techno music. That’s the only way to put it, it’s a hard hitting track that builds, stops, builds and then projects a sound that’s as amazing and engulfing as any in the electro world. The track begins with siren-like interludes that draw the listener in, while thousand pound synths creep up and build to include the vocals. The female voice ignites the track. And as her second verse comes in the song completely takes flight. I think the titles of the song completely fits the vibe of the track. The song is dirty, gritty, and Prodigy-esque. Mindful of a warrior, yet has that danceable chaotic hook that many of The Prodigy’s tracks are best known for. It’s quite simply a fun experience for anybody who hasn’t heard The Prodigy before, the fast paced and in your face tempo make for a fun and sporadic single. The remixes included are just as stellar. Two standouts on the B side are the “Kick Like A Mule Remix” and the “Benga Remix”. The later is a more rhythmic and dubbed up version of the track, while the former is a stellar club remix that does exactly what it says, as the bass line in the remix is amplified, and with a nice stereo or headset the kick absolutely whales. “Warrior’s Dance” was already one of the better electro tracks of the year, and now with the single it’s proving once again why The Prodigy still have what it takes to make some of the best techno music in the entire world.

MP3: The Prodigy – “Warrior’s Dance”