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Sunday Metalhead Minute: Tombs, “The Divide”

Posted in Sunday Metalhead Minute with tags , , , on Sunday, March 1, 2009 by Ryan Buege

Tombs is a snarling Brooklyn-based doom and hardcore act that has had my attention tighter than anyone in underground metal this year. Ever since I got my hands around their previous vinyl releases (S/T and the split with Planks), Winter Hours has been on my shortlist for anticipated releases. Given the relatively limited scope of emotions governing the doom metal spectrum, there’s a very authentic, undeniably inventive perspective and overwhelming presence that Tombs brings to the game. While I was skeptical at first of whether they had simply hit a streak of early luck on the first two releases, Winter Hours (which finally hit stores last Tuesday) is a brilliant album that should ensure they’ll continue to turn a lot of heads this year. All the gears are extremely well-oiled on this one, and this song from the middle of the tracklist is a great example of the beefed up, free-minded blackened doom’n’psychedelics they’re practicing on Winter Hours. I hope to have a full review on this one pending some free time from my school/real work life…

LISTEN: “The Divide” (from Winter Hours, 2009)