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Toki Wright Performs “A Different Mirror” Live on The Current

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Speaking of Toki Wright, here is a great video of him performing the title track off of his latest effort A Different Mirror on 89.3 The Current. As you can see in the video, this dude can flow mad tight and has a great deal of talent. Please do yourself a favor and go pick up his album, he’s reppin’ hard for the Mighty Minneapolis. Thanks to the homie Shake on this one.


Album Review: Toki Wright, A Different Mirror

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Toki Wright I say this all the time but, I feel so great being from Minnesota because Minneapolis is a mad music machine that keeps churning out great homeland talent. Toki Wright is a perfectly prime example of what I previously stated. I’ve seen Toki at just about every Hip-Hop event I’ve ever been to in Minneapolis, so for that reason alone he will always be a pivotal stamp in Twin Cities Hip-Hop. I got the chance to see Toki at this year’s Soundset, and I was very impressed when I saw him perform his solo material. His new album, A Different Mirror, is a great example of a hungry emcee deliberately devouring the microphone on every track. The beats on this album accent Toki’s violent and vicious flow perfectly, and Toki’s witty wordplay is highly infectious. Continue reading

Toki Wright, “The Feeling” (Feat. & Prod. By Brother Ali)

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As many of you know, Toki Wright released his debut LP on Rhymesayers Entertainment this last Tuesday. He was gracious enough to drop his first single entitled “The Feeling” which features Brother Ali. Big Bad Brother Ali also produced the beat on this track, which I may add is fire. Both emcees spit 16 some nice bars, and leave me wanting to hear more. Make sure you go out and buy Toki’s album A Different Mirror out on Rhymesayers now.

Download: Toki Wright, “The Feeling” (Feat. & Prod. By Brother Ali)