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Album Review: The Amends, What We Could Be

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The Amends - What We Could Be

This story starts out with a band and a dream. The Boulder, CO based band, The Amends, has aspirations to gain popularity by way of self-promotion. Recently they reached out to see if I would check out their second studio album that was released earlier this year. Fortunately for them, I just started writing again and fortunately for me, I took that chance and gave the album a listen. The Amends consisting of band members Drew Weikart (Lead Vocals and Guitar), Tyler Taylor (Vocals, Keys and Rhythm Guitar), Chris Childress (Bass) and Shay Byington (Drums) caught me off guard with an album that touches base with classic rock and blues while adding that hint of Indie rock.

What We Could Be starts straight out with an edginess that says we have arrived and we have come to kick your door in. “Second Take” makes me think back to when the Arctic Monkeys first came out of the gate. You can really hear the direct message from a band that just wants to jam and make people have fun. The second track, “A Certain Speed”, keeps the party vibe going. They start out the album with a kick and you think that is what you have turned yourself on to but you better think again.

As soon as the keys hit in a “Big City Way” you get more of a blues sound to their rock music. This tells you that this band is not a one-dimensional rock group. Continue reading


Big Gigantic Does it BIG with NOCTURNAL

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The duo from Boulder, CO really has out done themselves with their new album NOCTURNAL; not only is it free but it’s also phenomenal. This is one of those albums that can literally melt your face while you are melting away into your couch. If you haven’t heard of this electronic duo I suggest you go to their website, and take full advantage of the free download.

Once you start listening be fully aware that you will need about 53 minutes of your day to complete the voyage into a futuristic space that is NOCTURNAL by Big Gigantic. The track “Beginning Of the End” blends melodic horns with an electro-funk sound in such a way that this is far from the Beginning Of the End for these two but rather the progression into the bright future.

After you download this album feel free to download the rest of their discography from their site. Now that they have hooked you up, return the favor and hook them up by attending one of their shows. If you like the music, you will love what you will see while in attendance. Trust your ears now and your eyes later.