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…Trail of Dead schedules 2009 tour; prepares new album

Posted in Music News with tags , , on Friday, January 30, 2009 by Ryan Buege

I’m probably not the only one surprised to say it, but …And You Know Us By the Trail of Dead is soon releasing a new album and will be stopping in the Metro area to play some of the songs from Century of Self in the live setting. In the course of my time listening to the band, I”ve seen highs and lows that are unparalleled to what I’ve seen from any other band. From their aural genius on their early albums through to literally seeing the band engage in physical fighting fueled by obvious drunken internal conflicts onstage during their appearance with the Blood Brothers a few years ago at Station 4 – it’s honestly a bit unexpected that these guys were able to keep it together for over 10 years now.  Still, I might have been writing them off a bit too early. From my point of view their last album, 2006’s  So Divided, was improved (and slightly more cohesive) from some of the missteps they made on their ambitious, meticulous Worlds Apart release in 2004. We’ve only got one song so far, so it’s hard to tell if they’re back to the glory days of S/T, Madonna, Source Tags…, and Elena…or still lost in the fog of recent years.

Either way, I’m a glass half full kind of guy, and I’ve got an open mind. To hear what Trail of Dead has brewed up this time, click here to listen to their song “Isis Unveiled” (Radio Edit) from the forthcoming album Century of Self. It will be available on Feb. 17th, so we’ll have a review when we get a copy.

Keep reading for a full list of all their tour dates, including at stop at the beloved Triple Rock in March, collected and confirmed… Continue reading