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Metal & Hardcore A/V roundup: Torche, Heaven and Hell, Chimaira, Toxic Holocaust and more

Posted in Media with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , on Tuesday, May 5, 2009 by Ryan Buege

Everyone else has been belly-achin’ on this site for a solid week now about the insane amount of homework that’s on their plate (along with too many paid work hours to count) leading into the final week of school, and for me the situation is no different. I’ve had my head buried in schoolwork for nearly two weeks now, and it doesn’t look like I’ll be completely free for the summer for a few more days yet.

However, this afternoon after my ethics presentation, I was able to spend a few minutes combining all of the best free metal media I’ve collected over the course of the last month into a single, easy-to-digest post for you all to enjoy. It’s not often that I make a post that is packed this full of goodies, so feel free to thank me for catching you up with all these incredible new headbangers. Sit back, and just be ready to keep hitting play! We start thing off with a sweet new super-psychedelic music video from our friends in Torche…


Video: Torche, “Across Shields” (music video) – I’ll start things off with my favorite metal media post of the month. Really, I have no clue what Torche is doing in their new video for “Across Shields” from Meanderthal (available now), but either way it’s hilarious. This stuff makes me feel like I’m a kid again, and I can’t hate that!

Video: Chimaira, “Destroy and Dominate” (music video) – Chimaira is back with The Infection, and their first music video for “Destroy and Dominate” is their most satsifying visual accompaniment yet. Finally, the band’s has a video that gives proper treatment to the tremendous grooves and riffs they crank out. They deserved a video that can convey them as the behemoth metal juggernaut they have truly become, and this is it.

Video: Black Dahlia Murder, Majesty dvd trailer – The dudes in Black Dahlia Murder are coming out with a DVD called Majesty that will finally prove they are as funny as every interviewer says they are. I’m not sure what they mean at the start when they say that they can’t use any copyrighted songs, so I’m hoping that there’s still plenty of ass-kicking death metal to go around.

Video: Heaven and Hell, “Bible Black” (music video) – Everyone in the world knows that Ozzy spends most of his hours making a fool of himself, but what no one’s probably aware of is that the rest of Black Sabbath is still busy making classics without him. Former Black Sabbath vocalist Ronnie James Dio is back with his old bandmates and are now dubbed Heaven & Hell (to avoid confusion), and they are making new rockers such as “Bible Black” that stack up admirably against their legendary back catalog.

Video: Toxic Holocaust, “Nuke The Cross” (music video) – The young Portland thrashers Toxic Holocaust release “Nuke the Cross” their second video from their Relapse debut An Overdose of Death – and they mean business! Ripping video!

MP3: Orcustus, “Asphyxiokenisis” – Underground duo (formerly featuring Infernus and Tormentor from Gorgorth) strongly tied to the legendary Norwegian black metal scene released their self titled debut in March. Download the Mp3 courtesy of Southern Lord to become familiar with their brutal contrubition to the art of black metal.

Anaal Nathrakh

Streaming Audio: Anaal Nathrakh, “More of Fire Than Of Blood” & “The Lucifer Effect” (from In the Constellation of the Black Widow, available 6/29)

Streaming Audio: Coalesce, “Wild Ox Moan” & “Questions to Root Out Fools” (from OX, available 6/9)

Streaming Audio: Buried Inside, Spoils Of Failure (full album stream) (available now)

MP3: Disappearer, “A Skull Full of Bats” (from The Clearing, available TODAY 5/5)

Streaming Audio: Millions, Gather Scatter (full album stream) (available now)

MP3: Children, “Death Tribes” (from Hard Times Hanging at the End of the World, available 5/12)


Sunday Metal Minute: Mastodon, “Divinations” & Chimaira, “Secrets of the Dead”

Posted in Sunday Metalhead Minute with tags , , , on Sunday, March 22, 2009 by Ryan Buege

Woot! Back from my spring leave of absence and ready to assault the web with more writing! For my past few Metalhead Minutes, I’ve been delving into some band’s from the obscure underbelly of some of metal’s rising artists (in my eyes). This week I’ll bring things back a bit closer to the surface; some of the commoners might actually be listening to the choices I’ve selected for this post. These songs come from two albums that will be unavoidable for anyone who even passively associates themselves with metal in the spring of 2009!

First, take a listen to the lead single from Mastodon‘s newest album, Crack the Skye. As a reminder, this album will be in stores everywhere on Tuesday, and “Divinations” is an epic, psych’n’roll metal masterwork that is only an indicator of the direction these Georgian metalheads have decided to take. I’ll have my review of the album posted on Monday, so I won’t get into the specifics now, but just enjoy the preview video for now to tide you over!

Video: Mastodon, “Divinations” (from Crack the Skye, available 03/24)

Maybe this is an unsuspecting choice for anyone who’s followed my tastes on the site, but honestly, Chimaira is a band that has never let me down. Despite the harsh treatment the band has endured from the community in general over the past few years, I’ve always seen them as a band that is thinking outside the box and pushing boundaries rather than being confined by them. Over the years, their attack has continued to be refined and “Secrets of the Dead” indicates another progression. The track comes from their forthcoming album The Infection, an album that will be sure to cement the band a permanent place in the metal history books. Though it still clings tight to the trash and groove metal centerpiece that Chimaira fans will know and love, death metal, epic doom metal, and black metal are all nuanced, as well. Simply put, “Secrets of the Dead” seems to meld my favorite aspects of all things brutal, and I hope the rest of the album is of the same caliber. In theory, a song like this could’ve been a mess, but Chimaira seems to have hit created a legendary sound for their newest evolution. Listen to “Secrets of the Dead” now and see what you’ve been missing!

MP3: Chimaira, “Secrets of the Dead” (from The Infection, available 04/21)