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Metal & Hardcore A/V roundup: Torche, Heaven and Hell, Chimaira, Toxic Holocaust and more

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Everyone else has been belly-achin’ on this site for a solid week now about the insane amount of homework that’s on their plate (along with too many paid work hours to count) leading into the final week of school, and for me the situation is no different. I’ve had my head buried in schoolwork for nearly two weeks now, and it doesn’t look like I’ll be completely free for the summer for a few more days yet.

However, this afternoon after my ethics presentation, I was able to spend a few minutes combining all of the best free metal media I’ve collected over the course of the last month into a single, easy-to-digest post for you all to enjoy. It’s not often that I make a post that is packed this full of goodies, so feel free to thank me for catching you up with all these incredible new headbangers. Sit back, and just be ready to keep hitting play! We start thing off with a sweet new super-psychedelic music video from our friends in Torche…


Video: Torche, “Across Shields” (music video) – I’ll start things off with my favorite metal media post of the month. Really, I have no clue what Torche is doing in their new video for “Across Shields” from Meanderthal (available now), but either way it’s hilarious. This stuff makes me feel like I’m a kid again, and I can’t hate that!

Video: Chimaira, “Destroy and Dominate” (music video) – Chimaira is back with The Infection, and their first music video for “Destroy and Dominate” is their most satsifying visual accompaniment yet. Finally, the band’s has a video that gives proper treatment to the tremendous grooves and riffs they crank out. They deserved a video that can convey them as the behemoth metal juggernaut they have truly become, and this is it.

Video: Black Dahlia Murder, Majesty dvd trailer – The dudes in Black Dahlia Murder are coming out with a DVD called Majesty that will finally prove they are as funny as every interviewer says they are. I’m not sure what they mean at the start when they say that they can’t use any copyrighted songs, so I’m hoping that there’s still plenty of ass-kicking death metal to go around.

Video: Heaven and Hell, “Bible Black” (music video) – Everyone in the world knows that Ozzy spends most of his hours making a fool of himself, but what no one’s probably aware of is that the rest of Black Sabbath is still busy making classics without him. Former Black Sabbath vocalist Ronnie James Dio is back with his old bandmates and are now dubbed Heaven & Hell (to avoid confusion), and they are making new rockers such as “Bible Black” that stack up admirably against their legendary back catalog.

Video: Toxic Holocaust, “Nuke The Cross” (music video) – The young Portland thrashers Toxic Holocaust release “Nuke the Cross” their second video from their Relapse debut An Overdose of Death – and they mean business! Ripping video!

MP3: Orcustus, “Asphyxiokenisis” – Underground duo (formerly featuring Infernus and Tormentor from Gorgorth) strongly tied to the legendary Norwegian black metal scene released their self titled debut in March. Download the Mp3 courtesy of Southern Lord to become familiar with their brutal contrubition to the art of black metal.

Anaal Nathrakh

Streaming Audio: Anaal Nathrakh, “More of Fire Than Of Blood” & “The Lucifer Effect” (from In the Constellation of the Black Widow, available 6/29)

Streaming Audio: Coalesce, “Wild Ox Moan” & “Questions to Root Out Fools” (from OX, available 6/9)

Streaming Audio: Buried Inside, Spoils Of Failure (full album stream) (available now)

MP3: Disappearer, “A Skull Full of Bats” (from The Clearing, available TODAY 5/5)

Streaming Audio: Millions, Gather Scatter (full album stream) (available now)

MP3: Children, “Death Tribes” (from Hard Times Hanging at the End of the World, available 5/12)


Mind Inversion’s Sound Immersion 04/09 (Vol. 3)

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It’s that time again! Mind Inversion is back with our monthly playlist and this month we’re keeping it simple. After doing an influences themed list last month, for April we’ve all simply contributed some songs that each of us has been loving enough to keep on repeat lately. This mix should give you all something fresh to start your Spring off right. Listen in, and if you enjoy, please seek out more information on these artists; as always, we’re covering all the bases, and we guarantee high quality on these tracks.

The photo above was taken by our friend Eddie Ecker out in Oregon. This week and month should be very green, and I think this photo conveys that green feeling nicely.

01. Black Lips – “Starting Over
02. Daughters of the Sun “Gong the Divider”

03. Cunninlynguists – “Seasons”

04. Gomez – “Airstream Driver”

05. Torche – “Across The Shields”

06. Easy Star All-Stars (featuring the Meditations) – “No Surprises (Radiohead cover)”
07. DOOM – “Gazzillion Ear”

08. School of Seven Bells – “Chain”
09. Kill the Vultures – 14th St. Ritual
10. The Juan MacLean – “The Future Will Come”

11. Graf Orlock – “Run Over By A Truck
12. The Crystal Method – “Comin’ Back”
13. Royce Da 5’9″ (featuring Canibus and Elzhi) – “Royal Flush Freestyle”
14. Peter Bjorn and John – “Stay This Way”
15. The Airborne Toxic Event – “Sometime Around Midnight”
16. Battlefields – “The Thresholds”

The podcast of our playlist is waiting for you behind this next link. All that you have to do is click “read more”… Continue reading

Concert Recap & Video: Dredg, Torche, From Monument To Masses @ the Varsity Theater

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Every so often, the entertainment opportunities in this city really put you into some tough spots, and the choices I had to make last Friday (April 10, 2009) were some of the hardest I’ve had to make in a while. Throughout the week I wrestled between going to one of several shows on 4/10, and in the end I decided to attend  the return to the Twin Cities for the progressive rockers in Dredg at the Varsity Theater in Dinkytown featuring highly acclaimed support from the likes of Torche and From Monument to Masses (forgoing the Acid Mother’s Temple set at 7th St. Entry as well as several other local shows that would have definitely been worthy of attendance). Luckily, the open-minded acts playing at the Varsity weren’t short to impress.

I hadn’t seen Dredg in nearly 4 years before their performance on Friday (since Rockstar Mayhem), and despite spending nearly a year off the road, the Dredg live at the Varsity Theaterband was on point that night and ready to impress their ecelectic audience. With everyone from heavily bearded metalheads to formally dressed females in attendance, Dredg had to know that their opening acts and their dynamic catalog would be sure to attract a such a undefinable mix of people – which probably is why the band chose to spend fair amounts of time playing songs from all of their albums, including several songs from their forthcoming album The Pariah, The Parrot, The Delusion. Songs from the recent Catch Without Arms and El Cielo were sounding more impassioned and intimate this time around, and against the back drop of the Varsity their performance was even grander. Even Leitmotif got acknowledged with a performance of “Yatahaze” (video below) that ended with the band proclaiming, “whoa that felt good! We need to do that more often.” Throughout their performance, the entire crowd often sang above the band, and as anyone there would likely agree, we all agreed it was an amazing return.

Honestly, Torche was the band that I came to see, and even as a trio they’re still as massive as you might imagine. The band’s melodic stoner metal was perhaps a little heavier than most fans at the show had expected, but for those in attendance who knew what was up, the show was incredibly intense. Mostly playing songs from their recent instant-classic Meanderthal, the band charged through an energetic set of free-spirited doom rock that theatrically transitioned between mammoth sludge, doom-pop, noise rock, and good old fashioned heavy metal jams. By the time the band left the stage, their set surely won over more than a few people.

From Monument to Masses opened the show, supporting their recent On Little Known Frequencies album. Like Torche, FMTM is a trio that sounds much larger than you’d expect; the post-rock they play is a swirling, entrancing, heavy style of psych-rock that is layered with samples, effects, and multiple instruments by all three members as they push the unrelenting crescendos further and further.  More like GY!BE than EITS, From Monument to Masses introduced the night with a beautiful, authentic, organic presentation that had all fans of the guitar quietly attentive.

To cap off the coverage of the show, we are lucky enough to present you with a whole mess of media we captured that night. We’ve got over 40 photos, video from Dredg (“Yatahaze”, “Same Ol’ Road”, and “Bug Eyes”) and Torche, so there’s no reason to stop reading now! Sit back, relax, and enjoy the rest of our recap of the stellar Friday night show at the Varsity…

VIDEO: Dredg, “Yatahaze”, (live at the Varsity Theater in Minneapolis, MN 4/10/09)

Dredg live at the Varsity Theater(Dredg)

Dredg live at the Varsity Theater(Dredg)

Dredg live at the Varsity Theater(Dredg)

Dredg live at the Varsity Theater(Dredg)

Dredg live at the Varsity Theater(Dredg)

VIDEO: Torche, (live at the Varsity Theater in Minneapolis, MN 4/10/09)

Torche live at the Varsity Theater(Torche)

Torche live at the Varsity Theater(Torche)

Torche live at the Varsity Theater(Torche)

Torche live at the Varsity Theater(Torche)

From Monument to Masses live at the Varsity Theater(From Monument to Masses)

From Monument to Masses live at the Varsity Theater(From Monument to Masses)

From Monument to Masses live at the Varsity Theater(From Monument to Masses)

VIDEO: Dredg, “Same Ol’ Road” (live at the Varsity Theater in Minneapolis, MN 4/10/09)

Like always, keep reading because we’ve got many more awesome photos from this show after the jump (and even another video from Dredg’s set for their song “Bug Eyes”!). Just click the link… Continue reading

Metal A/V Roundup: New ISIS music! Amon Amarth, Cattle Decapitation videos, much more

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Isis, Wavering Radiant

Isis is back. In only a few weeks, their new album Wavering Radiant will be officially unveiled, and this guy couldn’t be happier! Really, when it rains it pours; within a short 24 hour period I’m getting my ears on the first tastes of music from new Converge AND Isis – I think my head is about to explode. Isis just posted the song “20 Minutes/40 Years” over at their MySpace website (UPDATE: we’ve got a free MP3 linked below), and I’m now, for the indeterminate future, dutifully listening on repeat to this precursor of the divine psychedelic doom metal that is coming to everyone’s ears by April 21st. You’ll all likely just have to resign to the same lifestyle as well, and Isis seems to think it should be enough for now. In their words:

We feel this [“20 Minutes/ 40 Years”] is a good representation of [Wavering Radiant]. Our friend Matt Santoro is working on a video for this song which will be completed around the time of the records release. This is also the song we showcased on the ATP tour we did back in December. We hope you enjoy it. There’s lots of “ear candy” in this one, so be sure to listen on some headphones – or, better yet, wait until the vinyl is released for full sonic enjoyment.

MP3: Isis, “20 Minutes/40 Years” (from Wavering Radiant, available 4/21)

In other obscure regions of the metal realm, it was a very busy weekend as well. A number of metal videos and songs that recently surfaced are posted below for your viewing and listening entertainment. Enjoy!

Cattle Decapitation, Regret and the GraveCattle Decapitation – music video released this week for their first single (is it really called that for a grindcore band?) from The Harvest Floor, “Regret and the Grave“. It’s one that leaves little to the imagination; haunting, scary, sick’n’twisted, in-your-face blasting, grinding, gritty madness!

WATCH: Cattle Decapitation, “Regret and the Grave” (from The Harvest Floor)

Amon Amarth, Guardians of Asgaard

Amon Amarth – their second music video from their recent Twilight of the Thundergod is now available, created for the defiant Viking death metal battle hymn “Guardians of Asgaard“. The song features Petrov from Entombed, and the video is epic and fucking awesome (in plainspeak). Nothing more needs to be acknowledged other than the fact that Amon Amarth owns, and the video and new album are further proof of their exalted status.

WATCH: Amon Amarth, “Guardians of Asgaard” (from Twilight of the Thundergod)

LISTEN: Torche, “Sugar Glider” (from Healer/Across The Shields 12″)

WATCH: Mastodon, Crack the Skye In Studio Video (full length, 10 episode edition!!)

LISTEN: Warbringer, “Severed Reality” (from Waking Into Nightmares, available 5/19)

WATCH: Iron Maiden, Flight 666 Trailer (available 4/21, and select screenings)

Torche and Dredg touring through Dinkytown’s Varsity Theater in April

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And they’ll be a part of the Varsity Theater‘s jam-packed spring/summer concert calendar this April 10th. The billing is a very unlikely one, but there’s no denying this show will be massive and awesome; can’t miss!

Torche is huge on cd, but they are ten times bigger in the live setting. These guys are extremely fun to watch and have never failed to put on a blistering, entertaining show set both times I’ve seen them over the years (once with Jesu in 2007 and at their P4K showcase with Nachtmystium and Boris last year). Personally, I’m very curious to see what kind of set Dredg plays. On their early albums, they had me completely captivated, but I kind of fell off after Catch Without Arms and the show they did at Taste of Choas in 2005. Really, I don’t know what they’ve been up to since, but apparently there’s a new album lined up for release on March 24th. Who knows what they sound like now, but they can’t be doing too much wrong if they’ve lined this gig up.


All the Torche/Dredg spring tour dates are… Continue reading