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Album Review: Made of Wood, The Chill/Funk Trip

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The more I explore the more I realize I will never be able to discover all of the music the world has to offer let alone our own nation. Made of Wood makes me realize that this is why I am trying to discover as much of that music that I can. On the new album, The Chill/Funk Trip, you will get an instrumental barrage that can be described as Downtempo with 70’s Funk and modern Jazz elements.

In an email I received from I AM PR Agency it suggests that you listen to this album at a lounge, in your car or in your bed. 2 weeks ago on a Saturday morning I did just that. Well, excluding at a lounge or in a car. As I laid in bed and drifted through an hour of life reflection where I may have been under the influence of some really damn good instrumental music. Yes, that morning I decided Made of Wood was worthy of a listen if you are in the mood to relax, think or ready to go on that voyage(whatever “that” voyage may be for you).

Dan Waldman is the man behind the curtain in his musical land of Oz and Made of Wood is the solo project from this composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist. The first track “Are We There Yet?” would be a perfect fit for any snowboarding video worthy of such a smooth and buttery theme. As the album plays on you realize you are along for a ride for the entirety of the album.

If you like orchestra, if you like funk, if you like the piano, if you like drums or if you like strings you are going to like Made of Wood. This album does a perfect job of blending everything together to make an original work of musical art. The most important part when listening to Made of Wood is to make sure you really listen to every sound being created and appreciating all the different elements that he blends together.

Lay down, relax look for Made of Wood The Chill/Funk Trip and start making your dreams a reality or your realities a dream.

Album Release Date: February 1, 2012


Music Discovery: Scarlet Monk AnnaBella

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If the cover art on Scarlet Monk’s debut album AnnaBella doesn’t seductively make you take your clothes off her voice will definitely make you strip down and make your own cover art. Her elegant sultry voice is blended with such laid back and subtle beats that it will make you feel like you are in a martini lounge sipping on a dirty one. AnnaBella is an album that will keep you wondering what she has in store for you next. In the track “Flutter” ADaD adds a smooth flow to give the album a true hip-hip element. If you like downtempo music I suggest you head over to the Global Vortex site, give her album a listen and you just might discover what you have been missing.

It is highly recommended that you listen to this album with someone you are passionate with or want to be passionate with.

The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble push LP release to September

Posted in Downloads with tags , , , , , on Friday, March 6, 2009 by Ryan Buege

The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble, the evocative, organic dark jazz group from the Netherlands, has decided to push the release of their second LP Here Be Dragons back to September, and that’s just fine with me! TKDE had just released a 39-minute 8-track EP entitled Mutations in February 2009 that could have easily passed for a full-length to an uninitiated listener, and I’m still busy getting acquainted with all of the mesmerizing nooks and crannies of this incredibly warm and beautiful composition of downtempo, post-rock, and so-called doom jazz. Their sound is many things at once, grandiose and theatrical in composition and a maze through ones own psyche.  Mutations is a very emotional piece of music of ethereal perfection  and deserves time to be heard before they move on to the next phase.

However, those of you who are anticipating new music from The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble won’t have to wait long! They’ll be releasing a live album this May and “promised” to start leaking tracks from Here Be Dragons soon after that. Listen in to this songs from Mutation for now, and stay tuned to their web space for more info…

DOWNLOAD:Shadows” (from Mutations, Feb. 2009)

DOWNLOAD:Avian Lung” (from Mutations, Feb. 2009)

DOWNLOAD:Muenchen” (excerpt from Mutations, Feb. 2009)

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Röyksopp “Happy Up Here” video is a visual delight

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Röyksopp is a well-established electronic duo hailing from Norway that surely deserves the attention of anyone who enjoys the melodic electro pop or synthpop stylings of bands ranging from Massive Attack to Daft Punk to MGMT. On this first video from their new album Junior (available March 23rd), the visuals definitely vibe with the positive flow of “Happy Up Here”. Though I’m not sure of the director, this video inspires many of the same feelings as when I first saw many of the Justice videos or something Surface2Air might do over the last few years. The song’s soothing, but it has a beautiful, strong presence, that is complemented intriguingly by the sleek subliminal visuals of this video. Watch and respect, and don’t forget to check out more from Röyksopp online if you have yet to hear these guys. Continue reading