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Swan Lake get all creep and crawly on their new single

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March 24th marks the release of Swan Lakes newest album Enemy Mine (on Jagjaguwar records), but a few tracks have already been released in anticipation of the album. The newest single, entitled “Spider”, is a short romp in line with other Swan Lake material, from this album and their debut effort as well. It’s a hard-to-describe whirlwind of a track that, unless you kind of know what you’re getting yourself into, can be a complete turnoff upon first listen. Like most of their work, “Spider” is a herky-jerky (I’m an amazing writer) track that spills over with vocals and heavy rhythmic drums. The synthesized keys in the background add for a nice twist, especially in the chorus when they wind and swerve with the vocals, complimented by Spencer Krug‘s small vocal part toward the end of the song, “Spider” is a splendid track. Along with the other singles already released, Enemy Mine is shaping up to be an amazing album. Check out the mp3 below along with the album artwork (some of my favorite of 2009 so far). 

MP3: Swan Lake – “Spider” or check out “A Hand At Dusk” off of Enemy Mine as well.


Swan Lake's "Enemy Mine" set for release on March 24th.

Swan Lake's "Enemy Mine" set for release on March 24th.


New Audio: Swan Lake, “A Hand at Dusk”

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Okay so here is the deal, I’m in class right now so I haven’t listened to this yet. BUT, I’m sure it’s amazing, seeing as Swan Lake’s debut album Beast Moans was great and Spencer Krug’s track-record is nearly spotless. March 23rd is the release date for their next album, Enemy Mine. So yeah, check out the track below and enjoy!


MP3: Swan Lake – “A Hand at Dusk”