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Ma Dukes Wins Battle Over Dilla’s Estate

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It appears as though today is a great day for Hip-Hop music as well as humanity. I was over at Okayplayer when I caught this fine piece of news. If you remember a while back, I mentioned that Ma Dukes was going through a lot of bullshit to make sure that Dilla’s legacy lived on in the right way. According to the Okayplayer post, Ma Dukes has reigned triumphant over the assholes that thought it would be cool to totally mess up Dilla’s legacy and screw over his family. I am so glad to hear that these things are cleared up, Ma Dukes is going through a lot right now and she definitely doesn’t need to be worrying about selfish and greedy people.


Album Review: J Dilla, Jay Stay Paid

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Jay Stay PAid J Dilla’s latest ethereally epic release may be one of my favorites that I’ve heard from his catalog. Jay Stay Paid is a hybrid if you will, the vast majority of it plays out like beat tape, but in between are tracks that feature blazingly blistering emcees. Ma Dukes & Pete Rock put a lot of tender love and care into this album, and it really shows through. They both did a great job of arranging the tracks on this album into a graceful and gorgeous mosaic. It sounds so authentic that you would think that Jay produced the album himself. Continue reading

Ma Dukes Talks To Hip-Hop DX About Jay Stay Paid & Busta Rhymes

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madukes Jay Stay Paid dropped today, and I woke up bright and early this morning to go get it at our local Best Buy. I have been listening to it non-stop all day since around 10AM, and I can already tell you that it is spectacular. Hopefully all of you readers out there will go out and support real Hip-Hop and pick up the album, you won’t be let down.

I wish I could have gotten this up earlier, but I’ve been pretty busy for the last few days. Ma Dukes recently sat down with the folks over at Hip Hop DX and talked about a few issues that had to do with Jay Stay Paid. According to the article, Dilla’s estate has new people in charge and things are rapidly turning around from the dis-heartening situation that had been mentioned earlier this year. It appears as though his daughters are going to start getting some of the money that they deserve from their late father’s craft. The Yancey family has been going through so much for the last three years, I am so happy to hear that everything is turning around for them. My guess is that we are going to be hearing a lot more emcees over Dilla treats because, she also mentioned that there won’t be as many troubles when it comes to using Dilla beats.

Ma Dukes also mentione the ever-looming situation with Busta Rhymes. According to Ma Dukes, Busta was wrongfully sued by the last people that were in charge of the Dilla estate (Arty Erk & Micheline Levine). They claimed that Busta didn’t have the right to use those beats, but Ma Dukes begs to differ. She says that Busta wouldn’t take anything from Dilla, and I agree with her, Busta was very passionate about Dilla. Busta has broken the long term vow to use a Dilla beat on every album of his with Back On My B.S. because of the bogus legal situation. I really hope Ma Dukes & Busta can talk and figure things out because I’m pretty sure that Dilla would never want it to be the way it is right now.

Again, you can read the original article here. Make sure you go out and get Jay Stay Paid NOW, it’s a great collection of Dilla’s material. I will have a review up of the album in the next few days.

J Dilla X Black Thought = One Hell of a “Reality Check”

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jdilla I figured I would start off my posts today with a track that is worth hearing on 4/20. This track comes to us from the fine people over at Okayplayer. As I mentioned in a post a while back, Ma Dukes and Pete Rock are going to be putting out an album via Nature sounds on June 2nd entitled Jay Stay Paid. This is the first track that we have the pleasure of hearing, and it features Black Thought, one of the best emcees in the game. As usual you can expect a great beat from one of the all-time greats, and Black Thought rips through this beat like paper, all while making it seem so effortless.

This album sounds like it’s going to the spectacular, according to the article I read at OKP, Jay Stay Paid is going to contain mostly instrumentals (which I am totally okay with) but will feature an all-star cast of emcees. What emcees can you expect to hear on the ablum? Illa J, DOOM, Black Thought, Raekwon, Havoc, Blu & MOP. I don’t need to say a whole lot more about this album other than that if you don’t pick it up on June 2nd you are crazy.

Download: J Dilla “Reality Check” (Featuring Black Thought)

Ma Dukes & Pete Rock Are Making Sure That Jay Stay Paid

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Ma Dukes & Pete Rock Are Making Sure That Jay Stay Paid It truly looks like the one album I have been waiting on for the last two years will finally see the light of day. Pete Rock & J Dilla’s mother (Ma Dukes) will be releasing Dilla’s album of posthumas material that has never seen the light of day. The music on this album will include music from his old floppy disk and programs as well as music that Dilla made while he was in the hospital. Ma Dukes explains, “This album combines what he did in the beginning of his career, [and] what he did in some of our early hospital stays, which was very deep.” She says, “This is like the missing link to Dilla’s legacy”.

The part that I really like about this is that it is going to be something like a concept album where all of the tracks are being played over the radio, and Pete Rock is the DJ. You can expect guest appearances from Black Thought, The Roots, M.O.P. & DOOM. Sounds like this album is going to be one hell of a release. Watch out for Jay Stay Paid or [J$P] (for short) dropping on Nature Sounds on June 2nd. Continue reading

Raise It Up For Ma Dukes!

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ma-dukesJ Dilla’s mother, Ma Dukes, has been going through some very rough times lately with her son’s estate in limbo. Stones Throw and legendary t-shirt artist Parra have teamed up for a special shirt that is dedicated to Ma Dukes. Personally I love the shirts that ST and Parra have teamed up for in the past, and to tell you the truth, this one is no different. Ma Dukes has had to put up with a lot of the bullshit that has been going on with Dilla’s estate and Ma Dukes herself has recently come down with Lupus.

Ma Dukes needs every bit of help that she can possibly get, Dilla has daughters that aren’t seeing any of the royalties that Dilla’s estate has been accumulating. Ma Dukes is a very strong woman, but she can’t fight Lupus and Dilla’s battles at the same time. She needs our help and every little bit is appreciated!

raise-it-up Get on over to Stones Throw and make sure you pick yourself up one of these t-shirts. Not only will you be the flyest individual in your crew, but you will also be doing Dilla a huge favor.

Fighting to keep Dilla’s Legacy

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First and foremost I want to let you all know that this issue that is going on with J Dilla’s estate is absolute bulshit. Apparently these people are not giving any of the money that is rightfully owed to Dilla’s mother (Ma Dukes) and Dilla’s children. The IRS is claiming that it’s because of some tax issues that he had accumulated.

In the February version of Vibe magazine you will find a pretty big article about the genius and legend J Dilla. From what I’ve read (click “read” for article) on the Stones Throw website, this might be the best article that I’ve ever read on Dilla because it’s very in depth. It talks a lot about what is going on with the Dilla estate right now, the condition of Ma Dukes herself (she was recently diagnosed with Lupus, the same disease that took her son’s life) and what is going on with his daughters. Another thing that is very interesting is the issue looming about last year’s mixtape classic “Dillagenece” with Busta Rhymes. It appears that Dilla’s so called “estate” is trying to sue Busta over the use of the beats on the album saying that he never payed for them. Ma Dukes however has a different take on the situation: “He got a raw deal,” she says, “Busta didn’t take anything from anybody.”

If you are a fan of Dilla this is a must read for you. I can tell you that when I’m out and about picking up the new Beat Konducta album, I will also be picking up this issue of Vibe (despite the fact that Kanye’s dumbass is on the cover) for my collection. I really hope that Ma Dukes is able to get these issues resolved because she is in a very unfortunate situation right now and she needs all the help she can get. This man is one of the most influential people that I’ve ever had the experience of learning about and there is no reason that this legal “limbo” should be going on right now.


PLEASE donate for Ma Dukes!

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Pete Rock, Maureen "Ma Dukes" Yancey & Talib Kweli on Dilla Day
Pete Rock, Maureen “Ma Dukes” Yancey & Talib Kweli on Dilla Day 2008

So, if you know me, you know that I am a huge J Dilla fan/enthusiast. Many people would call me a “poser” Dilla fan because I haven’t been listening since the beginning (when I was like 5). I had listened to a little bit of Tribe, but never knew that Dilla was behind their later stuff. The first time I really actually realized Dilla production was on a Kweli mixtape, and I was completely mesmerized by the beat. I immediately got my hands on everything Dilla I could get and didn’t think twice about it. What Dilla did for my musical taste and outlook on life in general I will never be able to forget. He will always be my inspiration for anything that I do.

It came to my attention awhile ago that the Yancey family was in a huge limbo trying to pay all of Dilla’s outstanding hospital bills, and at the same time keep the “Dilla estate” alive. I just read a few weeks ago that Dilla’s mother Maureen “Ma Dukes” Yancey is suffering from the same tragic disease that took her genius son’s life. She needs all of the help she can get and all of you Dilla fans out there really have a chance to make a difference.

Please go over to the Giant Peach’s Website on MySpace and make a contribution. It doesn’t have to be a large amount of money, just do what you can. Every dollar makes a difference. If you don’t want to donate through PayPal, or just want to send a letter to Ma Dukes you can send your contributions to:

Maureen Yancey
8281 E. Brentwood
Detroit, MI 48234