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Listen to Big Business’ Mind the Drift; U.S. tour scheduled

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Well, the hard rock heavies in Big Business were able to get a break from the road in November, and after finishing the vocals in LA, the new album Mind the Drift was mixed is now ready for public consumption! After releasing the physical copies TODAY, Big Business have posted their entire new album for streaming listening online at their website! Head over to to hear the latest.

Also, it’s no secret that Big Business is a band that likes to tour. In fact, recording on their upcoming album had to be postponed for nearly half a year last year when the Melvins invited the band back out on tour. They are once again ready to get back out to the clubs to play some shows.  Keep reading to see all of their forthcoming dates with Tweak Bird, including a show at the Triple Rock Social Club in mid-May… Continue reading


Audio: Big Business premiere “Gold and Final”

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Big Business got back from their tour with the Melvins not so long ago, and in the meantime they’ve finished up recording sessions for their latest album, Mind the Drift. The ever-reliable Hydrahead Records will be putting out this third full-length of lumbering, cerebral, retro-stoner metal in April 2008. It’s notable that it’s the band’s first release to feature their new guitarist and third member Toshi Kasai; the mix on this one sounds stronger than any I’ve heard from them yet. Listen in!

DOWNLOAD: “Gold and Final” (from Mind the Drift)

(mp3 courtesy of Spin)

Shrinebuilder is the stoner metal fan’s wet dream

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A new supergroup has been born, and it features members of Neurosis, Melvins, St. Vitus, Hidden Hand, Om, and Sleep. It’s been speculated for a while, but this week it was revealed that the forces of doom metal luminaries Scott Kelly, Wino, Al Cisneros, and Dale Crover have joined together as Shrinebuilder to produce what promises to be one awesome fucking album. Really, there’s no possible way for this to be anything less than stellar. Luckily, my fellow stoners and I won’t have to wait long to hear what they’re writing. The band hits the studio this weekend and apparently they’ll be posting updates on Scott’s blog throughout the project. We’ll just have to pay attention to the updates for a sneak peak, until we can see what Shrinebuilder releases their first album later this year…

Scott’s first studio update, today, revealed it will be something to look forward to:

Allright here we go…  Last night we played together as a full band for the first time, there was immediate thunder. The truth was revealed within seconds.

Genghis Tron in-studio performance airs on the BBC tonight

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If you’re cooped inside tonight, tune to UK’s BBC Radio 1 to hear the recent in-studio performance by Philadelphia’s unpredictable electroprogcore scientists in Genghis Tron. Their set will air tonight (Monday, December 15) at 12 midnight GMT (6:00 p.m. CST) on Radio 1’s “The Rock Show with Daniel P Carter”. The program will also be available for seven days at this location. If that’s not enough, the show also showcases the recent heavenly Melvins, Mike Patton curated ATP winter showcase in the UK w/ interviews with the Melvins, Mastodon, and Isis!

Just last week, Genghis Tron released volumes 3 and 4 of their  amazing new 5 VOLUME SERIES(!) of limited edition remixes, and it features some of the brightest underground musicians retouching songs from the band. Artists involved include Justin K. Broaderick, Eluvium, Rob Crow, Steve Moore, Tobacco (of Black Moth Super Rainbow), Dntel, Scott Hull, Danny Lohner, Ulver, Telefon Tel Aviv, Odd Nosdam, Tim Hecker, Nadja, and many, many more. Before the show starts, head to their special myspace remix site to listen to some of these unbelievable remixes; as announced earlier, Volume 5 is now up for preorder here.