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Nadja covers “Only Shallow” by My Bloody Valentine

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Ohhh, this is shoegaze after its been soaking in drone; Jesus, this is a beautiful track! Nadja never ceases to amaze me, and on this cover of “Only Shallow” by the legendary My Bloody Valentine (for the upcoming Nadja covers release) they are melding their own savory atmospheric drone/doom personality to the MBV Loveless opener of transcending psychedelic shoegaze valleys and crescendos.

DOWNLOAD: “Only Shallow (My Bloody Valentine cover)”

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Genghis Tron in-studio performance airs on the BBC tonight

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If you’re cooped inside tonight, tune to UK’s BBC Radio 1 to hear the recent in-studio performance by Philadelphia’s unpredictable electroprogcore scientists in Genghis Tron. Their set will air tonight (Monday, December 15) at 12 midnight GMT (6:00 p.m. CST) on Radio 1’s “The Rock Show with Daniel P Carter”. The program will also be available for seven days at this location. If that’s not enough, the show also showcases the recent heavenly Melvins, Mike Patton curated ATP winter showcase in the UK w/ interviews with the Melvins, Mastodon, and Isis!

Just last week, Genghis Tron released volumes 3 and 4 of their  amazing new 5 VOLUME SERIES(!) of limited edition remixes, and it features some of the brightest underground musicians retouching songs from the band. Artists involved include Justin K. Broaderick, Eluvium, Rob Crow, Steve Moore, Tobacco (of Black Moth Super Rainbow), Dntel, Scott Hull, Danny Lohner, Ulver, Telefon Tel Aviv, Odd Nosdam, Tim Hecker, Nadja, and many, many more. Before the show starts, head to their special myspace remix site to listen to some of these unbelievable remixes; as announced earlier, Volume 5 is now up for preorder here.

A Storm of Light release new song from collaboration with Nadja

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Josh Graham’s A Storm of Light has announced plans for a collaboration with the amazing post-doom/ambient noisemakers of Nadja(!!!), and they have even given us a taste of what we can expect. Go to their myspace page now to listen to “Sister”, the latest release from A Storm of Light.

This song is huge, and I really dig the Isis approach of diving right into the song that they embrace here. However, as I mentioned in my previous review, this is a band that really enjoys indulging in jamming hard on the moments where most bands lose focus.. For some reason, (from my point of view) their riffs during the quiet parts and segues are even more infected and interesting than when they crank out heavy shit during the epic parts. Whatever the case, it’s really refreshing to hear a doom band that is actually surprising and which demands my attention – rather than one that slowly drowns me to sleep with epic riffage. If A Storm of Light can continue to produce such unpredictable AND unforgiving songs, there will be no one to stop them. Really, Josh only needs to continue doing what makes him unique; eventually I could imagine this band being mentioned in the same  breath alongside the “post-metal” innovators like Neurosis and Isis.

More than anyone I’ve heard in a long time, A Storm of Light sound like they have more contributions to make.

LISTEN NOW -> “Sister” (from collaboration with Nadja)