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Album Review: Miike Snow, Happy to You

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Happy to You starts out in formidable Miike Snow fashion with a relaxing and engaging sound. “Enter the Joker’s Layer” captures you from the start with the groups ability to blend digitally appealing sounds around the harmonious voice of frontman Andrew Wyatt. “The Wave” comes in with a cavalry sounding drumline fit for a king. It is a song that focuses on the overall sound with a strong but softening drumline. This theme is carried out through the entirety of the album. Miike Snow made us wait 3 long years for their sophomore album but I am not surprised by the quality of work that was produced. Now, if I could only pick their complex Swedish minds to interpret Continue reading


Miike Snow: A Taste from Happy to You

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Miike Snow, the pop trio from Sweden, have been working on their follow-up album to their unbelievable self-titled album from 2009. The first album is still one that I listen to today. It helped me through a break-up with an ex-girlfriend, it even helped me through a second break-up with that same ex-girlfriend. I am curious to see if they can come up with lyrics with as much meaning on their second album Happy to You. This album is expected to come out in March of this year and if it is as good as the last I may have to see if it can help me get a new girlfriend. Follow this link to to get a taste of the album.

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