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Listen to “Sacred Trickster”, new music from Sonic Youth

Posted in Audio with tags , , , , , , , , on Wednesday, April 22, 2009 by Ryan Buege

My favorite alt. rockers are back with some new noise, and I’m happy to report that it sounds very much like the Sonic Youth I love! “Sacred Trickster” is the first song to see a release from their latest album The Eternal, their follow-up to Rather Ripped, which hits stores on June 9th via Matador.. Tune in..

MP3: Sonic Youth, “Sacred Trickster” (from The Eternal, available 6/9)


Sunday (Industrial) Minute: Throbbing Gristle, “Discipline”

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I’m not too sure this music really even qualifies as metal, which you may have noticed from the slight title change on this week’s post. Nonetheless, I feel confident saying that Throbbing Gristle‘s noisy industrial pioneering in the late 70s and early 80s has been more influential on modern metal (as well as music in general) than anything else that was being produced at that time. Not only were these British cats the precursors to all things industrial such as Ministry or Godflesh, they have also had enormous influence on other corners of the music world. For example, bands as varied as Sonic Youth and Aphex Twin (and the millions of other bands they helped to inspire) might not exist had  they not been influenced by what Throbbing Gristle created in some way. This week, the recently reunited band announced a small tour of their first U.S. tour dates since 1981 that includes their first stop in the Midwest ever and a performance at Coachella festival. To celebrate, I’m including their classic live performance of “Discipline” as this installments Sunday Metalhead Minute; it might be uncomfortable for a beginner, but watch to the end to enjoy the full effect of TG.

Keep reading for all of Throbbing Gristle’s planned tour dates (including a Chi town show)… Continue reading

Album Review: Merzbow, Camouflage

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Noise music is such a very different type of beast to review. The absolute lack of structure and conventional “song” characteristics can make it impossible for some listeners to digest while other listeners may thoroughly enjoy the instrumental experimentations and interesting nuances that are laced throughout most releases of this nature. Do I attempt to review the music of a noise CD as “good” or “bad” in the context of accepted opinions, or should I simply try to describe the nature of the sounds that I heard and let my reader make up their own mind about the value of those sounds? When talking about one of the genre’s legends, Japan’s Merzbow, I think that I’ll choose the latter…

THE preeminent noise musician to come from Japan, the insanely prolific and universally respected Merzbow, is back in 2009 with Camouflage, the first in a string of planned forthcoming releases. Over an hour of sprawling laptop-directed electronic madness is divided into three tracks that tie together many common themes throughout their meandering journeys. To an uninitiated listener of electronic music, many of the tonal qualities are reminiscent of artists such as Aphex Twin or Autuchre, but his heavily effected beats often reverberate with an overwhelming sense of distortion that touches into drone and sludge. At times, throughout the mix I’m also hearing sounds reminiscent of the 80s industrial and noise renaissance, and “natural” computer and worldly sound effects form the basis of some of Camouflage‘s most interesting aural treats. Despite the long song lengths (avg. around 20 minutes), they actually don’t seem to drag on, as experimental instrumentation and sparse droney, ambient sections segue into trance and electronica in an ebb-and-flow manner that’s quite meditative. Conventional fans of electronic music and rock fans might be turned off by this release, but I think anyone who’s interested in psychedelic music would be very satisfied by the many brilliant noise experiments and sounds that were created on this release. It’s a very cerebral listen and a very rewarding piece of art for anyone who was worried that the world was running out of sounds manipulate into music.

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