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Brother Ali to Release New EP & DVD Next Month

Posted in Music News with tags , , , , , on Tuesday, February 3, 2009 by Tim Althaus

brother-ali-31Well it appears as though your favorite albino emcee, Brother Ali, will be coming out with a new nine track EP next month (with a guest appearance from Slug) as well as a DVD that accompanies it. The EP will be nine tracks of straight fire material as you can expect and it is titled The Truth is Here. This is the preface for his fourth studio album due out this fall. I can assure you that this EP will be nothing short of amazing. Brother Ali & Ant have been doing some amazing things for years, I’m sure they are sticking to the same formula.

The DVD will feature the homecoming show off his Undisputed Truth Tour at the legendary venue First Avenue. I was actually at this show, and I can tell you that it was truly an amazing show, every single aspect of it. This EP is worth it for the DVD alone, the music is just going to make this purchase have a ton of added value. It will also feature interviews with Brother Ali as well a commentary by the man himself. You also will get the videos for “Uncle Sam Goddamn” and “Take Me Home” (which was probably my favorite track on the album).

I can assure you on March 10th when this comes out, I will be at the store making a purchase of this album. I’ve heard from a few sources that Ali’s new material is ridiculous and I can’t wait to hear it. Again folks, here is another example of Rhymsayers dropping megaton bombs.

Spotted at HipHopDX