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Pete Rock, “When I Need It” (NBA Live ’10 OST) x De La Soul, “La La La”

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It’s always great to hear new tracks from Pete Rock. The dude is one of the biggest legends in the history of the game. This new track, “When I Need It”, appears on the soundtrack of the newest NBA Live game. As you can expect, the beat and the rest of this track is super dope. I can’t wait for the new Soul Brother material to come out, nobody touches his beats these days. You can follow me after the jump to grab the De La Soul track that will also be featured on the soundtrack. Continue reading


Where The Wild Things Are trailer released; music by Arcade Fire, score by Karen O

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So this pretty much blew my mind, and turned a terrible day into a slightly displeasing one. I’ve been anxiously awaiting news from this movie, and for the release of course too, but I had not idea the news and trailer would be this amazing. So get your act together and watch the two minute trailer below. The video’s set to the beautiful (and slightly re-done) “Wake Up” by The Arcade Fire, and the film itself will be scored by the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s Karen O. Oh man, I’m foaming at the mouth over this. “There’s one in all of us”

Where The Wild Things Are
October 16th, 2009
Directed and written by Spike Jonze

Ghostface and Doom team up for new GTA

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The theme track for the new Grand Theft Auto game, coming out March 17th for the Nintendo DS, features two hip-hop heavyweights. ghost-and-doomGhostface Killah and Doom tag-team this Oh No produced track, once again showing why the GTA series leads the gaming industry in its soundtracks and original music. Titled “Chinatown Wars”, the track has a bit of a far eastern feel to the production and beat throughout the track, obviously tailored to fit the game. The two rappers switch off verses, with Ghostface starting and Doom really steals the show with his first verse, just as the song really settles into it’s own. It’s certainly worth checking out, the game and the song of course. Enjoy!

MP3: Ghostface and Doom – “Chinatown Wars” (Produced by Oh No)

MP3: Ghostface and Doom – “Chinatown Wars” (Remix)

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Broken Social Scene Cover “Love Will Tear Us Apart” for Upcoming Movie

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The ever-changing and always satisfying Broken Social Scene will make their big screen debut this summer in the movie The Time Traveler’s Wife. Both Brendan Canning and Kevin Drew will be paired up with Justin Peroff and Andrew Whiteman who will play a wedding band in the film. 

Canning on the left, Drew to his right.

Canning on the left, Drew to his right.

The boys apparently cover Joy Division’s amazing, yet slightly ironic as a wedding tune, “Love Will Tear Us Apart.” I’m beyond excited to hear this cut, and it might actually propel me to see a movie in theaters (Last one I saw was the Dark Knight I think). Broken Social Scene has never let me down, and hearing them cover one of my favorite singles of all-time is a great prospect, simply put: amazing. 

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