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Album Review: M.i, The Coldplay Sessions

Posted in Album Review, Music Reviews with tags , , , , on Wednesday, June 27, 2012 by Tim Althaus

I’m the type of guy that really likes a jack-of-all-trades; if an artist is capable of rhyming and producing their own music, then I’m most definitely going to be a huge fan. Michael Maldonado (aka M.i) is a perfect example of my aforementioned statement because he literally does everything (emceeing, producing, mixing, engineering) himself. The Austin, Texas native has been on his grind for quite some time now, and The Coldplay Sessions is actually the fifth project that he’s released; back in 2010 M.i released The Jack Johnson Sessions (which featured a Jack Johnson sample on every track), and last year he released the superbly stellar album Prep Time (Produced almost entirely by musical genius Tyler Keyes). Continue reading


Album Download: M.i, The Coldplay Sessions

Posted in Album Download with tags , , , on Thursday, February 23, 2012 by Tim Althaus

That’s right folks, The Coldplay Sessions album is finally here. I was going to hold off on posting this until I did a review, but I’m so blown away by this project that I felt compelled to post it now. GoodMusicAllDay, Ashley Outrageous and proudly released M.i’s new project on Tuesday. The Austin, Texas native did all of the production on the album (with the exception of the last track which is produced by Tyler Keyes), and he also did all of the mixing and engineering. The production on this album is crisp, and all of the samples are perfectly utilized to make incredible cuts.

I’ve been a fan of M.i’s since I first heard his mixtape Prep Time, and I can honestly tell you that I will keep following this dude as long as he keeps putting out music. In today’s music age, it’s not that common to see a jack-of-all-trades like M.i, and he’s very good at what he does. Ever since it came out on Tuesday, I’ve been spinning The Coldplay Sessions non-stop. As I’ve said many times before, M.i has a laid back flow that makes it so easy to like his style. Now all I can do is impatiently wait on the album that Tyler and M.i have been putting together for the last year since Tyler moved to Texas; good lord is that project going to be bonkers.

You can download The Coldplay Sessions here, and make sure you stay tuned for an album review coming very soon.