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Album Review: M.i, The Coldplay Sessions

Posted in Album Review, Music Reviews with tags , , , , on Wednesday, June 27, 2012 by Tim Althaus

I’m the type of guy that really likes a jack-of-all-trades; if an artist is capable of rhyming and producing their own music, then I’m most definitely going to be a huge fan. Michael Maldonado (aka M.i) is a perfect example of my aforementioned statement because he literally does everything (emceeing, producing, mixing, engineering) himself. The Austin, Texas native has been on his grind for quite some time now, and The Coldplay Sessions is actually the fifth project that he’s released; back in 2010 M.i released The Jack Johnson Sessions (which featured a Jack Johnson sample on every track), and last year he released the superbly stellar album Prep Time (Produced almost entirely by musical genius Tyler Keyes). Continue reading