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Xasthur’s All Reflections Drained LP prepared for May release

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Underground ambient US black metal entity Xasthur has finished putting together the All Reflections Drained LP that has been recorded throughout 2007 and 2008 (with M.H. as guest vocalist), and Hydrahead is now prepared to release the album on May 26th in 2xLP, 2xCD, and even as a cassette tape. As with all Hydrahead releases, the packaging is looking very impressive for the vinyl with cover art from Tim Lehi and photography by Faith Coloccia – the 2xCD is encased in a DVD style digipack and features a second disc of bonus material, including alternate versions, unreleased material, and several covers. Knowing how reclusive Xasthur’s Malefic (Scott Connor) is, I didn’t expect that we’d get to hear much from the release before Hydrahead officially sent it out, but thankfully there has been some media uploaded from the release. If you’re in the mood for new Xasthur, head over to the newly launched, HH-run MySpace Preview page for the release here to listen to all but two songs from the All Reflections Drained!

1. Dirge Forsaken (5:38) – LISTEN
2. Maze Of Oppression (5:12) – LISTEN
3. Achieve Emptiness Part II (4:56) – LISTEN
4. Masquerade Of Incisions (15:30)
5. Damage Your Soul (4:50) – LISTEN
6. Inner Sanctum Surveillance (6:58) – LISTEN
7. Obfuscated In Oblivion (5:22) – LISTEN>
8. All Reflections Drained (7:44)


Neko Case’s “People Got a Lotta of Nerve” receives moving visual accompaniment

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Usually when I watch a film, I like to play like a critic and try to really “interpret” what the director is trying to get across. Some people prefer to simply enjoy a movie for its visual pleasures, but understanding the intricate aspects of editing and directing tends to provide a much more fulfilling viewing experience to me. With the music video for Neko Case‘s “People Got A Lotta Nerve”, her lead single from the new Middle Cyclone album, it’s hard for me to even begin to come to any solid conclusions about what it’s about; but I do know that I don’t mind wondering. Girls are frollicking around and playing with every type of wild beast imaginable; everything from elephants and tigers, to dogs and monkeys, to cranes and (yes, you guessed it..) killer whales. The animation, though simple, is gorgeous, and the warm colors and cheery atmosphere make me forget why I even wonder why the red-head cartoon girl (Neko?) is trying to shoot the apes who just want to gander at pictures of Neko. It’s an adventurous piece of work, veiled in multiple meanings; a dream that has been dreamed awake.

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Russian Circles schedule May 2009 U.S. dates

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Russian Circles, the hard-hitting, rhythm heavy post-rock trio from Chi-town, will be returning to the Triple Rock Social Club for the first time in (I believe) several years. This brief late-April/May tour will also feature Lichens (and Sweet Cobra on every date except the May shows). Even as a three-piece, Russian Circles is a band that sounds immense live; the intimate space and wall of sound that Triple Rock is known to provide is definitely the perfect venue for this kind of music. To put it bluntly, I highly recommend planning this one into your schedule; check out all the dates after the jump! Continue reading

King Khan & the Shrines announce U.S. release of What Is?!

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The long running Berlin, Germany by way of French Canada garage-soul-rock band, King Khan and the Shrines, have announced a US release for their 2007 album What Is?! through their US label Vice Records. What many people might not know is that the recent The Supreme Genius Of album was simply a greatest hits compilation of songs that Khan has already released across the pond. This is why, as you might notice, several of the beloved songs from that release from last year are also on this full length album

It’s great that What Is?! will get to see the light of day as their second release through Vice. Look for it on April 21, 2009. Right now, you can listen to a few of the tracks on the band’s MySpace page. .

1. (How Can I Keep You) Outta Harms Way
2. I Wanna Be A Girl
3. Welfare Bread
4. Land of the Freak
5. I See Lights
6. 69 Faces of Love
7. No Regrets
8. Cosmic Serenade
9. Le Fils Du Jaques Dutronc
10. Let Me Holler
11. In Your Grave
12. Take A Little Bit
13. Fear & Love
14. The Ballad Of Lady Godiva

Napalm Death/Trap Them and Have Heart book U.S. tours; fail to schedule MN dates

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Sometimes life just isn’t fair.

Yesterday my email box was filled with newsletters from some of the best modern hardcore bands on the plant, with subject lines boldly proclaiming that they had just announced U.S. tour dates. Gleefully I click the one that announces “Napalm Death / Toxic Holocaust / Trap Them” dates (because, if you haven’t heard, all three of these bands have brilliant new albums out), and much to my dismay they’ve decided to leapfrog the Midwest and totally forgot to book a MN date. Really, why would you hit up Milwaukee and Chicago and forget about Minneapolis/St. Paul on your way out west?

On the other hand, at least you can go see Napalm Death grind in support of Enslavement in if you really want to make the journey; our friends in Have Heart have decided to bypass our region entirely, jumping from the the northeast, Michigan, and Canada directly to California and the west coast. It’s too bad this stellar hardcore band forgot about us, but I’m hoping the next message I get from Bridge 9 will have some love for the fans in Minnesota.

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