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Concert Recap: Shellac, Bear Claw @ Varsity Theater

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Shellac live at the Varsity Theater

Shellac, the famed noise rock outlet comprised by Steve Albini, Bob Weston, and Todd Trainer, made it to the Varsity Theater for a rare concert appearance at the Varsity Theater in Minneapolis last week on the day of Michael Jackson’s passing. Despite some ill-advised humor mocking the death of MJ that got under the skin of more than a few concertgoers, the music at the center of the band’s free-flowing set of  prog and noise rock was well-received by nearly everyone in attendance. Intricate, snarky, abrasive, and thick, the band has a sound that keeps you on your toes at attention, waiting to see where the rollercoast will veer to next.

For my part, I was there to see the legendary Albini (producer of most of my favorite albums from bands ranging from Neurosis, High On Fire, Mogwai, Nirvana, and many, many more) execute his music genius right in front of me. I was situated right in front of his amp on stage right, and I don’t think I could have picked a better spot. With the warm tones and complicated melodies from Steve’s guitar dominating my hearing, I watched from the perfect angle as Trainer banged away at his drums like Animal. The show left me completely impressed (I was skeptical about seeing how these studio-based legends would translate in the live seting), and I’m sure everyone would have been on board for their sarcastic humor on most other days of the year.

Bear Claw opened the show. Videos and photos from my steady shot Sony DSCW80 follow below!

VIDEO: Shellac, Live at the Varsity Theater, 6/25/09

Shellac live at the Varsity Theater(Shellac)

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Torche and Dredg touring through Dinkytown’s Varsity Theater in April

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And they’ll be a part of the Varsity Theater‘s jam-packed spring/summer concert calendar this April 10th. The billing is a very unlikely one, but there’s no denying this show will be massive and awesome; can’t miss!

Torche is huge on cd, but they are ten times bigger in the live setting. These guys are extremely fun to watch and have never failed to put on a blistering, entertaining show set both times I’ve seen them over the years (once with Jesu in 2007 and at their P4K showcase with Nachtmystium and Boris last year). Personally, I’m very curious to see what kind of set Dredg plays. On their early albums, they had me completely captivated, but I kind of fell off after Catch Without Arms and the show they did at Taste of Choas in 2005. Really, I don’t know what they’ve been up to since, but apparently there’s a new album lined up for release on March 24th. Who knows what they sound like now, but they can’t be doing too much wrong if they’ve lined this gig up.


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