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Album Review: Freeway & Jake One, The Stimulus Package

Posted in Music Reviews, Video with tags , , , , , , on Monday, February 22, 2010 by Tim Althaus

If this album doesn’t prove that Rhymesayers Entertainment is one of the most dominant forces in Hip-Hop, I truly don’t know what will. I remember hearing about this album at Soundset last year, and even then, I knew that this pairing was going to be something special. After hearing these two collaborate on White Van Music, it was quite evident that Freeway & Jake One needed to do more work together. I still have quite a few albums I am highly anticipating, but I can assure you that this album is going to remain in my top 10 for the year; it’s just that good. Continue reading


Album Update: Freeway & Jake One, The Stimulus Package

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Alright, so here’s the deal. If you haven’t heard about the new Freeway & Jake One album yet, you shouldn’t be listening to Hip-Hop. The Stimulus Package drops tomorrow, and I can assure you that this album is going to be nuts. I will be going to the local record store to purchase my copy right away tomorrow afternoon; you all should be doing the same. After hearing Freeway & Jake One’s chemistry on White Van Music, it only made sense for these two to collaborate on an entire project. I’ve got a whole onslaught of stuff for you guys to check out. First will be the video that showcases the spectacular packaging that Rhymesayers Entertainment is known for.  Secondly, I have three tracks off of the album for your listening pleasure, and lastly you can jump over to Amazon and listen to snippets of the entire album.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Freeway & Jake One, “Know What I Mean”

Freeway & Jake One, “She Makes Me Feel Alright”

Freeway & Jake One, “One Thing” (Feat. Raekwon)

Album Snippets (Amazon)

Tracks Spotted @ 2DopeBoyz

* The track featuring Raekwon is off the hinges.

Jake One Takes You To His “Home”

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This is the newest single off of Jake One’s Rhymesayers Entertainment masterpiece White Van Music. The track features Vitamin D, C Note, Ish & Maneak B. This track paints a pretty vivid picture of Jake’s hometown of Seattle. You also get a cameo from Sir Mix a Lot in the beginning that is one that you won’t forget (where has he been for like 15 years?).

Spotted @ Jake One’s Twitter

Video: Jake One “The Truth” feat. Freeway & Brother Ali

Posted in Video with tags , , , , on Monday, November 24, 2008 by Tim Althaus

Vodpod videos no longer available.

This is the first video that has premiered off of Jake One‘s debut album White Van Music. As I’ve previously mentioned in earlier posts White Van Music is going to be a serious contender on a lot of top 10 lists this year, and “The Truth” is one of the best tracks on this album. Freeway and Brother Ali seem like they would be polar opposites and wouldn’t mesh together on the track, this however is clearly not the case. Watch the video and go out and get in the Van, you won’t be disappointed.

Jake One: “Hurt U” (Featuring Pharoahe Monch & Kardinal Offishall)

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I was really dissapointed when I initially heard that this track was going to be an iTunes bonus. I had gotten the deluxe (2 cd edition) of White Van Music (on Rhymesayers Entertainment) and listened to the shit out of it (I loved it). I then heard that there was a track floating around with Pharoahe Monch on it and I wanted to have it. Okayplayer made a post about it yesterday and I had to have a listen. Pharoahe and Kardinal Offishall pass this track like desert, taking a huge bite whenever it’s their turn to devour the mic. If you like vicious, fast paced rhymes then you will love this track. Also notice the guitar loop Jake has going on in the background, that shit’s sick…

Jake One: “Hurt U” (Featuring Pharoahe Monch & Kardinal Offishall)