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Summerfest 2013: The Lineup Returns to Championship Form

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One of the greatest music festivals in the world recently returned as a championship contender when they released their lineup for 2013. Lately, the festival seemed to rely mainly on its prestige alone. After all, it is a festival that spans over 11 days and has more than 800 acts performing on 11 different stages. The festival is a vision of the great late mayor of Milwaukee, Henry Maier, who wanted a massively relative festival that would compare to the joyous Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany. He started the tradition that became Summerfest in 1968.

The lineup has been lacking the innovative music that the youth and many more have gravitated towards in recent years. This year after they released their headliners at the Marcus Amphitheater I had mixed feelings. So I was a little skeptical when I received the E-mail that their complete lineup was out but said, “What the hell” and clicked the link. To my astonishment, I was really impressed. One thing that stuck out in my mind was that they got some major electronic, Indie rock and alternative rock acts. All whom are currently relevant in their respected industries. This list includes Pretty Lights, Diplo, Empire of the Sun, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Yeasayer and MGMT. They did this while still including a lot of the older talent (Alice Cooper, 311, Foreigner and Billy Idol) and mixing in many more talented up and comers.

Another thing you have to appreciate about Summerfest is the variety of music that they bring to the many ears attending the festival. They have done a great job blending country, pop, blue grass, electronic, rock and even a little bit of hip hop into the lineup. A few other artists that would be worth seeing are: Capital Cities, Atmosphere, Trampled by Turtles, Robert Delong, Matt & Kim, AWOLNATION, Imagine Dragons, Taliban Kweli and Cake. If you are the least bit interested after reading this head over to for a complete listing of this year’s lineup.


Simian Mobile Disco Drop Info On New Album + Two New Tracks

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      In a year dominated by releases of heavyweights Animal Collective and Grizzly Bear, the London duo of James Ford and James Shaw are aiming to dethrone the likes of said bands and steal the show with their new album Temporary Pleasure. Simian Mobile Disco‘s debut album Attack Sustain Decay Release in 2007 was a bit lost amongst the shuffle thanks to electro monsters Justice, but anybody who took the time to listen to it found a gem of an album. The album combined deep deep bass lines with some Simian-like pop vocals and synths patterns that simply can’t be matched.

      So if Attack and SMD’s various remixes are any indication, Temporary Pleasure will surely be a fan favorite again this year and hopefully propelling them into the spotlight much like what what Cross was able to do for the aforementioned Parisian duo. But this time around they’ve thrown a little extra pizzaz into the album, enlisting tons of guest spots on the tracks. Highlights include the likes of Mind Inversion favorite Yeasayer, Alexis Taylor of Hot Chip, and Jamie Lidell. The cameo I’m most interested in hearing, simply do to the risk/reward aspect of it, is Telepathe on the closing track. The female duo (how many times am I going to use that word in this column) that make up the ghostly Telepathe were terrible live, yet terrific on record. 


       Temporary Pleasure will be released August 17th in the UK on Witchita Records, but SMD have been kind enough to release two of the tracks (unfortunately neither of which feature a guest) already via video. The videos aren’t exactly normal videos though, the tracks are set to live visual backing for each and feature tons of lighting patterns set to the bass and synth hits. Think Windows Media Player on crack. I highly recommend the HD version is you’re running a nice computer. Be excited people… Be very excited.

Temporary Pleasure:

01 Cream Dream [ft. Gruff Rhys]
02 Audacity of Huge [ft. Chris Keating] 
03 10000 Horses Can’t Be Wrong 
04 Cruel Intentions [ft. Beth Ditto] 
05 Off the Map [ft. Jamie Lidell] 
06 Synthesise 
07 Bad Blood [ft. Alexis Taylor] 
08 Turn Up The Dial [ft. Young Fathers] 
09 Ambulance 
10 Pinball [ft. Telepathe]

89.3 The Current announces Decemberists, Yeasayer, and more for Rock the Garden ’09

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On Saturday, June 20th, the grassy amphitheater lawn of the Walker Arts Center will once again become the finest concert hall in the city for one night only. In their yearly Rock the Garden Festival, MPR’s 89.3 The Current and the Walker Art Center have teamed up to put together another envious lineup of independent rock that will be anchored by a headline performance from The Decemberists, currently supporting their new album The Hazards of Love. Other performances will come from Calexico and Mind Inversion favorites Yeasayer and Solid Gold, so it’s going to be an evening of amazement from start to finish. Also, it’s an all ages event and they promise some awesome food and refreshments throughout the day, so there’s really no reason not to bring entire gang out for a night of fun.

Tickets go on sale to the general public on April 22nd, but if you’re an MPR or Walker member you can order now!

TICKETS: Click here to purchase

Keep reading for the full schedule of events… Continue reading

Concert Photo Recap: Yeasayer @ Triple Rock Social Club

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These photos are from the heavenly performance that Brooklyn’s psychedelic/experimental/exotic/gospel/folk/rock/whatever prodigies Yeasayer gave to the Triple Rock Social Club in Minneapolis on October 30th. An amazing show, to say the least! Check out the full photo album by clicking here
Yeasayer - Triple Rock Social Club - 10/30/08
Yeasayer - Triple Rock Social Club - 10/30/08
Yeasayer - Triple Rock Social Club - 10/30/08
Yeasayer - Triple Rock Social Club - 10/30/08
Yeasayer - Triple Rock Social Club - 10/30/08
Yeasayer - Triple Rock Social Club - 10/30/08
Yeasayer - Triple Rock Social Club - 10/30/08

And if you haven’t read it already, check out the review I recently did of Yeasayer’s newest album, All Hour Cymbals! More concert photos are here.

Review: Yeasayer, All Hour Cymbals

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It’s already been a year since the release of this album, but it’s still worthy of my short review here. It’s rare that a modern rock band can breakthrough into my collection so effortlessly, but with All Hour Cymbals Yeasayer did it. Yeasayer has put together an album of effortless ethereal, psychedelic experimental rock that pulls you in at every twist and turn.

“Sunrise” is a brilliant introduction to an album that is packed tightly with with airy Middle Eastern and African influenced joyous rock. At times, the chants that permeate many of the tracks on the album provide an other-worldly ritualistic quality that is hard to place; while it feels like you could use the word gospel to describe it, you don’t want to because it never feels preachy. At the same time, the calming choral vocals are well-balanced by Chris Keating’s somber straight-ahead delivery throughout the rest of the album. “2080” and “Red Cave”, for example, propel that album forward with a confident groove after dwelling in psychedelia and off-kilter rhythms on songs such as “Germs”, “No Need to Worry”, and “Wait for the Wintertime”.

All Hour Cymbals is densely layered with a variety of instrumentation both new and old that unexpectedly coalesce into a sound that is concurrently futuristic and rustic. On this album, Yeasayer has achieved a balance that beautifully flows between a variety styles and allows its listeners to fully experience each. Powered by a combination of ethereal harmonies, polyrhythmic drumming, smoky ambience, and doomy marches, All Hour Cymbals is a perfect introduction to Yeasayer. This album was a perfect complement to last winter, transitioned amazingly into summer listening, and looks like it will still stay a relevant part of my playlist through another winter. The future holds great promises for these guys.


For now though, get excited, because Yeasayer is coming through the midwest this month in support of the album! Keep reading for the dates… Continue reading