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Simian Mobile Disco Drop Info On New Album + Two New Tracks

Posted in Audio, Music News, Video with tags , , , , , , , on Wednesday, May 6, 2009 by Erik Burg

      In a year dominated by releases of heavyweights Animal Collective and Grizzly Bear, the London duo of James Ford and James Shaw are aiming to dethrone the likes of said bands and steal the show with their new album Temporary Pleasure. Simian Mobile Disco‘s debut album Attack Sustain Decay Release in 2007 was a bit lost amongst the shuffle thanks to electro monsters Justice, but anybody who took the time to listen to it found a gem of an album. The album combined deep deep bass lines with some Simian-like pop vocals and synths patterns that simply can’t be matched.

      So if Attack and SMD’s various remixes are any indication, Temporary Pleasure will surely be a fan favorite again this year and hopefully propelling them into the spotlight much like what what Cross was able to do for the aforementioned Parisian duo. But this time around they’ve thrown a little extra pizzaz into the album, enlisting tons of guest spots on the tracks. Highlights include the likes of Mind Inversion favorite Yeasayer, Alexis Taylor of Hot Chip, and Jamie Lidell. The cameo I’m most interested in hearing, simply do to the risk/reward aspect of it, is Telepathe on the closing track. The female duo (how many times am I going to use that word in this column) that make up the ghostly Telepathe were terrible live, yet terrific on record. 


       Temporary Pleasure will be released August 17th in the UK on Witchita Records, but SMD have been kind enough to release two of the tracks (unfortunately neither of which feature a guest) already via video. The videos aren’t exactly normal videos though, the tracks are set to live visual backing for each and feature tons of lighting patterns set to the bass and synth hits. Think Windows Media Player on crack. I highly recommend the HD version is you’re running a nice computer. Be excited people… Be very excited.

Temporary Pleasure:

01 Cream Dream [ft. Gruff Rhys]
02 Audacity of Huge [ft. Chris Keating] 
03 10000 Horses Can’t Be Wrong 
04 Cruel Intentions [ft. Beth Ditto] 
05 Off the Map [ft. Jamie Lidell] 
06 Synthesise 
07 Bad Blood [ft. Alexis Taylor] 
08 Turn Up The Dial [ft. Young Fathers] 
09 Ambulance 
10 Pinball [ft. Telepathe]


Some remixes and tunes for your mid-week hangover

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Enjoy St. Patrick’s day a little too much? Well, along with my buddy Tim’s top ten list and this compilation of terrific tracks, we here at the Mind Inversion are ready to help you get over this day of green colored vomit. 

Feel like this? Well brighten up with some great tunes!

Feel like this? Well brighten up with some great tunes!

Papercuts – “Future Primitive (Ruby Suns Remix)”

Grizzly Bear – “Cheerleader”

Yeah Yeah Yeahs vs. Big Tymers – “Still Fly Like A Dragon (Hood Internet Mash-up)”

Calvin Harris – “I’m Not Alone (Deadmau5 Remix)”

Peaches – “More (Produced by Simian Mobile Disco)”

and one more… just for good measure, ENJOY!

Hot Chip – “Touch Too Much (Fake Blood Remix)”

Video + New Audio: Simian Mobile Disco – “Synthesise”

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Simian Mobile Disco have stayed fairly busy since their amazing 2007 release Attack Sustain Decay Release. Though the album didn’t gain as much support as it deserved (thank Justice and Daft Punk touring for that) the boys still released plenty of single around the album, touring heavily in support, and fixed up a Fabriclive mix as well. I haven’t heard much in the way of official plans for their next release, fingers crossed that it’s this year, but a new song they’ve been playing live got the video treatment. Though the video is nothing special, seeing as it’s just the video accompiament for when they play the track live, the song is something to stick around for. “Synthesise” is more beat driven and heavy than some of their prior songs that may have relied a bit more on vocal samples. At any rate though, it’s definitely worth a listen. Enjoy!