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Timoteo’s 2012 Year In Review

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Me and Hansen

Is it really that time of year again? I have no idea where 2012 went; it seems like it was just January a few short months ago. In this seemingly short year, there has been a slew of superb releases – especially in the Hip-Hop realm. Like I’ve always said, making a year-end list is no simple task, and it’s inevitable that someone (or a lot of people) will disagree with my choices; however, opinions are unique to each individual, and we are all entitled to our own. If you feel the need to voice your opinion, leave a comment in the C-Section.

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Happy Birthday to the Greatest That Ever Did It…

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As I sit here and ponder what to write for my annual Dilla Day post, I find myself thinking about the first time I heard James Dewitt Yancey’s music: A friend had told me to check out the track “So Far To Go” off of Jay’s album, The Shining. From the second “So Far To Go” started playing, I was hit with a myriad of emotions, and I had no idea how to comprehend what was bombarding my ear drums; once the piano section kicked in right around the two minute mark, I damn near burst into tears. I would soon come to realize that I had been “technically” listening to James Yancey’s music for a long time; I just didn’t know it. Continue reading

Video: XV, “Batteries” (Feat. Trae the Truth)

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I’m still impatiently waiting for XV’s debut album The Kid With the Green Backpack because I know that it’s going to be a game changer; his latest offering Zero Heroes is one of the best mixtapes I’ve heard in the last few years. Vizzy dropped some visuals for the track “Batteries”, and it features Trae the Truth. You know why I love Vizzy’s music so much? In the first few lines he spits you get a Ninja Turtles reference, and later on he spits an Uncle Phil reference; he grew up in the 90s, and he isn’t ashamed of it. All throughout XV’s music, there are references to the 90s littered about, and it takes me back to being a kid.

Welcome To Slept On Saturdays at Mind Inversion

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Do you ever find that there’s music that you criminally slept on (see: The Only Color That Matters is Green) ? More often than not, I end up finding out about a project that I managed to neglect for some reason or another. I was looking for a weekly column that I could do, and I feel like Slept On Saturdays is the perfect idea. Every Saturday I’m going to take the opportunity to shed some light on a mixtape, album or track that I overlooked because of sheer obliviousness. After all, the saying goes, “it’s better late than never”. Continue reading

Do You Know How Good it Feels To Be Back?

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Pretty Damn…