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Video: Fucked Up and Jello Biafra perform “Blitzkrieg Bop”

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Punk legend Jello Biafra of the Dead Kennedys came out to Fucked Up’s recent San Francisco show and they invited him onstage (as I’m sure many bands do when they find out Jello is in the club in SF) to play this Ramones cover of “Blitzkrieg Bop”. Brilliant stuff!

In other news, Fucked Up just started streaming the song “Year of the Rat” from their upcoming 12″ single that will be released on What’s Your Rupture. Check it here!


Exclusive Video Bootleg: Cavalera Conspiracy live at Eurockeennes 2008 in France pro-shot footage surfaces online

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Just this week a beautifully shot, professionally edited video of Cavalera Conspiracy‘s crowd-pleasing performance on July 5, 2008 at Eurockeenes in Belfort, France surfaced online via an unnamed source. Today, we are proud to provide you all with an exclusive premiere of this awesome playlist of songs, both old and new, as it first appeared on French public television this summer. The setlist is jam-packed with some of the best songs from Sepultura’s back catalog, with nearly every album from Max and Iggor’s career together receiving some kind of attention. These songs are executed with a ferocity and precision that is definitely unmatched since 1996 – maybe I’m wrong, but I’ve never seen the Derrick Green-fronted Sepultura ever crank out an “Arise/DEC” medley that could match this. However, it seems that Max and Iggor sound even best together on the stuff they have recently written, such as with “Must Kill” near the end of the set. If you missed seeing them live together this summer, enjoy; this is Sepultura!

To view the whole show as it was broadcast on French TV this summer, click here to watch the ENTIRE BROADCASTED CONCERT! If you would like to view videos of specific songs, please keep reading and check out the entire setlist… Continue reading