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Audio Mix: MIXHELL, Mishka presents Keep Watch Vol. 5

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Iggor Cavalera  and Laima Leyton have a very busy life even when he’s not out on the road with his brother Max in the Cavalera Conspiracy. Ever since he left Sepultura in 2006, he and his wife have been working as the brilliantly creative Brazillian electro-duo MIXHELL, touring the world and gaining much praise within underground beat circles for their MPC/turntable/drum-driven beat heavy ruckus. Oh yeah, and they’ve got FIVE young children (who just so happen to operate MIXHELL’s blog – cute!). It’s a very hard task to make a serious leap from the metal community to the djing world, but with some good friendships (such as their association’s with James Murphy or Justice) and some awesome music, anything can happen. …Even while raising a family.

Last week, our favorite overseas electronic connection posted a superb mix that MIXHELL completed for Mishka‘s Keep Watch! series, and it deserves a mention here. Just listen to the opening Metallica “For Whom The Bells Tolls” Intro! How are these guys NOT playing sold out shows in big American clubs? They need to get on a good tour sometime soon, because something tells me that if American electro/dance fans got wind of MIXHELL, they’d storm the scene.

DOWNLOAD: Mishka presents: Keep Watch Vol. 5 – MIXHELL

Besides having a remix on From Monument to Masses new EP, MIXHELL are preparing their release of their remix album entitled Boomda, which will be available on March 11th through New Judas. Check out their MySpace now for a brand new megamix from the release!


Exclusive Video Bootleg: Cavalera Conspiracy live at Eurockeennes 2008 in France pro-shot footage surfaces online

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Just this week a beautifully shot, professionally edited video of Cavalera Conspiracy‘s crowd-pleasing performance on July 5, 2008 at Eurockeenes in Belfort, France surfaced online via an unnamed source. Today, we are proud to provide you all with an exclusive premiere of this awesome playlist of songs, both old and new, as it first appeared on French public television this summer. The setlist is jam-packed with some of the best songs from Sepultura’s back catalog, with nearly every album from Max and Iggor’s career together receiving some kind of attention. These songs are executed with a ferocity and precision that is definitely unmatched since 1996 – maybe I’m wrong, but I’ve never seen the Derrick Green-fronted Sepultura ever crank out an “Arise/DEC” medley that could match this. However, it seems that Max and Iggor sound even best together on the stuff they have recently written, such as with “Must Kill” near the end of the set. If you missed seeing them live together this summer, enjoy; this is Sepultura!

To view the whole show as it was broadcast on French TV this summer, click here to watch the ENTIRE BROADCASTED CONCERT! If you would like to view videos of specific songs, please keep reading and check out the entire setlist… Continue reading

Sunday Metal Video: Sepultura, “Arise (Live in Barcelona, 1991)”

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Sepultura, is releasing their next album A-Lex this week (their first without a contribution from EITHER Cavalera brother, who have now rejoined together in the band Cavalera Conspiracy). Although Sepultura 2.0 has undeniably made an exceptionally good album, Sepultura with the Cavalera brothers was untouchable. In fact, I would confidently stand behind the statement that 1989-1996 era Sepultura provided the greatest output of any metal band of all-time. Today, we take a look back at the band to their peak to celebrate this unbelievable, visionary band.. this is their classic “Arise” taken from Sepultura’s original VHS release, Under Siege.

Global Metal is amazing (and it will be in stores soon)

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After the release of his 2005 documentary Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey, anthropologist (and lifelong metalhead) Sam Dunn became a renowned figure in the international metal community. The film was a poignant and passionate portrayal of the history behind this infamously beloved genre and the working class roots that it embodies. While A Headbanger’s Journey served perfectly as both outsider’s introduction into the depths of the world of metal and an affirmation to fellow metalheads to keep headbanging, Dunn realized that there was a much bigger story to tell.

Soon after the release of A Headbanger’s Journey, Dunn and his coconspirator Scott McFayden set about filming a followup to their ultimate metal documentary. The next chapter is entitled Global Metal, and it is just as brilliant as the first.

In Global Metal, Dunn and McFayden circle the planet to tell the story of how metal has been adopted by like-minded kids in some of the unlikeliest of places. Through this documentary, we are able to see how the culture, dedication and stigma that comes with extreme music is a part of life for people all around the world – from America and Germany to  Brazil, India, China, Japan, and Iran. The most interesting aspect of the film is its documentation of the way is which metal as been molded to become a voice of the people in these third world countries. As Dunn explains, these new fans of metal aren’t just listening to metal, they’re making it something entirely their own. The cultural aspects between the places that are visited in the film are so strikingly different that one can’t help but wonder in what ways the genre can be reinvigorated by being integrated with these cultures in the future. It is a form of expression that has been subverted in many non-Western cultures, but when it is allowed to become a part of their culture it becomes a likely vehicle for social change.

But while Sepultura established Brazil as a remote mecca for metal nearly two full decades ago (and even distinguished metal as music for Brazilians to be proud of), this explicitly western form of music has only recently began to gain popularity in some of the more remote parts of the world. Although the film makes it clear that small pockets troo-metalheads exist in nearly every country, metal is a musical concept that is entirely foreign to most people in these far off destinations – and in many cases they are persecuted for listening to it. Metal has been incorrectly demonized in many of these third-world countries, and without tolerance of their form of expression it is very hard for third-world metal bands to even play their instruments. In the future, it’ll be very interesting to see if metal fans in Jerusalem, Tehran, Beijing, and Mumbai will be allowed the same freedom to bang their heads so that they can make an impact at an international level, as well. As Dunn points out, the feeling that metal provides to its listeners is universal – we all deserve the right to headbang at our own will – we are one global community.

Global Metal premiered in theatres this spring, and on November 4th it will be available for purchase on DVD. It features interviews with members of Metallica, Iron Maiden, Slayer, Sepultura, Sigh, Tang Dynasty and metalheads from every corner of the world. Check out the trailer for the film below:

Eugene Hütz and Max Cavalera plan a meeting of the minds

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Two of modern rock and metal’s most creative and ambititious frontmen, Eugene Hütz from Gogol Bordello and Max Cavalera from Soulfly/Cavalera Conspiracy/ex-Sepultura, have announced to Brazillian press that they are planning a future collaboration! In a O Globo magazine interview with Hütz, he stated “doing something as friends is easy, organizing something is much more difficult — and in any case, everyone is my friend!” when he was asked about his plans for future collaborations. He then went on to say that the Cavalera collaboration had already been discussed and is pretty much certain at this point.

Personally, this is an announcement coming from left-field, but I welcome it with my arms open as wide as they’ll stretch! It has been an extremely busy year for Cavalera – with his new Cavalera Conspiracy project with his brother Iggor having released their debut Inflikted in March and Soulfly releasing their most recent full-length Conquer only 3 months ago. With a project with Eugene Hütz to look forward to now as well, there is no reason to long for Cavalera to return to Sepultura like there might have been 5 or 10 years ago. Both Hütz and Cavalera could arguably be considered the most charasmatic and unique band leaders in their corner of music. And while Soulfly has been busy infusing their blend of groove metal and thrash with elements of world music, dub, and reggae, Gogol Bordello executed a brand of Punk rock that wears their Gypsy/East European heritage on their sleeve. When you consider that Soulfly even recorded with Gypsys in Serbia on two of their last 3 albums, it becomes clear that these guys are on the same page. This is going to be one to look forward to!

Keep reading more to check out the video for “American Wedding” from Gogol Bordello and “Sanctuary” from the Cavalera Conspiracy… Continue reading

Andreas Kisser offers free preview of his debut album

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Andreas Kisser solo debut Hubris I & II available 10/20/08

Guitarist ANDREAS KISSER has posted four new songs from his debut solo album Hubris I & II which will be available on October 20, 2008 through Mascot Records. Go to his myspace now and preview “Vivaldi”, “God’s Laugh”, “Page”, and “Eu Humano” – four classically trained blues-heavy rock and metal songs that show us a different side of Kisser than we’ve ever seen before. Although these songs are probably not representative of what to expect on the forthcoming SEPULTURA release A-Lex that is due in November, there are some awesome headbang inducing guitar heavy grooves and intense sweep-picking to whet your appetite for all of the releases featuring Andres Kisser that will be coming out this year. On Dante XXI Kisser and his Sepultura bandmates did quite well to rebound from the chaos that surrounded their band in the late-90s and early-00s, and (despite the fact that I’m not sure how the new drummer can possibly fill the shoes of the since departed Igor Cavalera) this writer is honestly fucking excited to see what is to come from the thrash legends from Brazil. Here’s to the future! For now, check out and to stay tuned for release updates.