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Sigur Rós play “Með Suð Í Eyrum” streetside in Paris

Posted in Video with tags , , , , , , on Monday, March 23, 2009 by Ryan Buege

Anyone who has seen Heima knows about the incredible, unsuspecting power of a low-key Sigur Rós acoustic session.

“For me, the equation is as follows: the band is staying at the Kube hotel, north of Paris; their equipment is at porte de la Villette; Moon and his camera are wedged at la Closerie, in the south of Paris; and, obviously, Sigur Ros are playing at Zénith this very evening. We only have a little time […] We bought a bucket at a bazaar in a side-street, and we decided not to bother pulling out the costumes. We moved some tables to set up a splendid harmonium, we took over the piano, and everything seemed ready… the only thing missing was two drummer’s brushes, which weren’t in the van. While we wait, we ask the group in vain to play a few other songs in the mean time—any song that doesn’t need the brushes. They decline.As John reminds us, they’ve never done anything like this before—they usually don’t perform acoustic. We just have to wait […] Little by little the room empties, the remaining diners drag out the final moments of their lunch, and then the drumsticks arrive. The environment is tense, but they jump in. A few notes on the harmonium, and an incredible voice that it would have been a shame to exhaust. We don’t know if the sticks were essential. But in three minutes, our patience was repaid.”

(via La Blogotheque)


Gojira schedule debut headlining tour in North America for summer

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Gojira, the peerless French progressive metal with a proactive message, has found a captive audience during the last few years in the United States. After opening some of the best attended small “big” metal package tours to cross the country (with bands such as Lamb of God, Behemoth, Job for a Cowboy, and In Flames), a young audience of fans has been turned on to the ultra-heavy, technical, groovy death metal attack of Gojira. Finally, after releasing the most ambitious and successful album of their career, these veteran Frenchmen have booked their first headlining tour of the continent. For those of us who have followed Gojira’s developing career from afar for the last decade, these full-length shows will be our first chance to see the band bring their complete, complex concert to an American audience. It’s great that the success of The Way of All Flesh has finally afforded them with this opportunity, and fans both old and new will undoubtedly be very excited for these shows.

Although, I’m not sure how well Gojira fans will respond to the chaotic hardcore stylings of The Chariot (fronted by former Norma Jean vox man Josh Scogin) or the grindcore of Car Bomb, it should be an exciting show for open-minded fans. They’ll be at Station 4 in St. Paul on May 11th, but you can keep reading for all of their tour dates…  Continue reading

Exclusive Video Bootleg: Cavalera Conspiracy live at Eurockeennes 2008 in France pro-shot footage surfaces online

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Just this week a beautifully shot, professionally edited video of Cavalera Conspiracy‘s crowd-pleasing performance on July 5, 2008 at Eurockeenes in Belfort, France surfaced online via an unnamed source. Today, we are proud to provide you all with an exclusive premiere of this awesome playlist of songs, both old and new, as it first appeared on French public television this summer. The setlist is jam-packed with some of the best songs from Sepultura’s back catalog, with nearly every album from Max and Iggor’s career together receiving some kind of attention. These songs are executed with a ferocity and precision that is definitely unmatched since 1996 – maybe I’m wrong, but I’ve never seen the Derrick Green-fronted Sepultura ever crank out an “Arise/DEC” medley that could match this. However, it seems that Max and Iggor sound even best together on the stuff they have recently written, such as with “Must Kill” near the end of the set. If you missed seeing them live together this summer, enjoy; this is Sepultura!

To view the whole show as it was broadcast on French TV this summer, click here to watch the ENTIRE BROADCASTED CONCERT! If you would like to view videos of specific songs, please keep reading and check out the entire setlist… Continue reading