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MED & J-Rocc, “The What”?

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Here is a new cut from two cats on Stones Throw’s roster. Medaphoar (AKA MED) & J-Rocc are teaming up to release a project. Thanks to 2DopeBoyz, we have the first track, “The What”, to gauge our listening. From what I’ve gathered listening to this track, it sounds like this project is going to be something to keep an eye on. I had no idea J-Rocc was such a beast on the boards.

Download: MED, “The What” (Prod. By J-Rocc)

Shouts to 2DopeBoyz on the find.


J Rocc Scratches Up Guitar Center’s King of the Blues

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This is some great video footage, and I can’t thank Crate Kings enough. J Rocc discusses the nature of Blues Music for the first couple minutes of the video and then breaks into his performance. If you haven’t ever heard J Rocc or the Beat Junkies you are pretty much dead to me, because they are nothing short of incredible. J Rocc performs with a live blues band at Guitar Center’s King of the Blues and scratches shit up like crazy. If you are a fan of turntablism or music in general you have to see this one.

Introducing… OJ Simpson, “Coroner’s Music”

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DAMN. This is a great way to come home from a hard day of work. I hit my twitter feed and saw Oh No tweeting about Madlib & Guilty Simpson (I didn’t really look what it pertained to, just clicked the link really). I quickly found out that they are going to be releasing an album under the alias OJ Simpson. Talk about a pairing of the titans people, I’ve been a huge fan of Guilty since the first time I heard him, and Madlib is a beast on the boards. This is going to be an album that people will be talking about for a long time to come. According to the Stones Throw website, the album will be comprised of 14 tracks featuring very few guests (Elzhi (fuck yeah) & Strong Arm Steady) and some select cuts by J Rocc. Based on the aforementioned information, I’m totally ready for Stones Throw to release this album. You can download the lead single “Coroner’s Music” below.

Download: OJ Simpson, “Coroner’s Music”

J Rocc’s 4th Thank You to Jay Dee

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I went over to Hip Hop Official today to get my daily does of news (as I do with all of my sources) and I stumbled across J Rocc’s latest masterpiece. Thank You Jay Dee, Act 4 is the latest installment of the podcast mixes that J Rocc has been putting out exclusively through Stones Throw. This mix sounds top tier and it doesn’t surprise me because J Rocc makes some of the best Dilla mixes out there. You will hear beats that you might have not heard, originals of samples Dilla used, and great remixes. After you get this one, make sure you go out and download the rest (Act 1, 2 & 3) as soon as you can because those are tight as hell to.


New MF Doom & Dilla track!?

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This is a track that J Rocc decided to pull out when he was Dee Jaying for a Dilla tribute. This is a new Doom track over Dilla’s “Phantom of the Synths” beat. Some of you might notice the “Phantom of the Synths” beat from Jay’s beat tape series. The Doom verse is really hard to make out, but the beat really isn’t. Lets all just hope that we get to hear more Doom x Dilla material because it sounds very promising.

Live Audio Bootleg: Jaylib, Live at the Henry Fonda Theater, 4/2/04

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Here it is folks, the first Jaylib show with Dilla and Madlib. I decided to check out Stones Throw‘s website figuring that they may have some current news about Dilla on this gracious day. It turns out that they posted the first ever Jaylib show from 2004. This set was spun by J Rocc (of the World Famous Beat Junkies Crew) and features Melo-D (also of the Beat Junkies) on commentary and a special guest appearance from Common. This show was actually for the celebration of the Madvillain release party. Make sure you check this one out, there is no way that it can dissapoint. Two of the greatest minds of their time on one stage, shut shit down.

Download: Jaylib, Live @ The Henry Fonda Theater 4/2/04

Spotted at Stones Throw

Madlib & Cut Chemist to Headline “Timeless” Concert Series

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It turns out that two of the most consistently innovative producers in Hip-Hop will be headlining the same show together. The “Timeless” Concert Series is a four part series, that will be going down February 1st and every third Sunday after that. There is a different DJ headlining each night, the first one is Cut Chemist alongside a 15-piece orchestra, the second show (a tribute to Dilla) will be DJ Houseshoes along with a 36-piece orchestra (of L.A., formerly Detroit), the third will be Madlib with a 30-piece orchestra and the last DJ will be J Rocc along side David Axelrod and a 26-piece orchestra. To be honest this concert series sounds like it is going to be something that is beyond words to explain. I am almost to the point of weeping because I don’t live in California.

Spotted at HipHopDX

Madlib & J Rocc’s Homage to J Dilla to drop February 10th

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beat-konducta-5-6When I heard about this project I was overly enthused about it. J Dilla is easily my favorite producer of all time, and Madlib definitely ranks at the top of the list as well. Jaylib is probably my favorite collaboration of all time, so when I heard that Madlib and J Rocc were going to be doing a tribute Beat Konducta series for Dilla I was overcome with joy. This Beat Konducta volume is 42 tracks long and pays respect to the greatest mind and producer of the modern era. Dilla was “your favorite producer’s favorite producer”, and this is a dedication that you cannot miss. I can tell you right now that I will be going to the store to grab this immediately on February 10th, if you are a fan of beat tapes I can tell you that you honestly should be to. You can be sure that I will have a review of this album up once I have a copy and have had a good listen.