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P.O.S. is “Purexed”

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Here is the fourth video off of Stef’s new album Never Better. It’s for his track “Purexed”, and yet again I absolutely love the cinematography in this video. All of the videos that P.O.S. has been putting out have been very impressive. Make sure you check this video out, super dope shit and thanks to Shake on the look for this one.


P.O.S.: “Goodbye” (Video)

P.O.S.: “Optimist” (Video)

P.O.S.: “Drumroll (We’re All Thirsty)” (Video)


P.O.S. Says “Goodbye”

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Here’s the latest video off of Stef’s most recent album Never Better. “Goodbye” is one of my favorite tracks on the album, and this video is very good just like the last two have been. I can’t wait to see what other 3 tracks are that he makes videos for, as he said that he was going to shoot six videos for the album. If you are still sleeping on Never Better, there is no hope left for you.

P.O.S. performs “Savion Glover” for Yours Truly

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I posted the first part of this video series earlier when Stef had performed the track “Goodbye” off of his new album Never Better. This second part here, has him performing the track “Savion Glover” with Plain Ole Bill and Mike Mictlan. Yet another great video from P.O.S. as he talks briefly in the beginning about the situation that he had when he was growing up as a kid. He tranisitions into the track real smooth with Mictlan as his hype man for the track.

Editor’s Note: Does anyone know where the hell I can get that hat that Mictlan is wearing?

P.O.S. covers Pearl Jam, “Why Go”

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This video is just another testament to how talented Stef really is. This video shows him covering the Pearl Jam tune “Why Go”, and may I mind you it’s very impressive. I love how he has the MPC right next to his keyboard and he tears the shit out of both of them during the duration of the track. Make sure you go out and get Never Better now because that album is truly some great material.

Yours Truly interviews P.O.S. and hosts “Goodbye” performance

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This is a video of P.O.S. performing the song “Goodbye” off of his new album Never Better. “Goodbye” is one of my favorite songs off of the new album, and this performance of the song looks like it’s in a pretty intimate setting. As you can see in the background Plain Ole’ Bill is the DJ on the wheels of steel who cuts it up real nice. Make sure you pay attention to the beginning of the performance as Stef gives you a little bit of insight as to who he is.

P.O.S. is an “Optimist”

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This is the video for the new single off of P.O.S.‘s new record Never Better. The track is called “Optimist” and I love the concept for the video. The artwork and editing in this video are nothing short of exceptional. All of this compounds on the fact that this track is absolutely killer. If you haven’t yet, make sure you do, go out and get P.O.S.’s new album Never Better, which is an exceptional masterpiece.

Video: P.O.S. Interview with Mr. Peter Parker

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P.O.S. dropped his latest album Never Better (which was released on Rhymesayers Entertainment) this last Tuesday and this is an interview with Mr. Peter Parker. Stef talks about what his live show is going to be comprised of on this tour as well as what made him start rhyming. Stef is going to be a name that you are probably going to see a lot of this year. Check out this nice 8 minute interview. Make sure you go out and get Never Better, you are sure to love it.

Audio: P.O.S. performs in the Current Studio

Posted in Audio with tags , , on Wednesday, February 4, 2009 by Ryan Buege

Some of you may have missed it yesterday, but while I was at work I was listening to my man Stef give an excellent live studio performance of some songs from “Never Better” on 89.3.  He and the incredibly likable Mark Wheat had a hilarious conversation, and luckily it’s already available for listening online! Well worth your time – listen below!

LISTEN: P.O.S. in studio at the Current Studio (02/03/2009)

Don’t forget, P.O.S. released his latest album Never Better yesterday! Go pick it up and pass it around!

Review: P.O.S., Never Better 

Posted in Music Reviews with tags , , , , , , , , on Monday, February 2, 2009 by Tim Althaus

pos-never-better-cd-cover-album-art I really don’t want to sell this album short because, this album is one more nail in the coffin as a testament to Rhymesayers Entertainment‘s complete solidity in independent Hip-Hop. I first heard about P.O.S. when Audition dropped in 2006, and I listened to the album and immediately fell in love with it. It was the perfect blend of Hip-Hop and punk attitude. I knew that this album was going to be special but I had no idea what to think.

I read an interview over at Culture Bully and the guy said that this album almost had the same fitting comparison as El-P’s masterpiece,  I’ll Sleep When You’re Dead. I honestly had the exact same thought in my mind because this album has different soundscapes all over the album but it shows major cohesiveness even while being so diverse with sound.

The opening track is called “Let It Rattle” and it starts off with Stef saying “Sorry I took so long”. I didn’t know the whole story about his album getting stolen at a show until I watched the interview with Kiwibox. P.O.S. rolls right in with an acapella first verse with no real beat in the background and political jabs and uppercuts. When the beat kicks in it’s a barrage of hard hitting drums and anger.  This might be one of the most politically driven albums you will hear the whole year, and it is pouring with Stef’s heart and soul. “Savion Glover” is one of those tracks that I could easily see playing at a party with a bunch of kids dancing infectiously to. It has some great cuts that had me smiling within the first five seconds of hearing the track. The track “Goodbye” could very well be the highlight of the album next to “Low Light Low Life”. “Goodbye” (produced by Lazer Beak) has an incredible beat with a great vocal sample, loud ear assaulting horns and Stef’s usual blood, sweat and tears pouring out onto the track like his life depended on it. Like I said before “Low Light Low Life” in opinion is probably the highlight of Never Better which features Sims & Dessa (of the Doomtree crew) on a great beat by Paper Tiger.

This is a fantastic album that is a great benchmark in the quality of music that P.O.S. and Rhymesayers are putting out. I hate to say things so early in the year, but this album will probably be one of my favorites this year. It’s great to see such great quality music coming out early in the year. It makes me proud to be from Minnesnota. It also lets me know that we can look forward to great things from P.O.S. and RSE this year.


Video: P.O.S. Interview w/ Kiwibox

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I never knew that Stef had his first mastercopy of his new album stolen. In this video he talks about the issue of his album being stolen and how political the new album is.

On a seperate note you should definitely think about going out and getting P.O.S.’s new album Never Better out on Rhymesayers Entertainment February 3rd. It should be a great follow up to 2006’s Audition.