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Disembodied concert photos via Degross Punk Photography

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(Disembodied @ Triple Rock)

I just stumbled upon the page of Degross Punk Photography, a supreme quality photographer based in my own Minneapolis who seems to share a taste for some of the most revered and respectable names in hardcore and punk; I thought it was important to pass along my new knowledge to everyone else, hence this post. Recently, Degross shot at shows for HR (solo show from frontman of Bad Brains) and Destruction/Krisiun at Station 4 (that I also attended), as well as local sets from Agonstic Front, Have Heart, Suicidal Tendencies, The Bronx, Trash Talk, and the brilliant show that a rejuvenated Disembodied put on at the Triple Rock Social Club on Cedar a couple weeks ago. Click the link to go to his blog, and book mark his RSS or something. I’m certain his page will be updated quite frequently as the spring/summer heats up with the future ENR showcases and all other types of madness. Stay tuned!

Concert Recap & Video: Dredg, Torche, From Monument To Masses @ the Varsity Theater

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Every so often, the entertainment opportunities in this city really put you into some tough spots, and the choices I had to make last Friday (April 10, 2009) were some of the hardest I’ve had to make in a while. Throughout the week I wrestled between going to one of several shows on 4/10, and in the end I decided to attend  the return to the Twin Cities for the progressive rockers in Dredg at the Varsity Theater in Dinkytown featuring highly acclaimed support from the likes of Torche and From Monument to Masses (forgoing the Acid Mother’s Temple set at 7th St. Entry as well as several other local shows that would have definitely been worthy of attendance). Luckily, the open-minded acts playing at the Varsity weren’t short to impress.

I hadn’t seen Dredg in nearly 4 years before their performance on Friday (since Rockstar Mayhem), and despite spending nearly a year off the road, the Dredg live at the Varsity Theaterband was on point that night and ready to impress their ecelectic audience. With everyone from heavily bearded metalheads to formally dressed females in attendance, Dredg had to know that their opening acts and their dynamic catalog would be sure to attract a such a undefinable mix of people – which probably is why the band chose to spend fair amounts of time playing songs from all of their albums, including several songs from their forthcoming album The Pariah, The Parrot, The Delusion. Songs from the recent Catch Without Arms and El Cielo were sounding more impassioned and intimate this time around, and against the back drop of the Varsity their performance was even grander. Even Leitmotif got acknowledged with a performance of “Yatahaze” (video below) that ended with the band proclaiming, “whoa that felt good! We need to do that more often.” Throughout their performance, the entire crowd often sang above the band, and as anyone there would likely agree, we all agreed it was an amazing return.

Honestly, Torche was the band that I came to see, and even as a trio they’re still as massive as you might imagine. The band’s melodic stoner metal was perhaps a little heavier than most fans at the show had expected, but for those in attendance who knew what was up, the show was incredibly intense. Mostly playing songs from their recent instant-classic Meanderthal, the band charged through an energetic set of free-spirited doom rock that theatrically transitioned between mammoth sludge, doom-pop, noise rock, and good old fashioned heavy metal jams. By the time the band left the stage, their set surely won over more than a few people.

From Monument to Masses opened the show, supporting their recent On Little Known Frequencies album. Like Torche, FMTM is a trio that sounds much larger than you’d expect; the post-rock they play is a swirling, entrancing, heavy style of psych-rock that is layered with samples, effects, and multiple instruments by all three members as they push the unrelenting crescendos further and further.  More like GY!BE than EITS, From Monument to Masses introduced the night with a beautiful, authentic, organic presentation that had all fans of the guitar quietly attentive.

To cap off the coverage of the show, we are lucky enough to present you with a whole mess of media we captured that night. We’ve got over 40 photos, video from Dredg (“Yatahaze”, “Same Ol’ Road”, and “Bug Eyes”) and Torche, so there’s no reason to stop reading now! Sit back, relax, and enjoy the rest of our recap of the stellar Friday night show at the Varsity…

VIDEO: Dredg, “Yatahaze”, (live at the Varsity Theater in Minneapolis, MN 4/10/09)

Dredg live at the Varsity Theater(Dredg)

Dredg live at the Varsity Theater(Dredg)

Dredg live at the Varsity Theater(Dredg)

Dredg live at the Varsity Theater(Dredg)

Dredg live at the Varsity Theater(Dredg)

VIDEO: Torche, (live at the Varsity Theater in Minneapolis, MN 4/10/09)

Torche live at the Varsity Theater(Torche)

Torche live at the Varsity Theater(Torche)

Torche live at the Varsity Theater(Torche)

Torche live at the Varsity Theater(Torche)

From Monument to Masses live at the Varsity Theater(From Monument to Masses)

From Monument to Masses live at the Varsity Theater(From Monument to Masses)

From Monument to Masses live at the Varsity Theater(From Monument to Masses)

VIDEO: Dredg, “Same Ol’ Road” (live at the Varsity Theater in Minneapolis, MN 4/10/09)

Like always, keep reading because we’ve got many more awesome photos from this show after the jump (and even another video from Dredg’s set for their song “Bug Eyes”!). Just click the link… Continue reading

Concert Recap & Video: Fucked Up, Bring That Shit, The Nina! The Pinta!, Totally Harsh @ the Triple Rock Social Club

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Fucked Up live @ the Triple Rock Social Club

Fucked Up played the Triple Rock Social Club on Wednesday, April 8, with local hardcore punks in Bring That Shit, post-hardcore band The Nina! The Pinta!, and crossover punks Totally Harsh supporting, and the show was nothing short of spectacular. Throughout their set, Canadian progressive hardcore punks in Fucked Up played with an untouchable fire, fueling the highly supportive crowd through one of most exciting and satisfying hardcore shows in recent memory. Truly, the refreshing nature of the set I saw on Wednesday night is hard to put into words; the band’s charismatic frontman Pink Eyes is a larger than life personality that had fans on the tip of their toes throughout their performance with his unpredictable antics, hilarious banter, and infectious enthusiasm while the three-guitar wall of hardcore noise provided the perfect soundtrack for the flying bodies and spontaneous mosh pits on the floor of the Triple Rock. While I had personally believed that the hardcore scene I once knew was dead and gone (and even though Fucked Up plays a much more adventurous style of hardcore than I’m used to), their performance proved that the passion for this kind of punk rock is still strong in the city of Minneapolis. Right now, I’d rank this as the best show I’ve seen this year, and it will be a hard one to top.

VIDEO: Fucked Up live @ Triple Rock Social Club on 4/8/09

**apologies for the long intro, but my iBook is horrible for editing and encoding videos and I wanted to get this post up before the weekend. Oh well; “Black Albino Bones” starts around 1:45**

Fucked Up live @ the Triple Rock Social Club(Fucked Up)

Fucked Up live @ the Triple Rock Social Club(Fucked Up)

Fucked Up live @ the Triple Rock Social Club(Fucked Up)

Fucked Up live @ the Triple Rock Social Club(Fucked Up)

Fucked Up live @ the Triple Rock Social Club(Fucked Up)

Fucked Up live @ the Triple Rock Social Club(Fucked Up)

Fucked Up live @ the Triple Rock Social Club(Fucked Up)

Fucked Up live @ the Triple Rock Social Club(Fucked Up)

Bring That Shit live @ the Triple Rock Social Club(Bring That Shit)

Bring That Shit live @ the Triple Rock Social Club(Bring That Shit)

The Nina! The Pinta! live @ the Triple Rock Social Club(The Nina! The Pinta!)

Totally Harsh live @ the Triple Rock Social Club(Totally Harsh)

Continue reading; I’ve got even more Fucked Up photos (and a video coming soon), after the jump! Continue reading

Concert Review: Friendly Fires, White Lies, The Soft Pack @ Triple Rock Social Club

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friendly-fires-boardOn what turned out to be another snowy April evening, Friendly Fires took stage at the Triple Rock Social club here in downtown Minneapolis to a crowd eager with anticipation all night. As I stood around before the show all anybody talked about was how excited they were to see these guys in such an intimate setting. And rightfully so, as their sound is so tight live and their performance so fun and laid back.

But before the fun really began, The Soft Pack began with their California post-punk music. These guys had their act together, and for me were a nice surprise. The Soft Pack were a fun band, their sound was spot on for the type of music they played, a bit jumbled at times but the whole scope of the show and their sound was always evident. To me a nice surprise, and a sound I don’t usually get into, but hey, I loved it.

Whites Lies. It’d be a white lie if I said I enjoyed their show at all. Sorry guys, but they were just plain boring. I can understand why their new record is getting great reviews, seeing as their sound is pretty easy to just nod your head to but their live act was just plain bland. The whole band seemed way too into themselves and the black and white lighting thing just added to the cheesiness. I tried to like it, I really did, but fervently I stood with my arms crossed front row.

After the atrocity that was White Lies, the headliner for the night saved what was looking to be a dismal evening. And save they did. Blasting off from their first track, Friendly Fires were just as amazing live as everyone around me had been talking about. Possessing a great studio-like sound live, songs like “Paris” and “On Board” captivated the bouncy crowd and got nearly everyone there to sing along (and to that really pissy couple standing next to me, if you’re reading this: lighten up and dance will ya?). So aside from the few stiff legs, the show was stellar, and the lead singers interaction with the crowd was some good fun. So check the pictures below of all the bands, and I managed to get some video again too. Enjoy!

Video: Friendly Fires – “On Board”

freidnly-fires-singer-yellow(Friendly Fires)


(Friendly Fires)

friendly-fires-singer-flash(Friendly Fires)

friendly-fires-guitarest-boards(Friendly Fires)

friendly-fires-singer-red(Friendly Fires)

white-lies-singer(White Lies)

white-lies-guitar(White Lies)

soft-pack-drummer(The Soft Pack)

soft-pack-guitar(The Soft Pack)

Concert Review: Junior Boys, Max Tundra, & Lookbook @ First Avenue

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Though the show may have been over-shadowed by the apparent pop culture phenomenon Britney Spears playing next door at the Target Center, the electro-pop world right across the street at First Avenue made up for what it was lacking in pre-teen girls in mini-skirts with awesome jams and a crowd ripe with energy. 

Duo Lookbook took the stage first, starting the evening with a wide variety of electronically infused pop and slightly slower tracks. Their faster songs got tons of people in gear for the rest of the night, but they cruised through a set so fast I swear some of their song were literally :45 seconds long. At any rate though, it was a good start, and they certainly played to the theme of the evening very well. 

Then came Max Tundra, the obvious pick to steal the show for the night. Did he live up to the surrounding hype? I’d say so. Withmax-tundra-guitarhis overly boyish dance moves, insanely paced tracking, and random plethora of instruments, Max Tundra was just as much the headliner of Friday night as Junior Boys were. Opening with the fresh “Which Song” which I had mentioned a few days back, Tundra got the floor grooving and laughing, the perfect opening act. 

By the time Junior Boys were ready to take the stage the crowd was overly-anxious, and thanks to a minor audio problem during their first song, we all had to wait a little bit longer. It was all worth the wait of course, as Junior Boys took to the stage for a second time, playing fan favorites and a few tracks off their upcoming album. Jeremy Greenspan, lead singer of the Boys, has to be the most lovable and affable lead man I’ve ever seen in concert. All I wanted to do was run up and give him a big hug, but that’s not the point, was is is Junior Boys absolutely killed it. Sorry if you missed it everyone, but don’t fret, I got some photos for you (even a Max Tundra video too!)

junior-boys-drummer2(Junior Boys)

junior-boys-guitar(Junior Boys)

junior-boys-blue-synths(Junior Boys)

max-tundra-vest(Max Tundra)

max-tundra-red(Max Tundra)

max-tundra-keyboard1(Max Tundra)

max-tundra-book(Max Tundra)



Check out this awesome video I shot of Max Tundra as well, it was simply an awesome time Friday night, and hopefully this will take you right there if you had to miss it:

Concert Recap: Blitzen Trapper, Alela Diane @ First Avenue

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On an unbearably cold Minnesota night, Blitzen Trapper and Alela Diane warmed the hearts of a near sold out First Avenue Main Room. “I don’t think I’ve ever been anywhere this cold before” Alela Diane said in between one of her songs. The opening act was a nice surprise actually, though at many times overly folk to the point where I would have considered it Country. The singer’s voice was absolutely amazing and soared throughout the venue, exciting the all ages crew on Wednesday. They covered Fleetwood Mac beautifully, what else can a guy ask for really?

Check ‘Em Out: Blitzen Trapper – “Furr” Alela Diane – “White As Diamonds”

Blitzen Trapper delivered an amazing show as well, playing tunes new and old, and even a cover of what the lead singer called “his grandmother’s favorite song.” I was a bit surprised at how excited the crowd got at different points in the set, maybe it was the booze, maybe the anger being taken out at the weather, maybe the actual song, who knows. I digress, “Furr” was far and away the highlight of the night, with it’s harmonica and acoustic wonderment, Blitzen Trapper impressed me beyond what I expected. The lead singer’s work on the acoustic guitar was jaw-dropping at points, and the drummer’s little quips in between songs was a nice treat, at one point even joking that “you should probably cut my mic.” The evening was all-in-all delightful, met some new friends, enjoyed great music, and stayed warm. Can’t beat that. Enjoy some photos below and more HERE

Alela Diane


Blitzen Trapper







Mind Inversion Exclusive Q & A with Tapes ‘n Tapes

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Between touring and recording, Tapes ‘n Tapes have been going seemingly non-stop for quite some time. Recent activity has included releasing their sophomore album Walk It Off to huge commercial success in 2008 and playing a string of international and homeland dates soon after, as well. The hard work is paying off though, with the band playing to sold out crowds across the nation on their current tour. Before they stepped onto the stage at First Avenue in Minneapolis Friday night they guys took some time out of their schedule to answer a few questions for Mind Inversion.


Mind InversionSo the tour is in full swing and you guys are currently on the west coast before heading back to the midwest, how has everything been going? Crowds been good? Venues interesting? Weather?!

Tapes ‘N Tapes: Everything’s been going great!  Compared to previous tours, there has been way less physical and mental abuse. But seriously, we’ve been having a great time. The crowds have wonderful, and we’ve been in exploring some new cities on this tour.  It’s always nice to play in new places, and we’ve got a bunch more coming up. The weather has been a welcome break from the subzero temps in Minnesota.  It was sunny and 58 in Boulder on the 3rd day of tour. It kind of blew my mind after it had been 17 below the morning we left for tour.

MIHeading back to the midwest, and specifically to Minneapolis, is there a different approach you guys have going into these hometown shows? Any different expectations?

TNT: I don’t have any different approach to playing in Minneapolis. I am excited to finally be playing in town during the middle of a tour. It seems like we always play either at the beginning of tour or while we’re not touring.  Either way, we always have a lot of fun playing at home in front of our friends, family, and the hometown crowd.  I don’t think I have different expectations for a Minneapolis show than any other show. I think every night we expect to have a great time playing together. It’s sounds cheesy, I know, but it’s the truth.

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