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Concert Photo Recap: Cocaine @ the 400 Bar

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Cocaine live @ 400 Bar

On Saturday, Minneapolis’s hardest rocking, hardest partying, and (perhaps) hardest working band Cocaine continued their streak of high energy local live performances (while they spend their off-time working on the band’s new album) with a tight show that quickly won over a crowd who never ceased to cheer them on throughout the night. Photos from the band’s set continue after the jump… Continue reading


Earth Crisis concert photos at Station 4 via Degross Punk Photography

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This is the second time I’ve posted about a local punk and hardcore show that was captured by Degross Punk Photography, and there’s something about the vividness of Degross’s photographs that I don’t think I’ll ever get over.

Head over to his blog to view his entire set from the recent Earth Crisis headlined gig with Walls of Jericho, Reign Supreme, Unholy, and Blood Stands Still at Station 4 in St. Paul.

Concert Photo & Video Recap: Gojira, The Chariot, Car Bomb @ Station 4

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Gojira live at Station 4

Normally I would write a review for every show that I attend, but this week I’m just too jam-packed with finals and post-final celebrations to get my head right and properly give praise to the un-fucking-believable Gojira show (w/ The Chariot and Car Bomb) that I saw on Monday. However, for any doubters, I just want to set one thing straight – Gojira fucking rules. Period.

The band is on fire, playing a first-ever headlining tour in North America that finally brings their entire exceptional back catalog to virgin ears in the U.S., and they couldn’t have been playing in finer form then they were this week. If you have been waiting to see Gojira, now’s the time.

Enjoy the photos and videos that I captured throughout the night! I’m seriously surprised I thought to capture anything worthwhile – I’m not gonna lie; I was enthusiastically going apeshit like my 14 year old self at my first Spineshank show the whole time..

VIDEO: Gojira, “Flying Whales (excerpt)” (live at Station 4, 05/11/09)

Gojira live at Station 4(Gojira)

Gojira live at Station 4(Gojira)

Gojira live at Station 4(Gojira)

Gojira live at Station 4(Gojira)

Gojira live at Station 4(Gojira)

Gojira live at Station 4(Gojira)

Gojira live at Station 4(Gojira)

VIDEO: The Chariot, live at Station 4, 05/11/09

Gojira live at Station 4(The Chariot)

The Chariot live at Station 4(The Chariot)

Car Bomb live at Station 4(Car Bomb)

Like usual, I highly recommend that our main page readers click the “read more” link to view the rest of the media from the show. I’ve posted many more photos and a video of “The Art of Dying” that I think captures the power of the night pretty well.  Enjoy!  Continue reading

Concert Review: Andrew Bird and Haley Bonar @ the State Theater

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By the end of Andrew Bird‘s show Saturday night (April 11, 2009) at the State Theater in downtown Minneapolis you could have heard a pin drop. It wasn’t as though nobody was cheering because it was bad, for anybody who’s seen an Andrew Bird show before knows how amazing he is live. It was his double encore featuring the mesmerizing “Weather Systems” that put the crowd in a state of comatose as the man went to work with his violin and beautiful voice. 

But as any good night begins, the opening act has to deliver as well. Haley Bonar, the Minneapolis native, took charge of the audience from her first track, commanding the crowd with her easy voice and shoe stomping music. I had written a little bit about a one Alela Diane a little while back, and Ms. Bonar reminded me exactly of her. And in a good way too, the way that the musician’s talent and enjoyable music can overcome the fact that their genre of music isn’t something I usually listen to. She played a great set, slow and fast paced songs, timely lyrics and a fun laid back attitude all combined to make her a welcome surprise.

andrew-bird-left-chestIt wasn’t just the fact that Andrew Bird’s encore seemed endless, it was everything leading up to that which was perfection as well. The way the man is able to create music, and piece together different violin lines or whistling sequences is astounding. Most of this has all been said before, it seems to be common knowledge that Bird is amazing live, but to finally see it in person I feel like I have to rave about it. How crystal clear he is able to keep his sound and the way his voice commands so much energy throughout the entire set also surprised me. Though he changed the tempo of delivery on a few lyrics, the way his voice actually sounds is just as beautiful as it is on record. He had a great rapport with the crowd, joking intermittently between nearly every track, somethings that few artists are able to capture. Of course I could gripe about what songs he did or didn’t play (just to note, I would have loved to have heard more Bowl of Fire and Armchair Apocrypha tracks) but I won’t get into that too much. I feel truly grateful and honored just to see him perform, Andrew Bird has a great gift and to be able to share that amount of time with him is a great feeling. The show was a spectacle of all that is concert going: perfect weather, an above awesome venue, an anxious and diverse crowd, an opening act that is surprisingly awesome, and most of all a great set from the big performer. Oh, and did I mention the encores too? I thought so. 

Check out some great videos,  one of “Imitosis” and the other of “Fake Palindromes”,  & awesome pictures of each act below. Sorry if you had to miss it, but enjoy these nice keepsakes!

Video: Andrew Bird – “Fake Palindromes”

Video: Andrew Bird – “Imitosis”

Haley Bonar

andrew-bird-right-guitar(Andrew Bird)

andrew-bird-straight-wave(Andrew Bird)

andrew-bird-left-wide(Andrew Bird)

andrew-bird-left-guitar(Andrew Bird)

andrew-bird-straight-wide(Andrew Bird)

andrew-bird-face(Andrew Bird)

andrew-bird-face-whistle(Andrew Bird)

andrew-bird-crowd(Andrew Bird)

haley-bonar(Haley Bonar

haley-bonar-tambourine(Haley Bonar)

Continue reading after the jump for more photos and a complete set list from the show… Continue reading

Concert Review & Video: Wavves and Vampire Hands @ 7th Street Entry

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My third concert in as many nights (Friday: Junior Boys, Saturday: Friendly Fires) came down to two bands that I either knew little about, in the case of Vampire Hands, or was slightly pessimistic about after hearing their album, see Wavves. I knew the concert had great potential though, critics have raved about Wavves on and off the record and countless number of acquaintances have told me how great Vampire Hands are live. So hope were yet again high.

After a ridiculous two and a half hour wait for local favorites Vampire Hands to come on, the triumphant and overly (if there is suchwavves-cassette-cover a thing) drunk band played an awesome set of some of their best tracks. “I’m going to jail Mom! Just kidding, my parents are out there tonight” the keyboard/drum/vocal extraordinaire pronounced before the first song. The charismatic front man also had a bit of a malfunction half way through the set, with the legs to his drums falling off, boldly claiming after the song was over that “fuck it, I don’t need them.” A big thanks to everyone who suggested these guys, as their music an antics lived up to any and all hype.

And speaking of hype, has anyone been more highly touted this year than Nathan Williams, otherwise known as Wavves. I’ve been hard pressed to really get into either of his two albums, but his newest effort Wavvves had been growing on me. The San Diego native, and owner of this year’s award for best hair started the set with the awesome “Beach Demon.” One of his more upbeat tracks, the song sprung the crowd off the ground and into the air as Nathan and his buddy on drums rolled through some of the best California garage pop has to offer. He had to tease though, “So we’re gonna play a song that we have never played live” Williams says, only to turn around to find the drummer shaking his head in disapproval. So it never happened, but hey, everything they played I loved. Everything this night promised, delivered. If this guy is playing any festivals this summer or a date in your area be sure to check it out. Enjoy the video and photos as much as I enjoyed the show!

Video: Wavves – “Weed Demon”








vampire-hands-vocals1(Vampire Hands)

vampire-hands-keyboard(Vampire Hands)

vampire-hands-bass(Vampire Hands)

vampire-hands-bass-red(Vampire Hands)

Concert Recap: Blitzen Trapper, Alela Diane @ First Avenue

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On an unbearably cold Minnesota night, Blitzen Trapper and Alela Diane warmed the hearts of a near sold out First Avenue Main Room. “I don’t think I’ve ever been anywhere this cold before” Alela Diane said in between one of her songs. The opening act was a nice surprise actually, though at many times overly folk to the point where I would have considered it Country. The singer’s voice was absolutely amazing and soared throughout the venue, exciting the all ages crew on Wednesday. They covered Fleetwood Mac beautifully, what else can a guy ask for really?

Check ‘Em Out: Blitzen Trapper – “Furr” Alela Diane – “White As Diamonds”

Blitzen Trapper delivered an amazing show as well, playing tunes new and old, and even a cover of what the lead singer called “his grandmother’s favorite song.” I was a bit surprised at how excited the crowd got at different points in the set, maybe it was the booze, maybe the anger being taken out at the weather, maybe the actual song, who knows. I digress, “Furr” was far and away the highlight of the night, with it’s harmonica and acoustic wonderment, Blitzen Trapper impressed me beyond what I expected. The lead singer’s work on the acoustic guitar was jaw-dropping at points, and the drummer’s little quips in between songs was a nice treat, at one point even joking that “you should probably cut my mic.” The evening was all-in-all delightful, met some new friends, enjoyed great music, and stayed warm. Can’t beat that. Enjoy some photos below and more HERE

Alela Diane


Blitzen Trapper







Concert Review: Tapes ‘n Tapes, Solid Gold, and Wild Light @ First Avenue

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Tapes ‘n Tapes played to a sold out hometown crowd Friday night at First Avenue, delighting the fans with songs old, new, and newer. The opening act for the night, Solid Gold stole the show once again, re-affirming my notion that these guys are the next huge group to come out of the Minneapolis area. There was as much energy from the crowd for Solid Gold as there was for anybody else Friday. Wild Light left plenty do be desired; however, doing their best Bruce Springsteen impressions. You kind of had to be there to know what I mean. But I digress, the entire night was a terrific experience from the DJs to the last encore. Tapes ‘n Tapes played one new track which was a big slower than many of the jams they played throughout the rest of the set, but in album I’m sure it’s going to sound great. The crowd was into it, the bands were into it, not much for to add. Sorry if you missed out, but I’ve got a slew of pictures to take you there anyway, or to just re live the memories. Enjoy! MORE HERE

Tapes ‘N Tapes
Solid Gold
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