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Toki Wright releases Rhymesayers debut today; Fifth Element in-store at 6pm

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If you don’t know, now you know. Thanks to Toki’s laid back flow and impeccable consistency, he’s ballin’ even bigger than ever.

This has been a long time coming; after what seems like ages spent toiling in liquor-soaked clubs and paying his dues in the Twin Cities, my man Toki Wright has been hooked up with a nationwide distribution deal via the hometown hip-hop heroes at Rhymesayers Entertainment. It’s been a long climb out of the depths of the underground, but now Toki Wright jams are literally available via every major retailer in the U.S.! If you’re local, get down to Fifth Element now to support the release of A Different Mirror; the release party starts at 6pm.

DOWNLOAD MP3: Toki Wright, “Next Best Thing” (from A Different Mirror, available now)

Follow the jump to hear Philadelpia Freeway and Myka 9 give the album their props… Continue reading


Brother Ali brings the truth to Paid Dues 2009

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I spotted this one over at Okayplayer today, and was quite pleased. This is a video of Brother Ali performing a few of his tracks at this year’s Paid Dues festival (“Bitchslap”, “Room With A View” & “Take Me Home”). As I’ve said before, Brother Ali puts on a damn good show and this video definitely proves it. I just wish that I could have been there to see not only Brother Ali, but the rest of the artists that represented for Hip-Hop at Paid Dues this year. For all of you that got to go to this, I am truly jealous. At the same time I am very happy for you, because you saw some great stuff.

Make sure you go out and grab Brother Ali’s newest effort The Truth is Here EP. The EP is good on so many levels and if you keep passing it over you will end up regretting it in the end.

Soundset ’09

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Soundset '09

On Sunday, May 24, 2009, Rhymesayers Entertainment and Rose Presents brings you the second annual Soundset: the official Midwest kick-off festival of the summer with over eight hours of the best independent Hip Hop music in one day. It all goes down at Canterbury Park in Shakopee, MN (rain or shine).
This is the first round of artists we are announcing, this IS NOT the final lineup.

What fun would it be to tell you everything right away?

Confirmed to perform on the Soundset main stage are:
Atmosphere, MF Doom, Brother Ali, Sage Francis with B. Dolan, Immortal Technique, P.O.S, El P featuring Mr.
Dibbs, Eyedea & Abilities, Abstract Rude and I Self Devine

Ticket information is already available, and the festival is only two months away. It’s all after the jump… Continue reading

P.O.S. is an “Optimist”

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This is the video for the new single off of P.O.S.‘s new record Never Better. The track is called “Optimist” and I love the concept for the video. The artwork and editing in this video are nothing short of exceptional. All of this compounds on the fact that this track is absolutely killer. If you haven’t yet, make sure you do, go out and get P.O.S.’s new album Never Better, which is an exceptional masterpiece.

Album Review: Knonam, EP + Download

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knonam-loudcomepcover250 I don’t think I talk enough about how happy Minneapolis Hip-Hop makes me. For the last 15 years there has been Hip-Hop pouring out of the great city of Minneapolis from the Rhymesayers team. Ever since I was in 10th grade I’ve had the great pleasure of finding out about it all, or so I thought. A lot of people don’t know that there are still a lot of other great emcees in the Twin Cities, and Knonam (pronounced No Name) is a great testament to my previous statement. I found this gem on the internet a little while ago, to be honest I can’t remember where I found it, but I wish I did so I could give them the props they deserve.

This EP is only technically seven tracks long (Brother Ali does the intro), and it features some of the biggest names in the midwest on guest appearances (Brother ali, Eyedea & Royce Da 5’9″). This EP also has stellar production from behind the boards courtesy of Knonam and Jake One. Knonam is one of those guys that fires off rhymes like a machine gun, all while making it seem so effortless. Every track on this EP is quality, I don’t think there is one track I would skip if I was listening to this album. Knonam’s production is very heavily influenced by 80’s music and it’s very easy to tell on tracks like “1988” & “Ransom” . The track “Hold It” featuring Brother Ali is pretty close to as perfect as you are going to get. In the first verse Knonam spits: ” The day I retreat to ya’ I’ll spit without clips/watch me swallow a Rubik’s Cube and shit it out fixed”, and Brother Ali spits: “We come to your town umpteen deep, and wipe your legacy out in one clean sweep!”. That’s the common theme of this album, dope ass rhymes with punchlines on every track.

Knonam actually dropped a debut album last year called Length of the Blade which you can purchase here. I am going to make sure I get myself a copy of that album, and everything else this guy does. It’s always really refreshing to me to be able to find out about such great talent so close to home. This is probably the most refreshing EP I’ve heard besides The LAyover EP in years, Knonam really brings the heat. I’m telling you, don’t sleep on this, you will truly regret it.


Guess what? You can download this EP for free! HERE!

Brother Ali Brings You the 2nd Part of the “Good Lord” Promo

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Here is the second part of the “Good Lord” promo. The first part is an intro with Brother Ali and Rik Cordero, and then Ali goes into an acapella of a new track. It sounds like The Truth is Here is going to be more classic material from Brother Ali. Make sure you go grab that shit when it comes out next month. Stay tuned to Mind Inversion for the review.

Brother Ali “Speaks the Truth” to Hip Hop DX

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brother-ali-2Ever since Brother Ali dropped his 2007 effort (not to mention modern day classic), The Undisputed Truth he has been one busy ass dude. He’s been touring all the time, and now he is getting ready to drop an EP next month entitled The Truth is Here. Recently the fine folks over at Hip Hop DX sat down with the man himself for an interview, and to be quite frank it’s one of the best in depth and personal interviews I’ve read in a long time. There are a lot of issues that I never knew about that he discusses in this interview.

The interview starts out with Ali’s views on his fellow peer and mentor KRS-One’s feelings about Barack Obama. He also sounds off on how Verizon wouldn’t let him tour with Gym Class Heroes because of his “Uncle Sam Goddamn” video. I also had no idea that the Department of Homeland Security froze the Rhymesayers bank account when Ali was overseas in Australia. Apparently when the DHS froze the bank account, Ali and his crew had to register their social security numbers, addresses and even tell them why they were there. It’s funny that Ali really isn’t that political of a rapper, but even he agrees that he has been getting the Chuck D Treatment. You can also read about how the plans are progressing for Ali’s new album (sounds ridiculous) that drops next year.

All in all this is a great interview. This article skews a lot of different aspects in Brother Ali’s life and it is very in depth. Make sure you go out and get The Truth is Here next month when it drops, it promises to be some incredible material.

You can read the original Hip Hop DX interview here.

Paid Dues 2009

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It’s almost spring time and that means that Paid Dues is right around the corner. If you are lucky enough to be out in San Bernadino you will be able to catch one sick ass show. Rhymesayers vets Atomsphere will be headlining the bill, and will be featured by an array of RSE artists (Brother Ali, Eyedea & Abilities). To be honest the two acts I would be looking forward to the most are Cage as well as Blu & Exile. Both of the aforementioned artists are coming off of near classic albums and I would love to see what kind of life they can breathe into a live show. Who knows Exile might just rock out on the MPC during their show. Just like Soundset, this festival sounds very promising.

Editors Note: I had to edit this post because the supergroup Slaughterhouse (Royce Da 5’9″, Crooked I, Joe Budden, Joell Ortiz) has been added to the bill.