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Why is it so cold still?!

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Oh man, I’m so sick of this weather. I’m praying for the day when I can just open my window and enjoy some fresh air without having to look outside and see it snowing. So I’ve pretty much become a total recluse again this week, avoiding the said cold, and reading the internets all day ‘n night (sorry, can’t get that song out my head). Sad for me, but good for you. I’ve uncovered and gathered some of this week’s highlights in the music world. Video, mp3s, etc. So curl up by the fireplace, and Enjoy!

Starting things off is the video for the new Juan Maclean track “One Day.” This track has come as somewhat of a surprise to me after hearing the first two singles off the album run around the ten minute mark each; thinking that The Juan would revert to more 12″ mix type material, “One Day” has more of a pop track than anything else I’ve heard. The track also focuses heavily on Nancy Whang’s vocals, something that has drawn me towards the album ever since it’s inception. “One Day” doesn’t amaze me, but it’s good, and I can’t wait to hear the full album. From The Future Will Come due out April 21st 2009 on DFA Records.

Next is the video to the stellar N.A.S.A. track “Gifted.” For all of you who haven’t heard the album yet, I’d suggest checking it out. There’s a lot to like about the album, its features everyone from Tom Waits to Ol’ Dirty Bastard, but “Gifted” features the heavyweight of them all: Kanye West. Though I’m not a huge fan and his first verse on here sort of upsets me, (no Kanye, people wore tight pants before you did) I do enjoy the track. Oh yeah, and did i mention Santogold and Lykke Li are on it too? Give it a look see. Liftoff! Spirit off the Apollo is out now on Anti Records.

There was plenty of new tracks/remixes/edit etc floating out there this week as well. I won’t go too in depth about them, but as always I’d suggest the Calvin Harris remix and probably the Times New Viking cover of The Arcade Fire as well. Enjoy! and stay warm ;)

Calvin Harris – “I’m Not Alone (See You At The Festival’s Remix)”

Times New Viking – “Neighborhood #1 (tunnels) (Arcade Fire Cover)”

Passion Pit – “Reeling”

The Arcade Fire – “Wake Up (Where The Wild Things Are Trailer Version”


Some remixes and tunes for your mid-week hangover

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Enjoy St. Patrick’s day a little too much? Well, along with my buddy Tim’s top ten list and this compilation of terrific tracks, we here at the Mind Inversion are ready to help you get over this day of green colored vomit. 

Feel like this? Well brighten up with some great tunes!

Feel like this? Well brighten up with some great tunes!

Papercuts – “Future Primitive (Ruby Suns Remix)”

Grizzly Bear – “Cheerleader”

Yeah Yeah Yeahs vs. Big Tymers – “Still Fly Like A Dragon (Hood Internet Mash-up)”

Calvin Harris – “I’m Not Alone (Deadmau5 Remix)”

Peaches – “More (Produced by Simian Mobile Disco)”

and one more… just for good measure, ENJOY!

Hot Chip – “Touch Too Much (Fake Blood Remix)”

Album Review: Cut Copy – “Far Away EP”

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cut-copy-stairsWhat a year these three guys from Australia are having. Their full length release this year “In Ghost Colours” adorned the top of my year end list, followed by a few different Single EPs and now this final “Far Away EP” to close out an already stellar year. The EP is available in digital format only in the UK so you can thank me later for gathering all of the tracks together in one spot (consider it my christmas gift to you faithful readers). The remix line-up for this blissful track includes the likes of Hercules & Love Affair and Bag Raiders, two acts that I’ve been in big support of for years. Other than four official Far Away remixes, the other two coming from fellow Aussie Damn Arms and New York’s Golden Filter, the EP contains a remix of “Hearts On Fire ” by Aeroplane (who recently remixed Friendly Fires as well), an edit of “So Haunted” by Knightlife, and the possible highlight of the entire EP: a brand new track entitled “Sands of Time.”

I was expecting to start the review by praising Hercules for their remix because I have been beyond impressed with all of their material to this point, but to be honest their effort on Far Away doesn’t impress me at all, and to be honest it’s my least favorite of any track on the EP.  Their typical minimal-progressive-disco style just doesn’t seem to fit in the world of Cut Copy, and the result is an average at best remix that just becomes another one in the sea of never ending mixes these days.

mp3: “Far Away” – Hercules & Love Affair remix

As I mentioned earlier, another Australian can be found on this album, Damn Arms. His mix of “Far Away” is far and way the best edit of this track out there. He doesn’t do anything too drastic to the track, adding some light-hearted fun in the line of bells and chimes, and the result is what a remix should really be: plain and simple a more fun version of the original track, nothing too crazy that it’s overdone. 

mp3: “Far Away” – Damn Arms Remix

I’ll let you the reader weed your way through the other official remix, along with some other goodies I dug up. It’s not as if these tracks aren’t worth having, because any fan of Cut Copy will thoroughly enjoy these bangers (I know I really did), It’s just that i I don’t feel like writing a ton about each of them, so enjoy!

mp3: “Far Away” – The Golden Filter Remix

           “Far Away” – Bag Raiders Remix

           “Far Away” – Bezzi E Fabio Pop Remix

As far as other non Far Away related material goes, this EP still has a lot to offer. The “So Haunted” Knightlife mix doesn’t let down at all, taking a track that I never really enjoyed on the album and transforming it into something more likely to be heard in a club than anything else in the album. Thanks to a repititious and infectious beat that builds and expands throughout the track, So Haunted becomes larger than life this time around. 

mp3: “So Haunted” – Knightlife Sun Soaked Reprise

There isn’t much I can add about Hearts On Fire, it’s damn near the best song to come out of 2008. A blissful pop masterpiece that is gleaming with horns and 80’s styled vocals, weaving in and out and taking the listener by total surprise by the end. So here comes the remix, dun dun dun…the verdict isn’t too bad at all. Granted they take a lot away from the album recording and choose to include more of the sampled vocals, Aeroplane end up with with a nice little track that is different from the original in a good sense (they really love that sample, trust me). 

mp3: “Hearts on Fire” – Aeroplane Remix

Cut Copy saved some of their best work for last this year, with “Sands of Time” caboosing this excellent EP. The track starts off like nothing else on In Ghost Colours, but eventually evolves into a familiar flavor of delightful electro pop fun. I’m gonna leave this section short, and say that Sands of Time has been on play non-stop on my iPod, and expect the same if you download this great closer. 

mp3: “Sands of Time” (previously unreleased)

And as an added bonus for getting this far down in the post I’ll provide you with quaint little DJ mix that they threw together for Radio 1. Enjoy! Radio 1 DJ mix mp3

ONE TIME ONLY! WHILE SUPPLIES LAST! Cut Copy’s remix of Maroon 5’s top 100 hit “This Love,” just one of the many incredible bands on their new remix album. “This Love” – Cut Copy Galactic Beach House remix mp3

8.2 out of 10

Review: Feist, The Reminder Deluxe Edition Re-Issue

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feist_cover_lo Most people seem to know Leslie Feist as the fun-loving, dancing and singing girl from the old iPod nano commercials, but little known is the fact that she actually has songs out there other than the hit “1234.” Last year’s album The Reminder was one of my favorite of the year, and topped the list of dozen’s of critics as well. Tracks like “1234” “My Moon My Man” and “Sea Lion Women” are just a few of the many highlights on an album that keeps the listener in check with the brilliant mix of somber and energetic songs (well, as energetic as Feist can get). Luckily for all of the supporters The Reminder, and there are many including me, Feist recently released some sorta-new, sorta not-new material to hold us over until her next full length LP. What I meant by the wishy washy description of the album is that it’s all remixes and rarities from The Reminder, much like how Open Season was to her first stellar album Let It Die.

Some of the same guests appear on this album (Van She and Gonzales) that helped on Open Season, giving hope of successful remixes of already near flawless tracks. “1234” got an obvious re-work by the likes of already mentioned Van She, and the track doesn’t lose a step in the process. What could have just easily been mistaken for a Daft Punk remix, Van She does an excellent job of adding an electronic mix to the hit while at the same time not over-whelming the listener like so many remixes nowadays end up doing. Gonzales again lends a helping hand, this time to “I Feel It All” and the results are just as successful. The re-work doesn’t drastically change the song, but an M.I.A. styled gun sample added to the chorus sticks out unexpectedly.

Fans of the “Indie” music scene; however, will immediately skip to the Grizzly Bear mix of “My Moon My Man.” Although the track already had some work done to it my electro king pins Boys Noize, Grizzly Bear doesn’t fall short of the high mark. Uncharacteristic of past Grizzly Bear material, they take a slightly ambient-techno route to the song, while not totally changing the main skeleton of the track at all. The result is a fine blend of echoing synths and an easy to love song that lives up to the any billing it may have had.

Other highlights of this re-release include an epic 8 minute rendition of “Lover’s Spit,” a Broken Social Scene track that is essentially strung-out and dumbed-down on this album. Not that it’s necessarily a bad thing, Feist is left to slowly wind her way through the song with nothing much other than a piano that seems stuck on repeat and a high hat that never seems to stop rumbling. A great addition for fans of the original and those still praying that Feist will once again do an album with Broken Social Scene, despite the odds apparently dwindling according to various news sources.

Other tracks will be found on the deluxe edition, but none worth discussing at all. But along with the additional music comes a few Music Videos: a very fun and frequent flier friendly rendition of “My Moon My Man” and of course “1234” which most everyone has seen a million times already, but hey, it is pretty awesome…I guess.

The Reminder: Deluxe Edition Re-Release is an excellent addition to anyone’s music collection who doesn’t already own the amazing 2007 release, but for those who do it’s not a bad idea to go the route of mp3 downloading so you only have to pay for the new material not already owned.


As an added bonus I’ll give you lucky readers one other remix of a song from the original album, and in my opinion a mix that is actually better than anything Feist chose for the re-release. Keep reading to enjoy… Continue reading