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Mind Inversion Exclusive Q & A with Ancient Crux

Posted in Interviews, Mind Inversion Exclusive with tags , , , , , , , on Tuesday, February 10, 2009 by Erik Burg

Fresh off crafting one of the best new releases of 2009 with the Interracial Coupling EP, Travis von Sydow of Ancient Crux was kind enough to answer a few burning questions that we here at Mind Inversion had for him. Enjoy!


Mind Inversion: First off, are you a Roy Orbison fan? What do you think about all of the feedback linking what you’ve done to him?
Ancient Crux: Oh Yeah, I’m definitely a fan. I wouldn’t really compare my music to his personally, but it is flattering to hear that about my songs. Someone wrote that I sound more like something Roy Orbison shit out, and I think that is a bit more accurate.

MI: How serious is Ancient Crux? You’re a young guy and are involved in Rapid Youth as well. Is this, or any musical project, your ultimate goal?
AC: I don’t know that I have an ultimate goal, I love being in both bands, and I just want to be able to play music with my friends forever. I’m willing to take either band as far as they’ll go, but I’m not tying to be Axl Rose or anything.

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Album Review: Ancient Crux, Interracial Coupling

Posted in Music Reviews with tags , , , , , , , on Sunday, February 8, 2009 by Erik Burg

interracial-couplingAncient Crux is the new project of 19 year old California resident Travis Von Sydow (he’s also a member of Rapid Youth). His debut EP entitled Interracial Coupling, out now on Family Time records, is one of the most excited and refreshing pieces of new music I’ve heard in quite some time. From the second the record starts, the twang of the guitar and the stomp of the bass throw the listener into a musical time warp. While I’ve never listened to Roy Orbison myself, every other review or snippet I’ve read about Ancient Crux has compared this EP to him. And it’s kind of what I always imagined Orbison sounding like too. That’s not the point though, what’s important is that Ancient Crux seemingly transcends time, as though Sydow recorded this in 1954 and it was found last week. It’s that twang and stomp, and yet at the same time I don’t know what it is at all. Ancient Crux is just so mysterious, there, maybe that’s what my love affair is all about. The fact that it isn’t front page news on Paste or P4k. It simply feels nice to listen to an album that’s as intimate and warm as Interracial Coupling can be. 

No song on the album runs over three minutes, my personal favorite “In Teen Dreams” runs a mere 2:35, making the album a quick play that can be over just when you’re starting to really love it. Here is where I get tripped up every listen. I turn Interracial Coupling on, listen through it, play it again, and again. You get it? I guess what I’m trying to get at is the greedy listener inside of me trying to come out and scream “take a risk, do something experimental!” The album is amazing though and I’m not knocking it in any sense, but I would have loved to heard what Sydow would have done on a five minute version of any of the tracks. 

“Sha la la la, oo0, oo0. In dreams upon an endless beach, we’d dance where the sun bows and sleeps.”

That fucking twang and stomp. That simplicity, nostalgia, emptiness, or whatever feeling Interracial Couplings provokes in you. It’s apparently an album that wreaks of “something Roy Orbison shit out” (quote from their myspace). One thing is for sure, it’s a lovely album and a rare treat to the music community. At this point it’s limited to 150 copies and it’s going fast, so GET IT HERE NOW! sold out a few days back. Ancient Crux’s next release it due out this spring on Hi Shadow records… on tape release only (fuck). 

9.5 who the fuck releases something on tape only?! out of 10

mp3: Ancient Crux – “In Teen Dreams”

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