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Wild Style Wednesday Review: El-P, Fantastic Damage

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fantastic_damage_frontIt’s very easy for me to say that El-P has re-invented the wheel twice in the Hip-Hop game. The first time he did it was with Fantastic Damage (One of the best debuts ever?), and without a question he did it again on I’ll Sleep When You’re Dead. Don’t get me wrong, I love both albums as much as you possibly could, I just think Fantastic Damage has a slight edge on ISWYD. The dark, hard hitting, brain hemorrhaging beats on this album are some of the most crazy concoctions my ear drums have ever had the pleasure of discovering. To me it’s no wonder that people were waiting for I’ll Sleep When You’re Dead with such anticipation… they new it was going to be a classic because of Fantastic Damage. Continue reading


Vast Aire Wages the “Battle of the Planets”

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Vast Aire 073

If you haven’t been paying attention to the beef-radar lately, Vast Aire released a diss track towards Cage and the rest of Def Jux. All of this rivalry going on has to do with the unfortunate passing of Camu Tao. Cage outed Vast very harshly about how his relations really stood with Camu, and this track apparently was Vast’s response. It really saddens me to see all this bullshit beef going on in the Hip-Hop community, it’s really the last thing that we need right now.

On a related side note, I got an e-mail on my Blackberry last night about El-P’s newest blog post on MySpace. It is pretty much all about Vast and the whole Camu situation, and if you have a moment to spare I would highly recommend you check it out here.

Download: Vast Aire, “Battle of the Planets” (Feat. Genisis)

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Wild Style Wednesday Review: Rjd2, The Horror EP

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RJ horror Rjd2 is one badass dude, he released Deadringer in 2002 (one of my favorite albums of all time), and roughly one year later he released this ten track gem otherwise known as The Horror EP. Don’t get me wrong, Deadringer is a multi-level musical masterpiece but I think The Horror EP is a little better. This EP has ten top tier tracks, revisits some of the best moments of Deadringer and further more, it features some of Rj’s best beats. I feel as though if this was the only material that you owned by Rjd2, you would still be listening to his best music. Continue reading

Folk&Stress: “Brothers Freestyle”

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folkThis is the first post of many that I am going to be making about these guys. Folk&Stress are two cats (they are fucking brothers… how sick is that shit?) out of New York, and boy can they make some really fucking good Hip-Hop. It’s funny because I hadn’t heard anything about these guys at all until I watched the Vimby video at Southpaw for Black Milk’s release of Tronic. I immediately jumped over to their MySpace page and was completely blown away by the amount of punch that these two pack. I can tell you right now that their album The Box still has a “to be announced” date attached to it, but once that shit hits you are going to feel it for a long time.

Take a listen to this freestyle with the backdrop of Gang Starr’s Code of the Streets. I’m pretty sure this beat gets completely decimated by these guys, if you feel any different I think that you might be brain dead (either that or entirely too high). Keep on the watch for The Box it features guest appearances by GZA, Vast Aire, Aesop Rock, Blu, Bronze Nazareth & production by Wu affiliate Dreddy Kruger. I don’t know about you but by that guest list alone, this album sounds like it will be something that you are definitely going to want to have. Check out the track below and jump over to their MySpace.

Brothers Freestyle

Interview with DJ Ready Cee and Performance

“Beatrix” (Featuring Vast Aire) on Hype Machine