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Album Review: Pepe Deluxe Spare Time Machine!

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Pepe Deluxe“Talk about a Jumble” are the opening lyrics of Pepe Deluxe’s 2007 release of Spare Time Machine. Pepe Deluxe hails from the capital of Finland, and consists of two main members; Vellu Maurola aka DJ Slow and Torni Paajanen aka JA-Jazz. Enough with the background, Spare Time Machine consists of many layers; vintage synths, rockin’ beachy guitar, funky horns, and hippy-bongo drums, possibly something out of a classic surf flick. But the most memorizing flavor of Deluxe’s ice cream sundae is definitely their understanding of space and vocals. The way these two intertwine, almost genetically, XY chromosomes or the meeting of sperm and egg, is beautiful. I am one who likes tripped-out, psychedelic phrases with lavish lyrics (The Mars Volta, Super Furry Animals, Animal Collective) that Pepe Deluxe is simply  an emotion to put memories to, and I thank them for that.

You can check out a couple of there sick ass  vintage 60’s sound, with clashes of psychedelic-funk with epic builds and robust, tripped out lyrics on MYSPACE.

Would love to see em live, but they haven’t updated their website for a year…

Cheers Anyway to Pepe Deluxe!


Album Review: Bassnectar, Art of Revolution EP

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aorcover-smMesmerizing, transcendental, and hypnotic pulses of low frequencies and magnetic melodies ghostily grab my legs and make me move to the new single “Art of Revolution”; Bassnectar has done it once again.

Seated, I promptly pushed play on the single, “Art of Revolution”.  My heart slowly morphs from a lazy, bradycardiac beat to a rapid, tachycardiac pounding, as I soon found myself no longer in a seated position, but as a terpsichorean of mythical multitudes.

“Art of Revolution”, introduced with stick-beaten African drums and de-tuned Indian sitars, combusts into a cacophony of wobbly, intoxicated, insect-like buzzing of breaks and “slippery when wet” bass lines. This, paired with the unmatched voice of Jamaican Tapper Zukie, makes for a single that will soon take over every stereo and club. In addition to ‘Necters version of “Art of Revolution” and an instrumental mix, we are blessed with 4 other marvelous mash-ups of monolithic proportions. Remixes from Diplo, Chislain Poirier, 6 Blocc, and Product 01 all comprise an assortment of ingenuity and individualistic interpretations of this single.

I have to say, the wait for ‘Nectar’s new single to drop has felt eternal; similar to waiting in the doctor’s office. There you sit (highly anxious fan) with symptoms of melancholy-melodies, no-dance-ititus, and the bassnectar-blues, waiting for the doctor’s prognosis. The doc (Dr. Bassnectar) shows up just in time to tell you that everything is going to be fine, and serves you up a dose of “Art of Revolution”.  Ahhhh, you are better.

The Art of Revolution EP will be falling into digital music players through Beatport and everywhere else on May 12th (and turntables later on as a limited 12″ vinyl via Groove Distribution). However, if you cannot wait for this anthem to hit your eardrums, check it out a free download of Groove Armada’s Superstylin’ set to Bassnectar’s instrumental version of Art of Revolution” in Superstylin’ Smashup, here!

So by this point, you’re probably all asking yourself ‘what the hell does Bassnectar even mean?’ Well, according to, it is: “A freeform project that merges music, art, new media, social involvement, and community values; dedicated to a constantly-evolving ethos of collaborative creation, self-reinvention, and boundary-pushing experimentation.”  This mission statement, however, does not do justice to the 150 + shows that Bassnectar perform on a yearly basis, and to truly understand this “project” you must be apart of it. You can catch Bassnectar at any one of these dates to experience and stitch yourself to the fabric of this majestic movement… Continue reading

Human Heads on Animal Bodies (Chipmunk + Nick = Chipick)

Posted in Random with tags , , on Wednesday, April 8, 2009 by Nicholas Blexrud

Chimpmunk + Nick = Chimpick So, as I looked at myself in the mirror on Tuesday, April 7th, and peered down at the Wahl Shaver in my hand, I could only imagine what sort of animal it would become.  I pressed the heavy, buzzing razor to my skull, and WHOOSH: I am now a chipmunk. Literally, as soon as the 1/4 inch blade had finished chopping the last hair, I was magically transformed into a chipmunk; my cheeks appeared larger, my body hairier, and my eyes wider than ever before. (Not to mention I had an insatiable craving for ripe acorns?!?!, coincidence? I think NOT!)

If you happen to find yourself peering down at a Wahl Shaver in your hand, remember this sound; Chip Chip Chip…

Bloc Party cancels Ultra Music Festival, Minneapolis, & St. Louis performances

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Bloc PartyYes, the rumors are true. Bloc Party has cancelled their shows at the Ultra Music Festival in Miami, First Avenue show in Minneapolis, and The Pageant in St. Louis. According to the bands website, “We’ve been forced to cancel our Ultra Music Festival performance. Unfortunately, Kele has contracted viral pharyngitis and is unable to perform today at the Ultra Music Festival in beautiful Miami, FL. We send our heartfelt apologies to all our fans and the Ultra Music Festival organizers. We hope to return to Miami, FL, at our earliest opportunity [and] had to cancel our shows in Minneapolis, MN, and St. Louis, MO.

Bloc Party. First Ave. March 30th 2009. ‘Nuf Said.

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Bloc PartyAbout time Bloc Party brings the party to the block of N. 1st & W.7th. According to staff writer, Alexandera M. Svokos of, wrote, “The crowd erupted as the band took the stage and confidently began their set…playing both new and old favorites…the audience jumped, screamed, and danced around, fists pumping in the air…” at Terminal 5 in New York City on March 25th. I have no doubt that long-time, loyal-fans of earlier albums Silent Alarm & Weekend in the City and new fans of their album Intimacy, will be energetically involved with wide-eyes, dancing feet, and blissful smiles. I, for one, will be taking party in this debauchery of heavy delayed guitars, perfectly melded with electric synths.

Doctors Orders: Take 24 songs of B.P & Drink Tall Boy Cans of P.B.R. at Show

Check Out Bloc Party’s first T.V. performance “Helicopter” live on Jools Holland:

José González’s song “Down the Line” = perfect song for rainstorms & procrastination

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josegif_As I was listening to the Berklee Internet Radio Network (BIRN), I caught the trail end of some unfamiliar lyrics”Don’t Let the Darkness Eat You Up”.  I quickly searched the lyrics and found the song Down the Line” sung beautifully by a Swedish lad, José González. “Down the Line” was a single off his September 2007 release of In Our Nature. Cool. I found the song. I am so good at this. Ha. Anyway, as I work vigorously on a well-procrastinated marketing plan due bright an early at 8 am, while staring hopelessly into the darkness of the rainy night here in Winona, I (hold on a sec have to go to YouTube and restart “Down the Line”, ah, there we go) find it soothing and fitting for my slacker ways of school. Maybe, if you are reading this, you, too, will view the video while taking brief glances out into a dark, dreary night, but hey, “Don’t let the darkness eat you up!”

Follow us over to the next page, and watch the video for “Down The Line” along with us… Continue reading

Pearl Jam 10 Special Editions!

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pj_tenI was talking to super-fly uncle and he had told me to check out this fun, interactive website: Pearl Jam 10 Special Editions.

Pretty much you assemble a 3-D photograph of a Pearl Jam album cover, and you are rewarded with a free download of one of their Special Edition Tracks.


Bassnectar {beys nek ter} : Other Side Tour

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Bassnectar, Other Side TourSo, what does Bassnectar mean? According to his website it means, “A freeform project that merges music, art, new media, social involvement, and community values; dedicated to a constantly-evolving ethos of collaborative creation, self-reinvention, and boundary-pushing experimentation.” My personal meaning is, “WOW, this guy FUCKIN’ ROCKS YOUR SOCKS OFF!”(Fist raised and pounding).

I have had the wonderful opportunity to see Bassnectar twice since I have been alive. The first time was at the Southern Comfort Music Festival held in Denver, CO, which featured headlining artists like Blonde Redhead and Gnarles Barkley; in addition to, the outrageous, whomping bass and eclectic visual display of new media broadcasted behind the low-hanging head of Bassnectar himself. The second time was more recently at the Ogden Theatre located on Denver’s renown Colfax Ave located on Capital Hill. I had just walked in when I heard the bass going through my sternum and knocking down the young raver behind me. A triad of lights, video, and sound, (specifically bass), overcame my senses as I jockeyed for a good position to watch the montage. Bassnectar was mixing everything from Slayer, Aphex Twin, MIA, and Lil Wayne, while producing ear-shattering cheers and roars from the crowd.

His diverse style of presenting and processing music, both audibly and visually, lulls eardrums into an ancient, transcendent melody of rhythm and rhyme. His music makes me look past hearing and seeing music at a live show, but rather the mixture of what Bassnectar stands for: A merger of music, art, new media, social involvement, and community values.

Keep reading for all the dates for the Other Side Tour… Continue reading

Listen to any song in the world for FREE!

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It’s Called Just Hear It, and Tony the Tiger gives it 2 thumbs up!!!!

Was doing some stumbling on, and came across this site that allows you to search any song in the world, for free, and listen to it. Cool Stuff!


Doves drummer gives exclusive interview to

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doves1Nearly half a decade has passed since Doves had released Some Cities, and now the English indie rock trio has been the studio getting ready to release Kingdom of Rust.  I, for one, will be scrounging up the pounds and pence to purchase the album on April 6th. Who is with me?!?

Doves, no doubt, encompass a mystical aura surrounding their music. Their sound emerges like a crisp and fresh, spring morning. The bells and guitar in, There Goes the Fear, paint an image of  reflected light off dew-covered grass, as I stroll to my 8 a.m. class.  Ahhhhh, I feel relaxed and refreshed from the heavy lulls of the guitar. Thank You, Doves. Thank You.


It pleases me to bring you an interview that I found off of Andy Williams (Drums) talks about revisiting and readjusting to being on tour again, as well as early fan responses to Kingdom of Rust.

Hello Andy, how’s it feel to be back out on the road?

Really good, we’re all really enjoying it. We’re just getting used to being back on the bus again but it’s great to be out on the road again and gigging. I’ve forgotten how much fun it really is… Continue reading