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Slept on Saturdays: Lil’ Wayne, Tha Carter

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Let me paint you a picture: the year is 2004; I’m a junior in high school, and it’s spring time. The weather is beautiful outside, and the country roads welcome my friends and I with open arms; more impressively, Lil’ Wayne could rap… and well. More often than not, Tha Carter was the soundtrack to those beautiful afternoons. On “This is the Carter”, Lil’ Wayne boastfully says “I’m finally perfect”; that statement couldn’t be more true about Wayne’s fourth solo outing. Mannie Fresh’s production on Tha Carter is near legendary, and Lil’ Wayne’s vivid imagery and raw lyricism were the best they’ve ever been. Continue reading


K-Salaam & Beatnick – Free Album

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Shout out to Okayplayer for the news. I recently posted a single from this album by Beatnick and K-Salaam called “Don’t Die” featuring Bun B, Talib Kweli, and Colin Monroe. The full album, called Where the Streets Have No Name has been released for free, courtesy of Imeem and illRoots. The album download comes with 12 different covers and features the like of Lil Wayne, K’naan, and Young Buck in addition to those mentioned before.

Download the album here

Apparently Mos Def is the biggest DOOM fan… ever

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mos-def-image Mos Def apparently is the new biggest DOOM fan I’ve ever seen (next to my man Abe), in this video he effortlessly spits DOOM verses all over the place and then talks about them. He also laughs his ass off a lot when he is talking about the DOOM verses. It’s funny that he laughs a lot, because when I listen to DOOM I am always laughing my ass off (in a good way).

Mos Def takes his adoration for the artist one step further and says that he would put a million dollars on DOOM Vs. Lil’ Wayne. I think I would probably toss my money in on DOOM as well, the guy has some of the funniest rhymes I’ve ever heard in my life.

Make sure you watch out for Mos Def’s new album The Ecstatic due out this spring. Don’t forget that DOOM also has a new album out, Born Like This. Stay tuned to Mind Inversion because we will have a review of Born Like This very soon.

Spotted @ OKP

Bassnectar {beys nek ter} : Other Side Tour

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Bassnectar, Other Side TourSo, what does Bassnectar mean? According to his website it means, “A freeform project that merges music, art, new media, social involvement, and community values; dedicated to a constantly-evolving ethos of collaborative creation, self-reinvention, and boundary-pushing experimentation.” My personal meaning is, “WOW, this guy FUCKIN’ ROCKS YOUR SOCKS OFF!”(Fist raised and pounding).

I have had the wonderful opportunity to see Bassnectar twice since I have been alive. The first time was at the Southern Comfort Music Festival held in Denver, CO, which featured headlining artists like Blonde Redhead and Gnarles Barkley; in addition to, the outrageous, whomping bass and eclectic visual display of new media broadcasted behind the low-hanging head of Bassnectar himself. The second time was more recently at the Ogden Theatre located on Denver’s renown Colfax Ave located on Capital Hill. I had just walked in when I heard the bass going through my sternum and knocking down the young raver behind me. A triad of lights, video, and sound, (specifically bass), overcame my senses as I jockeyed for a good position to watch the montage. Bassnectar was mixing everything from Slayer, Aphex Twin, MIA, and Lil Wayne, while producing ear-shattering cheers and roars from the crowd.

His diverse style of presenting and processing music, both audibly and visually, lulls eardrums into an ancient, transcendent melody of rhythm and rhyme. His music makes me look past hearing and seeing music at a live show, but rather the mixture of what Bassnectar stands for: A merger of music, art, new media, social involvement, and community values.

Keep reading for all the dates for the Other Side Tour… Continue reading

Lil’ Wayne to put out another F*&!ing Carter III?

Posted in Music News with tags , , , on Wednesday, October 22, 2008 by Tim Althaus

I was over at Pitchfork and read possibly the most disturbing article I’ve read this year. I have the preface that statement by saying that second most disappointing article was reading about Lil’ Wayne dropping The Carter III. Apparently Lil’ Wayne is going to drop another fucking album with the name The Carter III. WTF? Lil’ Wayne has to be the most un-original emcee I’ve seen in a great period of time. Let’s take a look at his last 3 record names: The Carter, The Carter II, The Carter III and now The Carter III again (not to mention that his next album after that is tentatively titled The Carter IV). I think that all of the media outlets that are praising him need to stop riding the hell out of his dick. The guy isn’t anything special, and the only thing that he has going for him is his beats (the ones on his album being made for him). A lot of people are calling Wayne “the greatest rapper alive”, all I can do is laugh hysterically at this statement. You mean to tell me that you were saying that when he dropped The Block is Hot? Were you saying Lil’ Wayne was the best emcee alive when he dropped 500 Degreez? The answer, as you all probably know, is NO. He drops TWO critically acclaimed albums and he’s the G.O.A.T., get the fuck off it. It sorrows me greatly to see that all we need to do is give Lil’ Wayne some mega-dope-dumbshit props to make Pop/Hipster Rap a genre.

Here is a video that proves Lil’ Wayne is complete garbage…