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Black Milk Broadcast, R.I.P. Baatin

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Black Milk dedicated an episode of his show Black Milk Broadcast to his good friend, and comrade Baatin. If you recall, on the track “Long Story Short”, Black spits “My kinfolk went on tour, roadie for Slum Vil/He got a beat CD in the hands of Baatin/didn’t hear from em’ til they got back to Michigan..”. That’s right, if there was no Baatin there may not have ever been a Black Milk. Black adresses right away that Baatin was the one that got him into the music game. In the video Black Milk reminisces about making music with Baatin, as well as how he was influenced by Tin. At the end of the video Black shows some video footage from a Slum Village music video shoot for their upcoming album Manifesto.

As I said before, Baatin was one hell of an emcee and embassador to Detroit Hip-Hop. He will be dearly missed, and he will always be in the prayers of true Hip-Hop heads.

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Black Milk Broadcast, Episode 1

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Black Milk is one of my favorite performers there is, the guy is pretty much flawless when it comes to music. Apparently when Black was touring overseas (with Elzhi (the best emcee on the planet right now)), he decided to put together some footage and start a new video series. In this first episode you get an inside look in the studio with Black Milk, Alchemist, Guilty Simpson and Hex Murda. You will also get some great live footage of Black Milk performing, and some hilarious yet insightful behind the scenes footage. It’s great to see all of the people over seas showing Black Milk love, and they also love to drop the n-bomb. Make sure you stay tuned for the rest of the installments, because you know I will have them up at Mind Inversion.

Black Milk rocks Manchester

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Watching this video was pretty much the highlight of my day. It also makes me want to see a live Black Milk show more and more. Watch this video as he completely destroys his set and tears it up for the fine city of Machester. He starts off the set with one of my favorites from Tronic, “Long Story Short”, and then follows with “So Gone” which was a track from Popular Demand. I love when Black jumps on the MPC and starts playing around with the beat for “The Matrix”. This guy has some serious skills and there’s no reason you shouldn’t check this. If you haven’t picked up Tronic yet I don’t know if there’s any hope for you…

Black Milk is having “Dreams”

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artist_blackmilk-realdMan it seems like the year that Black Milk has been having can only happen in a dream. He released (in my opinion) the best album of last year, and is coming out with more deadly venom this year with a wide array of projects (Random-Axe, Tracks on the new Slum Village, working with KRS on a track).

This track “Dreams” is a web exclusive that Black Milk released and it sounds much like anything else he has done in the past, fire as hell. The beat starts out with a hard hitting bass to snare and fades to a nice piano and synth loop. Continue reading

Black Milk Talks Hip-Hop, The D & J Dilla

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I love being able to hear about any news that pertains to Black Milk. As I’ve said numerous times in the past, this guy is a phenom and he’s “Putting the “D” on his back like a shirt that he bought”. He’s been coming out with some of the most consistent Hip-Hop for the last few years with two critically acclaimed albums. I also gave his album Tronic which came out last year the nod for album of the year.

This is a really good interview that was put on by Carter Cartel and it’s very in depth. The interview rings in at almost 12 minutes long, but I think it’s totally worth it. There are a lot of issues that get discussed here. Black talks about performing to a crowd full of white kids in Boulder, Colorado, who he would work with now (dead and alive) and that Random Axe collabo that’s going to be absolutely ridiculous. Random Axe is a super group composed of Guilty Simpson, Sean Price & Black Milk. Not to mention that Black Milk will be doing production for the entire album. Black Milk also brings up, of course, the late great J Dilla and what it was like working with him as well as how much of an influence he is on Black Milk.

All in all a great interview. Make sure you watch the video and watch out for Random Axe dropping sometime this year.

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Video: Black Milk, “Losing Out” (Featuring Royce Da 5’9″)

Posted in Video with tags , , , , on Thursday, February 12, 2009 by Tim Althaus

Man, today has been an insanely good day for me as far as posting is concerned. Videos were released for two of my favorite songs from the last year. The first one was “For Whom the Bell Tolls” by Evidence, and now “Losing Out” by Black Milk. This song was a clear stand out on Black Milk’s album Tronic. The beat on this song is absolutely amazing (the sample is incredible, I heard the original song while riding around with my dad weeks ago) and Black Milk & Royce Da 5’9″ destroy every bar on this track as if it was their sole mission. I can’t tell you enough, if you haven’t picked up Tronic yet you should be kicking yourself in the ass. Make sure you watch out for Royce’s album Street Hop due out soon!

Colin Munroe on HipHop Dx’s DX NEXT

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colinmunroe I have already made a post about this extraordinary artist and prodigy Colin Munroe. This guy is absoutely captivating and is one of the most talented singers and musicians that I’ve heard in awhile. I normally am not a big fan of singers usually but this guy is a completely different story. I first heard this guy on Black Milk’s new album Tronic on the track “Without U” and was blown away by his talent. Some of you might have also heard of him from the “Flashing Lights (Remix)” and chances are if you haven’t heard of him yet you will very soon.

HipHop DX just did a feature on Colin Munroe in their DX Next feature. Apparently Colin is a huge fan of Detroit Hip-Hop and I’m guessing that’s how he got linked with Black Milk. Check out the article because it’s a great read on the future of music, because this kid is it.

HipHop DX’s Next Features Colin Munroe

Video: Colin Munroe “Will I Stay (remix)” feat. Wale [Rehearsal Footage]

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I want to tell you all that I am not posting this video because of Wale (because I think he is average, he’s good, but not that good) but because of Colin Munroe. I first heard Colin on Black Milk’s latest release Tronic on the track “Without U“. I had a chance to read about Colin Munroe, and I must admit that this guy can do pretty much anything, he is the complete package when it comes to a musician. When it comes to fresh voices and background vocals you are going to be hearing a ton of this guy in the next year. Check out this video and realize how amazing Colin Munroe is. Not to mention he produces most of his own music.

Also check out:

Colin Munroe is: The Unsung Hero




Mixtape Courtesy of OnSmash

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Video: Elzhi & Black Milk Live @ Red Bull Big Tune in Seattle

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This is a video of two of the illest on the planet right now. These guys are tearing up the entire game and putting the “D” back on the map. Take a close watch as Black Milk & Elzhi go through some of their hits. Both of these guys can absolutely tear apart the show and the mic. I can honestly say that if I could see any show in the world right now, this would be the show. Make sure you stay tuned to the Elzhi set because he performs part of one of my favorite songs (“Hiding Place“) by Little Brother. Please go out and get Tronic by Black Milk and The Preface by Elzhi if you haven’t, they are two of the sickest albums of this year, and of course they are from the “D”.

Video: Out Da Box Tv Episode 4 feat. Black Milk

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Here is a fine episode of Out Da Box TV featuring one of Detroit’s finest Black Milk. This is a great episode, Black talks about his new album Tronic as well as a lot of the comparisons he has been getting to J Dilla (note Wajeed‘s comment about the situation). There is even a live performance from Southpaw at the end of the video for you to enjoy.