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Concert Photo & Video Recap: Gojira, The Chariot, Car Bomb @ Station 4

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Gojira live at Station 4

Normally I would write a review for every show that I attend, but this week I’m just too jam-packed with finals and post-final celebrations to get my head right and properly give praise to the un-fucking-believable Gojira show (w/ The Chariot and Car Bomb) that I saw on Monday. However, for any doubters, I just want to set one thing straight – Gojira fucking rules. Period.

The band is on fire, playing a first-ever headlining tour in North America that finally brings their entire exceptional back catalog to virgin ears in the U.S., and they couldn’t have been playing in finer form then they were this week. If you have been waiting to see Gojira, now’s the time.

Enjoy the photos and videos that I captured throughout the night! I’m seriously surprised I thought to capture anything worthwhile – I’m not gonna lie; I was enthusiastically going apeshit like my 14 year old self at my first Spineshank show the whole time..

VIDEO: Gojira, “Flying Whales (excerpt)” (live at Station 4, 05/11/09)

Gojira live at Station 4(Gojira)

Gojira live at Station 4(Gojira)

Gojira live at Station 4(Gojira)

Gojira live at Station 4(Gojira)

Gojira live at Station 4(Gojira)

Gojira live at Station 4(Gojira)

Gojira live at Station 4(Gojira)

VIDEO: The Chariot, live at Station 4, 05/11/09

Gojira live at Station 4(The Chariot)

The Chariot live at Station 4(The Chariot)

Car Bomb live at Station 4(Car Bomb)

Like usual, I highly recommend that our main page readers click the “read more” link to view the rest of the media from the show. I’ve posted many more photos and a video of “The Art of Dying” that I think captures the power of the night pretty well.  Enjoy!  Continue reading


Sunday Metal Minute: Krallice, “Wretched Wisdom”

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I already clued you all in on the fact that we’re having some brilliant black metal tours coming to the Twin Cities this summer, but now things are just getting ridiculous. This week, the announcement was made that the visionary BM minds of Wolves in the Throne Room and Krallice would join together in what is sure to be THE “must-see” underground metal tour to pass through Minneapolis this spring. On May 15th, Wolves in the Throne Room will be playing at the Triple Rock Social Club with Krallice supporting. While I’ve already mentioned the scathing-yet-epic majesty that is WITTR on the site, Krallice is a band that has not gotten enough attention from me so far (besides the one sentence I gave them in my end of 2008 honorable mentions list). Reading descriptions of the band, you might think that their entrancing style of progressive black metal would already have an established predecessor. However, upon hearing Krallice’s fervent, psychedelic, rampaging, technically superior sound, it doesn’t take long to pick up on the freshness of this band’s delivery. Metal has never sounded so simultaneously brutal, ferocious, and atmospheric, which is certainly saying a lot. Krallice is a underground band that is literally pushing the limits of sound. This is a band to watch out for, and the free “Wretched Wisdom” track we have linked below will show you why.

MP3: Krallice, “Wretched Wisdom” (from Krallice, 2008)

Keep reading for all the Krallice and Wolves in the Throne Room spring tour dates (including several shows with A Storm of Light)… Continue reading

Concert Photo Recap: Meshuggah, Cynic, and The Faceless @ Station 4

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Meshuggah live at Station 4

Wow! I don’t think I should be allowed to review this one beyond that one word, seeing as how all these bands place among my favorite active music groups (uh yeah, if you didn’t realize yet, I’ve got a very soft spot in my heart for progressive metal). Years of anticipation for both Meshuggah and Cynic to play again in Minnesota were met with great rewards on Friday, February 13th at Station 4 in St. Paul, MN, with both bands dishing out equal servings of old and new mind-boggling progressive metal. Though nearly half the age of the members of the other bands, The Faceless were right at home on the bill and seemed to turn quite a few heads.

It’s always very difficult getting any good photos at Station 4 when you don’t line up a photo pass. When Station 4 is packed with a metal hungry sold out crowd that is switched on into tornado-mode, thrashing to Meshuggah, it becomes nearly impossible. I did my best, and surprisingly got quite a few keepers. Here are the photos from the Meshuggah, Cynic, and The Faceless show at Station 4:

Meshuggah live at Station 4(Meshuggah)

Meshuggah live at Station 4(Meshuggah)

Cynic live at Station 4(Cynic)

Cynic live at Station 4(Cynic)

The Faceless live at Station 4(The Faceless)

Keep viewing the gallery! There’s still many photos of Meshuggah, Cynic, and The Faceless left, so just hit read more to continue… Continue reading

FREE Album Download: Iron Thrones, Visions of Light

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Iron Thrones
Iron Thrones is a band that truly embodies their name in several aspects. Not to be too corny, but the band hails from our own iron-rich state of Minnesota, and (despite their relatively short time playing together) you can easily consider them to be one of several crown jewels that the currently burgeoning and heavily varied Minneapolis metal scene has to offer. This is an epic progressive death metal quartet (though, on the lookout for another guitarist) that could easily find resonance with fans of Opeth, Death, Between the Buried and Me, Converge or even maybe post-rock like Mogwai. That’s not to say that Iron Thrones really follows in any of these bands footsteps though, as they have begun to perfect their own unique focused sound. Even on this debut, Visions of Light, the band achieve a rare and organic balance of naturalistic melodies and brutal shred. The album is the embodiment of yin-and-yang, a dense atmospheric album to one man and a nuanced progressive headbanger to another. Right now, it’s doing wonders for my ears.

Iron Thrones, Visions of LightClearly the band knows how to treat its fans, as well. As such, these guys have posted their entire new album, Visions of Light, online for download. The cool thing is that they’ve gone the Radiohead way of things and made it available for free, “donation” through Amazon, Itunes, etc., or as a hard copy purchase. I’ve never heard how this model has worked out for a local underground metal band (as opposed to juggernauts like RH and Rez), and there’s no word when their $500 quadruple gatefold limited pressing with an optional commentary becomes available, but I really don’t see how it could hurt. There’ll still be many opportunities to support them and purchase hard copies when you’re seeing Iron Thrones in the live setting. They’ve got these area shows lined up, including a performance in Burnsville tomorrow:

Feb 6 @ The Garage w/ Rawhyde in Burnsville, Minnesota
Feb 11 @ The Rafters @ UMD w/ Empires in Duluth, Minnesota
Feb 27 @ Electric Earth in Madison, Wisconsin
Feb 28 @ The Uptown Bar w/ Zebulon Pike in Minneapolis, Minnesota
Apr 3 @ Station 4 w/ The Body Beneath, in St. Paul, Minnesota
May 15 @ TBA w/ The Body Beneath & Rhynoceraptor in Minneapolis, Minnesota
May 16 @ TBA w/ The Body Beneath & Rhynoceraptor in St. Cloud, Minnesota

DIG DEEPER: Download Visions of Light!Official SiteMyspace

Ephel Duath channels their dogs on new album

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Progressive metal’s best Italian trio, the bizarre, jazz heavy, avant-garde experimentalists in Ephel Duath, have revealed a bit more of their plans for their forthcoming followup to Pain Necessary To Know. The band will release their fourth studio album, Through My Dog’s Eyes, in January 26, 2009 through Earache Records. Over the past couple albums, Ephel Duath has progressed through a number of (..pardon the pun..) palettes and have never failed to bring something new to the world of music. From the forward thinking progressive-influenced black metal of their early albums, to the off-time chaos of The Painter’s Palette, to the spacecy avant-garde jams of their most recent album, Ephel Duath always keeps everyone (including themselves, it seems) guessing about where they’ll take their sound next. Thus far, it appears that the band’s next album will not be an out of line with this trend… Continue reading

Gojira made an amazing music video for their new song “Vacuity”

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France’s best metal band, Gojira, has just released the thought-provoking new video for “Vacuity,” the first single from their skull-crushing new album The Way of All Flesh. “Vacuity” was filmed by directors Julien Mokrani and Samuel Bodin with a RED video camera (the type used by Peter Jackson in the Lord of the Rings series), and they did an unbelievable job of reflecting the themes of the song through strong imagery and metaphors. The song was described by guitarist/vocalist Joseph Duplantier to UK’s Rock Sound magazine as being “about the Buddhist meaning of the word which is emptiness not nothingness, the ultimate presence. It was very hard to picture that concept in a video so we told the story of a girl carrying her own casket as the whole album is about facing your death and your pain.”

It’s been a long time since I spoke to Joe Duplantier during the Cavalera Conspiracy debut gig – and even longer since the release of Gojira’s last album, their genre-defining instant classic From Mars To Sirius. Needless to say, I’ve been very impatient to get this album in my hands to see how the last three years have influenced the band msuically. From the tracks that I’ve heard available on their myspace, The Way Of All Flesh defines their uniqueness even more. While the resemblances to Morbid Angel, Meshuggah, Mastodon, and Sepultura are still clear, Gojira seem to be getting more confident in their vision and abilities every day. Watch out for the album to hit stores on October 14. For now, we’ve got the video for you.

Dates for Gojira’s November U.S. tour with In Flames, All That Remains, and 36 Crazyfists are after the jump… Continue reading