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Album Review: Phantogram, Eyelid Movies

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At first, I was upset to be arriving late to the second day of Lollapalooza in 2011. My attitude and mindset were altered instantly as we walked up into the crowd where Phantogram was performing. At the time, I was clueless to what I was being mesmerized by. It is one of those festival moments that I will never forget as I became a Phantogram fan. The focus of their show was music off of their debut album Eyelid Movies. Now, I am going to pay homage to the band and review one of my favorite albums of recent years.

If there was one thing that I understood after seeing the duo out of Saratoga Springs, New York it was that Phantogram’s album was expected to be great from start to finish. Let me tell you Eyelid Movies did not disappoint me and it will not disappoint you either. It starts with “Mouthful of Diamonds“, a track that showcases the various talents of this duo. They blend elements of electronic music with hip-hop beats while demonstrating a canny ability to have lyrics that draw you in. Phantogram continues to showcase their talent of blending all of these components throughout the length of the album.

When I’m Small” reiterates that the Continue reading


Sleigh Bells Release Second Single Off of Reign of Terror: “Comeback Kid”

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The second single off of the new Sleigh Bells album, Reign of Terror, has been released for viewing over at This has happened not a moment too soon since I can not or choose not to remember the name of the first single. “Comeback Kid” has gotten me, once again, excited for the sophomore album by the popular Brooklyn, New York duo. After hearing the first single I was thinking, “Oh no, another follow-up failure to an unprecedented debut album.”

Major Disappointment of 2011: Sleigh Bells cancelling Lollapalooza.

Major Excitement of 2012: When I see Sleigh Bells for the first time, hopefully at Lollapalooza.

Network TV Premiere: Cults on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon”

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The popular New York indie rock group Cults made their television debut on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” Friday, January 20, 2012. They performed “Abducted” which is off of their self-titled album Cults which was released in June of last year. You can catch the video if you head over to the site for “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.” This process is going to test your patience but if you are a Cults fan than it is worthwhile. Once you sit through the advertisement head to the last scene, approximately the 37:30 mark to catch the performance.

Wu-Tang Chamber Music Artwork & Tracklisting

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Wu Tang

The Wu collective is going to be dropping an album on June 30th that will feature Wu-Tang members spitting with other emcees from the New York area. The whole project was executive produced by the RZA, and I can assure you that it will be worth your listen. Follow me after the jump for the tracklisting and two track downloads. Continue reading

Vivian Girls supporting 7-inch with “Moped Girls” video

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

You know, I don’t know why I’m on such a music video kick this week, but maybe it’s just that there’s where more music videos coming out this summer that are worthy of my attention than usual. While I’m reminsicing of my time spent in front of the TV as a youth, absorbing any and all videos coming for late night MTV2, I won’t slow down; Vivian Girls have posted a video for the new track “Moped Girls” from their new 7 inch on Rough Trade (the same cats who are also peddling the new “Get Over It” 7-inch from our local favorites in Solid Gold) which is limited to 1000 copies; grab it now while they’re still cheap. Additionally, the vinyl will contain a b-side track called “Death”, and you can pick this up over at Rough Trade’s website.

MUSIC VIDEO: Vivian Girls, “Moped Girls”

Sunday Metal Minute: Krallice, “Wretched Wisdom”

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I already clued you all in on the fact that we’re having some brilliant black metal tours coming to the Twin Cities this summer, but now things are just getting ridiculous. This week, the announcement was made that the visionary BM minds of Wolves in the Throne Room and Krallice would join together in what is sure to be THE “must-see” underground metal tour to pass through Minneapolis this spring. On May 15th, Wolves in the Throne Room will be playing at the Triple Rock Social Club with Krallice supporting. While I’ve already mentioned the scathing-yet-epic majesty that is WITTR on the site, Krallice is a band that has not gotten enough attention from me so far (besides the one sentence I gave them in my end of 2008 honorable mentions list). Reading descriptions of the band, you might think that their entrancing style of progressive black metal would already have an established predecessor. However, upon hearing Krallice’s fervent, psychedelic, rampaging, technically superior sound, it doesn’t take long to pick up on the freshness of this band’s delivery. Metal has never sounded so simultaneously brutal, ferocious, and atmospheric, which is certainly saying a lot. Krallice is a underground band that is literally pushing the limits of sound. This is a band to watch out for, and the free “Wretched Wisdom” track we have linked below will show you why.

MP3: Krallice, “Wretched Wisdom” (from Krallice, 2008)

Keep reading for all the Krallice and Wolves in the Throne Room spring tour dates (including several shows with A Storm of Light)… Continue reading

Video: A Place To Bury Strangers, “My Weakness”

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

Brooklyn, NY shoegaze/post-punk band A Place To Bury Strangers has posted the new video for their song of fuzz-soaked melodies entitled “My Weakness” off their self-titled debut on This intense video of high contrast imagery was directed by Dylan Mulick and was filmed partly in Vasquez Rocks (aka Star Trek’s filming location). Watch the video here.