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And The Professors

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This week during my waking hours, while eating some cereal, making Deutsch study, and listening to The Current’s morning show I became privy to a local gem. Apparently, these songs have been out some 6 months yet they remained under my radar. I thought I would share something new, something innovative, and something with a sound so familiar and creative you might just be surprised. I introduce to you And The Professors…


Immediately one notices their multi-layered sound, the intense wall of sonic power that flows through these individuals. I am impressed with the difference and intelligence they present. And The Professor added a new level of noticeable quality to my morning. It gave me that feeling I had when I first heard ‘A Day in the Life’, The Beatles. And The Professor takes a classic concept and makes it anew.   One of the best things about this feel-good listening is that it is local, great for Sunday mornings and coffee. The song I heard was: See Through Brain, it lent a bittersweet nostalgia of yesteryear, how I felt young again to hear this melody. I hope it does the same for you. Lend yourself a listen.


Here they are on Twitter:



‘Orchestral folk rock parlor songs for people who love chewing gum, avocados and warm socks.’







And The Professors-Our Postmortem


EV & ALC, “It’s Coming Down”

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This might be the dopest track I’ve heard Evidence & Alchemist collaborate on, and it makes me want to hear their collabo album even more. The backdrop for this track comes from Exile’s album Radio which dropped this year. According to 2Dopeboyz, Evidence is going to be doing his thing over Exile’s beats off Radio and will be calling the project Evidence’s Radio. EV is just keeps giving me more and more shit to look forward to. I can’t keep saying enough that Evidence is taking over the game one project at a time. Do yourself a favor and check this track out. Did I mention that Alchemist completely slaughters this track?

Download: Step Brothers, “It’s Coming Down”

Exile & DJ Day duel with MPCs

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I’ve posted a few videos with Exile on his trusty MPC, but this one is just bananas. This is the “Dope Man” routine that Exile & DJ Day do together live on stage. This is some insane beat work that these guys are doing and it just amazes how good they are with the MPC. This video is only one minute and forty seconds long, but to be honest that’s all you really need to comprehend how good these two are. Make sure you check out Exile’s album Radio which dropped back in January, it’s damn good.

Spotted @ Crate Kings

Video: Exile “A Milli” Live On The MPC

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

Here we go again folks. This is another video of DJ Exile punching the pads. If you still don’t believe in this guy after you watch this video, you might not know talent if it punched you in the face. This guy has some of the most amazing skills you could have on the MPC. Watch out for his album Radio dropping 1/20/09.