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Step Brothers (Evidence x Alchemist) Will Release Lord Steppington in 2013

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First off, let me say that I can’t believe I’m writing this post; this project had almost reached Detox status for me.I realize that both of these dudes have been extremely busy over the last couple of years, but damn…

I feel as though all of my Hip-Hop prayers have been answered. I just peeped this video the other day on Ev’s twitter, and it got my super excited. I’ve been waiting for an Evidence and Alchemist full-length since they mentioned their Step Brothers project back in 2009. What makes this project even more special? It’s being released through Rhymesayers Entertainment – talk about dope. There are a few assumptions that I can make about Lord Steppington: First, the beats are going to be raw;  the equivalent of having your skin scraped off after a fall on the pavement. Second, the album is going to be chocked full of humor; we all know that Evidence and Alchemist are hilarious dudes.

Here’s a little taste of what to expect:


Alchemist Talks: Chemical Warfare, Step Brothers, Hats & Ping Pong

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Man, every time Alchemist says something he makes me laugh my ass off. He’s probably one of the funniest guys in Hip-Hop. You should definitely watch this one for a few good laughs. AL talks about his new album Chemical Warfare (in stores now), his collaboration with Evidence (Step Brothers), the hats that he wears in the game & how he is ridiculous at ping pong. Fucking love it.

Spotted @ 2DopeBoyz

The Step Brothers Ring In On Health Care

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Here is another interview with Alchemist & Evidence talking to Jabari. This time they sound off on the health care in the United States, and how important it is to them. As you can imagine, these guys both feel that it is very important and it’s something that everyone should have. Evidence ends up getting pretty deep with it, and I love when he goes to AL to say something funny, shit’s priceless.

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Jabari Interviews The Step Brothers

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Man, these guys are two of the dopest guys on the planet. Jabari was able to interview Evidence & Alchemist backstage at a recent Rock the Bells concert. I have to mention right away that I was laughing about 90% of the time because Alchemist is fucking hilarious. There are a lot of things touched on this interview and it gives you some great insight as to how busy both of them are. These guys have some of the best chemistry in the game, and it even shows in the interview how they feed off of each other.

EV talks about how he has been getting the respect that he set out to get, and how he is really happy at where he’s at even if the major media outlets don’t come his way. Alchemist speaks on how him and Evidence work so well together, and what it all comes down to, he also talks about his new album Chemical Warfare and how it’s going to have an elongated release. I don’t really think it’s necessary, but I’m going to say it anyways. I look forward to everything that these guys have to offer in the future.

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Evidence & Alchemist Perform “Letyourselfgo” @ Rock the Bells

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

Thank you to Shake over at 2DopeBoyz. This is just some raw footage of one of my favorite emcees and one of my favorite producers. News about Evidence never seems to get old to me, and it seems like Cats & Dogs is right around the corner. I haven’t been able to put Alchemist’s Chemical Warfare down for the last two weeks, it just keeps getting better after every listen. Make sure you guys watch out for the Step Brothers album coming out next year as well.

*Side Note: “Letyourselfgo” is one of my favorite tracks off of The Weatherman LP

The Step Brothers (Evidence & Alchemist) Tell You to “Just Step”

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This is the shit that I like to hear. Last night EV dropped the newest Step Brothers leak via Twitter, and all I can say is that it’s a gem. Evidence and Alchemist make some incredible music together and this track is truly no different. As I have mentioned in many posts before, I really can’t wait for this album because it’s going to be raw as hell. Listen to Mr. Slow Flow and The Chemist rip apart this track. Also if you haven’t, make sure you go out and get Alchemist’s album Chemical Warfare which is in stores now.

Download: Step Brothers, “Just Step

Alchemist Talks About Upcoming Projects

Posted in Media, Video with tags , , , , , on Sunday, June 21, 2009 by Tim Althaus sat down with the mad chemist himself and talked about his upcoming projects. Alchemist talks about his upcoming solo effort Chemical Warfare (July 7th), and he gives us a little bit of insight as to what kind of guests we can expect. He also talks about production vs. rhyming. After Chemical Warfare he talks about his collaborative effort with Oh No which is entitled Gangrene (I’m going crazy waiting for it to drop), and how the process worked between himself and Oh No. He also talks a little bit about his group project, Step Brothers, with Evidence and gives us some insight into their chemistry. I am telling you personally that Gangrene and Step Brothers are two of my most highly anticipated projects in a long while.

EV & ALC, “It’s Coming Down”

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This might be the dopest track I’ve heard Evidence & Alchemist collaborate on, and it makes me want to hear their collabo album even more. The backdrop for this track comes from Exile’s album Radio which dropped this year. According to 2Dopeboyz, Evidence is going to be doing his thing over Exile’s beats off Radio and will be calling the project Evidence’s Radio. EV is just keeps giving me more and more shit to look forward to. I can’t keep saying enough that Evidence is taking over the game one project at a time. Do yourself a favor and check this track out. Did I mention that Alchemist completely slaughters this track?

Download: Step Brothers, “It’s Coming Down”

Evidence and Alchemist are “Step Brothers” in the lab…

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I don’t know about you readers out there, but this video makes me claw with anticipation. As many of you know, Evidence & Alchemist are putting out an album together as the group “Step Brothers”. This is one of my highest anticipated releases of this year (besides EV’s Cats & Dogs) because both of these guys are incredibly talented musicians. Not only are they incredibly talented, but they are two of my favorite artists in the Hip-Hop game right now. EV & ALC are also two of the hardest working cats in the game right now. Evidence has the Step Brothers album as well as the Cats & Dogs album, and Alchemist has potentially three albums due out this year (Step Brothers, Chemical Warfare & Gangrene (which is a side project with Oh No)).

This video is only 48 seconds long, but it’s definitely enough for me to know that this album is going to be classic material. Make sure you stay tuned to Mind Inversion for all of the latest news and updates on both Evidence & Alchemist as well as the progress on these albums.

XLR8R TV Episode 95: The Alchemist

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Alchemist is a guy that really needs no introduction. He’s been behind some of the best produced Hip-Hop for the last 15 or so years. He is also lifelong friend of Evidence with whom he will be releasing an album entitled Step Brothers. This is a good interview, and after watching this I think that Alchemist is pretty much a genius. The way that he relates him making music to art is unreal (him talking about making a “collage” beat), and he puts an awful lot of thought into his beats when he is making them for other artists. If you haven’t make sure you go out and get The Alchemist Cookbook EP which is out now.

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