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Illinoise Gets a Little More Noize

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album-coverIt’s always amazed me that Sufjan Stevens doesn’t get more play in the remix scene. His multi-instrumental masterpieces would act as the perfect backdrop in various mash-ups and mixtapes, but alas, there aren’t many other people out there with the same opinion. So when I came across this mix I was quite interested. Pitting Sufjan’s Illinoise against some of Hip-Hop’s finest, Tor presents fans like myself with a nice twist on an old favorite. It’s a hard sell as an entire album, but listening to one track here or there is a delight. So check it out and see what you think, you can download it all for free below. Enjoy!

DOWNLOAD: Tor // Sufjan Stevens – Illinoize

  • Tor / Sufjan Stevens – Star of Wonder / None Shall Pass (f. Aesop Rock)
  • Tor / Sufjan Stevens – Dumb I Sound / ATLiens (f. Outkast)
  • Tor / Sufjan Stevens – John Wayne Gacy Jr. / Specialize (f. Pete Rock & CL Smooth)
  • Tor / Sufjan Stevens – The Tallest Man / I Like It (f. Grand Puba)
  • Tor / Sufjan Stevens – Kill / Any Type of Way (f. Big Daddy Kane & DJ Premier)
  • Tor / Sufjan Stevens – Night Zombies / Talkin’ My Shit (f. Brother Ali)
  • Tor / Sufjan Stevens – The Dress Looks Nice On You / Make You Feel That Way (f. Gift Of Gab)
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    I’m 19

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    Andrew Bird – “The Happy Birthday Song”

    Sufjan Stevens – “Happy Birthday”

    The Very Best feat. The Ruby Suns – “Birthday” (Beatles Cover)

    Cut Copy – “Lights & Music” (Boyz Noise Happy Birthday Remix)


    It's debatable

    It's debatable

    New Releases From Asthmatic Kitty

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    asthmatickittylogoAshtmatic Kitty has been on a role lately. The record label, run by indie-glorified Sufjan Stevens, has been busy with releases in early ’09 and late ’08, and has managed to curate tons of attention with the release of two rising artists. The Welcome Wagon and DM Stith are those two acts, gaining attention at rapidly increasing rates. And for good reason, whether it’s the almost quirky nature of their music, the comfortability that each offer, or the familiarity that oozes from each track. 

    Let’s dive into The Welcome Wagon first. The Husband (Thomas) and Wife (Monique) duo deliver multi-instrumental music that is heavenly in more than one sense. Many of the lyrics and ideas expressed in the tracks draw upon biblical references and experiences, while not pushing any values upon the listener. The actual musical production draws upon many of the aspects of arrangement and production that has made Sufjan so popular. From the occasional banjo to the simple piano and back again with the well recognizable horn section. The first single, entitled “Sold! To The Nice Rich Man,” from their debut album Welcome to The Welcome Wagon is their most polished and well rounded cut. It offers the widest variety of the couple’s skills. Encompassing all of the aspects that I just mentioned, the horns drive the chorus, the keys lead into the track, and the vocals fill up the track much a choir in a church. The feel of the entire album is expansive, but like I said, it feels incredibly comfortable at the same time. Deserving of a huge 2009, The Welcome Wagon is one of my favorite new artists and I’d highly encourage any fan of Sufjan’s catalogue or label to check these two out. 

    mp3: The Welcome Wagon – “Sold! To The Nice Rich Man”

    DM Stith. With a name like that it’s kind of hard to know what to expect, but with a background filled with musical education and family lineage that bolsters the same thing the hopes were high for this former writer. Stith’s first single, “Just Once,” off of the Curtain Speech EP is a seven minute roller coaster ride through a dream-like landscape of repetitive and revealing lyrics and echoing guitars. “Just once, I could love you just once” Stith sings throughout. The music, is incredible. I know I hype pretty much everything I write about, but this is another one of those tracks that re-invigorates my love for music and makes me simply feeling happy at the end. Best described as a hi-fi version of The Microphones, Stith plays with various guitar chords layered together and eerie sounds running throughout the track, giving it the feel that The Glow pt. 2 gave me the first time I heard it. 

    mp3: DM Stith – “Just Once”

    So if you’re looking around for some great new music look no further. Fans of past Asthmatic Kitty releases will love and probably already heard these tracks, but those new to the game need to get schooled on these new artists. And fast! 

    Dig Deeper: Asthmatic Kitty   DM Stith   The Welcome Wagon

    Sufjan Beat

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    This is kinda-sorta-maybe the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while. Parody magazines of the old Tiger Beat generation with a twist of today’s indie hype madness. Sometimes It’s nice to be able to laugh at one another, and this is the perfect valve for such feelings.


    Issue 1

    Issue 2

    Issue 2

    Album Spotlight: Dark Was The Night

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    BUY BUY BUY (subliminal message)

    Curing AIDs, one triple vinyl at a time.

    So maybe you don’t buy albums, maybe you’re one of those so called “pirates” out there sailing the web taking what’s not yours. Well it’s time to reconsider this terrible habit that you’ve formed, and buy at least one album in 2009. But what album should I buy Erik?! Well my friends, despite stellar releases from the likes of Animal Collective and Andrew Bird already this year there is without a doubt an answer to that question.

    Dark Was The Night is that album. All proceeds go to world AIDs research and cure development through co-operation with the Red Hot organization. The album is a collaboration of 32 exclusive tracks released on double cd or triple vinyl on February 17th on 4AD records. So yeah, it’s pretty obvious why you should be buying this album. But what’s so special about this other than that’s for a good cause Erik?!

    Let me guide you again, dear friends. For starters the tracklist enlists some of, if not every indie giant in the music industry. I mean come on, they even got Sufjan to come out of hiding for this amazing compilation. Let me give you the rundown:

    Andrew Bird, Antony + Bryce Dessner, Arcade Fire, Beach House, Beirut, Blonde Redhead + Devastations, Bon Iver, Bon Iver & Aaron Dessner, The Books featuring Jose Gonzalez, Buck 65 Remix (featuring Sufjan Stevens and Serengeti), Cat Power and Dirty Delta Blues, The Decemberists, Dirty Projectors + David Byrne, Kevin Drew, Feist + Ben Gibbard, Grizzly Bear, Grizzly Bear + Feist, Iron & Wine, Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings, Kronos Quartet, Stuart Murdoch, My Brightest Diamond, My Morning Jacket, The National, The New Pornographers, Conor Oberst & Gillian Welch, Riceboy Sleeps, Dave Sitek, Spoon, Sufjan Stevens, Yeasayer, Yo La Tengo.

    Easy to see that it’s an exhausting list, and that it truly does cover almost everybody influential in the industry. And if that list isn’t reason enough to buy this album than nothing probably will be. Come on folks, it’s all for a great cause and Dark Was The Night is shaping up to be absolutely amazing so go out and shell out 20 bucks for an album once in your life and enjoy the feeling of walking out of the store with a tangle album while also contributing to a great cause.

    4Ad is giving everyone an advanced look at every track on the album in the following weeks too before the album officially releases on shelves. Each week 4Ad is releasing a track or two on their website or on different blogs around the web, and a few tracks have already been featured. Two of them in particular grabbed my attention and have been on play non stop around my room, Sufjan Stevens’ track “You Are The Blood” and The Dirty Projectors + David Byrne’s “Knotty Pine.” The two tracks are are pretty stellar pieces that are different from the normal catalogue tracks heard from each artist, but it’s a good change for both parties involved. Sufjan’s track is over 10 minutes long and changes pace at so many different points it’s hard to describe it as one thing or another.

    Check them out for yourself though, and be sure to keep your eye out for the release on February 17th. Please, I urge you to do the right thing, if only for this once.

    mp3s: Sufjan Stevens “You Are The Night” and The Dirty Projectors + David Byrne “Knotty Pine”

    Dig Deeper: 4Ad Records Red Hot Organization

    Some Holiday Cheer!

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    Snow? Check. Below zero temperatures? Check. What’s that mean? Well it could mean a various number of months here in Minnesota, but for this post’s sake it means the holidays! And here in the magical world of indie music mastery, one man reigns supreme: Sufjan Stevens. His christmas album is a great, and expansive (its a double disc) LP to put in the stereo this time of year.

    Next to An N*Sync Christmas (I'm dead serious) this is the best album to have playing x-mas morning

    Next to An N*Sync Christmas (I'm dead serious) this is the best album to have playing x-mas morning

    Stevens has been busy year after year since the release of the the album still releasing some Christmas singles, and this year is no different. He’s got them up on his label’s website, Asthmatic Kitty. But cheerful tunes are not all the website offers this season, there plenty of other fun, time-wasting, things to check out. There’s a holiday game that is surprisingly sort of fun (who knew that shoveling snow digitally would be so enjoyable) and a Sufjan Elf holiday e-card creator. 

    So if you’re bored and looking for some fun holiday cheer while trying to survive the beyond frigid temperatures here in the Midwest, swing by the link below and put a smile on!

    Happy Holidays from Asthmatic Kitty and Sufjan Stevens